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  1. 6 hours ago, WSU151 said:


    What's your return on investment? 


    How many meetings do you have with other Packers owners?


    How often do you go to the summer owners convention? 

    We are going either this year or next year. I hate flying, we're gonna drive and stay at my cousin's in Milwaukee. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, CherryMX said:


    Oh look, a Packers "owner" who has no concept of spelling, grammar, or punctuation, and apparently lives in the California area but is an "owner" because he/she bought a piece of paper a few years ago.  Real die-hard.

    To your credit, you've endured two HOF quarterbacks in 30 years, 4 seasons of sub-.500 football since 1992, and 2 title runs.  You've been there through it all, thick and thick.


    I wish you strength to keep fighting the good fight rooting for the Packers (of all teams) from "America's Fruit Basket" out in sunny California.

    I've liked the Packers since 1989.  I am a die hard, as I have posted pics of my NFL den and Packers shrine on here before. Enjoy looking up at us, like usual. That's on your GM for not drafting good QBs. I didn't feel the need to use proper grammar when chiming in about you being a hating bears fan, earlier. Grammar Nazi, dork. 

  3. 8 hours ago, hawk36 said:

    First thought is why the light blue instead of yellow? Not crazy about the logo but really hate it in those colors. 

    The white or light blue would be yellow if it was real. They won't do blue and white as their colors. Royal and yellow or navy and yellow

  4. 3 hours ago, KJTALBOT said:

    I can't wait to get the actual name, logos and uniforms. If I see one more post about how Kraken doesn't represent Seattle or Sockeyes is a weak fish, I will tear the rest of my hair out. Whichever name they reveal, you will love it. Seattle will buys tons of merch. Because it's NHL hockey, In Seattle.  

    You've seen this board right, we have never all loved anything. And yes I will buy it because I have a hat and shirt of every NHL team, but I don't have to like it. I've never worn my Kings hat/shirt once. 

  5. I'm guessing no Metropolitans, because a team in a city w the Mariners doesn't want one of the their other teams called the Seattle Mets. Also the Metro conf in the NHL. It would be weird if the Nationals were in the AL and I don't think they'd go w Nationals if they were. So being named after a conf that isn't yours sounds wrong as well.

  6. 11 minutes ago, spartacat_12 said:


    I haven't seen this Rams wordmark before. Hopefully it's a harbinger of the return of royal blue full time, but with all the mixed signals this team sends out, who knows.

    Looks like the 80s pro line hats. I have the Packers version. 

  7. 32 is the number I think all of the major sports would want. conf alignment and scheduling is easiest at 32. The question is, is any franchise even considering moving. If so then Quebec would probably be top of the list if its an eastern team. If not Detroit would have to move west again which the NHL said they don't have to if they don't want, if I heard right.

  8. shouldn't we blame the designer (reebok, adidas) for the similar looks. Cardinals, Falcons looked similar, we'll see what nike does to change it w the Falcons. 

    Ducks and Flames have those ugly side panels, avs used to have it. I blame reebok  

  9. 12 minutes ago, DastardlyRidleylash said:

    Last I checked, by the end of the All Star Break.


    I don't think so, that was a bit of a misunderstanding.


    This was confirmed by the team's official Twitter account, yeah;


    This isn't confirmed, but it really wouldn't surprise me if it happens sometime in the future, probably when they first get the chance to rebrand; the fans are hot on the Kachina jerseys, and IIRC, Meruelo loves them as well. The logo and jersey have been getting used a bunch in marketing recently, too; Kessel's first press conference was him getting and wearing a Kachina jersey.


    It may not be confirmed-confirmed, but I think it's basically inevitable.

    so Calgary is going to stick w those ugly jerseys and the black C. Throwback home and away are sooooooo much better


    What about Ottawa, when will they announce new logo?

  10. how much longer until Seattle has a name and colors?


    Calgary going to throwbacks full time next yr. for sure?


    Buffalo going back to royal blue next yr for sure?


    Arizona going back to robo Coyote/ or that style uni next yr for sure?