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  1. I think they'd need to switch the silver on the uni to black to make the black pants and helmets fit w the homes. I still think burgundy, Burgundy, blue would look best. The only reason owning the color sucks is b/c Nashville is yellow. Minnesota owns green, looks great.
  2. Avs need those pants or burgundy ones w the matching helmet on their regular unis. Black doesn't look right
  3. because they are 6,000-9,000 feet up, I'm at 328 ft. I've been to Kings Canyon, Sequoia in the snow. it was still above 29. Yosemite is crowded and 3hrs away. been there and done that in the spring, summer. 90s thunderstorms. The other 2 are a little over an hr. drive.
  4. who would wear this? Bikers? It looks like fondant for a cake
  5. I'm still shocked I didn't freeze, just wearing a cold gear under armour and a Leafs t-shirt over it, w a beanie, when I went to the mountains and i wasn't cold until it started to get dark. 31 degrees and snowing. Probably all the sledding and snowball fights kept me warm. But I have no trouble playing basketball, football or wiffleball in 100+ weather.
  6. and why do all their t-shirts smell like vinegar when we get them mailed to us? Plus they are lazy w the logo printing, my throwback marlins shirt logo is crooked and so was one of my Maple Leafs shirts.
  7. So it's not worth it to watch the team I own on the frozen tundra when it's frozen?
  8. Its hot here all summer, 31 straight days over 100 last yr. Fresno Grizziles and Fresno St. just play night gms when it's hot. Plus if you are a local, aren't you used to your climate? I'd die in Green Bay in the winter. My body hasn't ever felt weather under 29 degrees.
  9. I guess Fresno St. Sharks coming soon. He played at Fresno St. and ended his career here.
  10. And why should it matter, there are no Kangaroos in KC or Akron, except at the zoo. But still cool nicknames. Hippos are my favorite animal, they need to be a mascot.
  11. so when espn shows their bball gm it's gonna go from saying Long Beach St. 49ers to Long Beach St. Beach? Or Long Beach St. Sharks?
  12. It's light blue and yellow though. Like UCLA. that's a cool combo, not over used. I woulda went Green/Light Blue. Only Tulane has that.
  13. I was in Long Beach for spring break. They coulda went w/ something ship related Dockers, Clippers, Captains, so many cargo ships there. Also LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds merged w LIU Post Pioneers and are now the f'ing Sharks. lol There was also a link saying that blackbirds was racist. wtf! How long until black friday is racist.
  14. Yeah but our Packers in 49ers gold WTF! It reminds me of my college shirt collection I started in the 80s. Stanford, Alabama were red shirts. Crimson not a color? Washington Purple and Yellow, no gold?
  15. Chargers get yellow facemask, w powder blue uni. I now need a yellow mask for my collection of current and 80s mini helmets. These guys know more than anyone else about stuff like that. I ask them, they showed me, i bought the mask.
  16. thank you guys. Now I don't have to spend $26 on a new helmet or buy paint and paint the mask.
  17. any of you know where I could buy just the riddell mini qb facemask for my mini helmets? Ebay doesn't really have many. I need a yellow one to slap on the Chargers helmet. If not what do I use, model paint?
  18. Is there any other team other than the Padres back to brown rumored to change next year. Like Milwaukee to royal or Philly to Maroon/Light Blue not just as alts?
  19. it doesnt feel weird if you cut where the seam is in the back, turn the sweatband inside out, cut the sweatband on just the side that folds back to the hat and pull the foam out. It will feel close to what it does w the foam in, just far less pressure on your head
  20. I have 1 low profile, 2-3930s, 5-5950. I have used a spary bottle of water then hair dryer to shrink hats. I'm 7 1/8 in new era but 7 1/4 in top of the world, zephyr college(I have 75), except zephyr nhl for some reason those run big and I'm 7 1/8(I have 33). I've also cut out the sweat band but hollowed it out so you can't tell. You cut just the non visible side and pull out the foam.
  21. why can't they just spray paint the helmets for the kelly green gm. Don't they spray them every wk after they get scared up. And lol that it's okay for the 18-23 yr olds to use 2,3,4 helmets but the grown men can only use 1 for safety reasons. Just fit them all for 2 helmets during training camp.
  22. I think the helmet should be kelly green, that looks awesome w/ the sun glaring off of it. We have 5 teams w white helmets and only 1 w green.
  23. current Flames jerseys suck, just go to the Retro already or something similar w a red jersey w the white C, w yellow stripes