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  1. Too bad George didn't come up w the cool base technology we have now
  2. That's the dumbest part of their current jerseys. So that's something
  3. We changed again huh. When I was on the grounds crew the 1st 2 years, we were Giants which made sense since everyone is a Giants or Dogders fan here w a few A's. We should be the Tacos full time. It fits our area and everyone loves that gear.
  4. hockey player bent over from behind w/ a hockey stick and ball
  5. My favorite USFL team. I have the mini helmet. I was 6 when USFL started so I picked teams by how they looked. Anthony Carter!
  6. Are the Flames going to change to the alternates as their full time uni or at least fix their currents anytime soon?
  7. I'd like Purple/Green (no purple in the league), Light Blue/Green, Green/Yellow. If it's Sockeyes Rust/Neon Green.
  8. On here, the new owner was looking at a new logo
  9. Carolina is looking at a whole new logo next year also?
  10. So all the hype for a new Ottawa logo was nothing? Same logo as before?
  11. The actual 1990 uni looks better, I wouldn't think the ones they are rolling out have anything to do w/ these.
  12. Coll of the Canyons was the school my local JC, Reedley College beat in the 2002 State Championship, we were also declared National Champs. A brawl broke out w/ their fans and players vs our players, then some of our fans got into it too. They only had 1 random guy in a golf cart as security.
  13. So it will be an Alt? Or is that gonna be their new uni from 2019-to beyond
  14. well, then I nominate you to be in-charge of that for the Jags, so I won't go all OCD when looking at my weekly helmet matchups on my mantle.
  15. So are we going to see an official name change to the Landsharks at some point?
  16. too bad the mini helmet still has the light gold on the top of the logo and the dark in the middle. The new Dolphins mini has a bigger logo and is easy to see how much darker it is than the old.
  17. So dolphin airlines for another 5 just because of the minor tinkering. smh
  18. So are the dolphins changing again in 2020 for sure?
  19. I liked it on the nhl but prefer not having any stripes
  20. 1.Bills 2.Chiefs 3.Packers 4.Lions 5.Seahawks When the Dolphins and Rams go back to what was good they'll replace the Lions and Seahawks