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  1. From "the Mayor talking about the high speed train from Van to Seattle that is in proposal and it(TOTEMS) slipped out of his mouth" anyone else hear this? How would he know?
  2. Kentucky in denim in the mid 90's wtf was that? Canadian tux turned into a jersey.....Jay Leno would be proud
  3. I just bought a fitted zephyr Anaheim Mighty Ducks hat. Wine color $5
  4. Wild are already green w/ red and a little yellow. I think we need a Purple team. If not Green w/ Sky Blue or Navy w/ Neon Green like the Seahawks
  5. Purple/Green to clash w/ the Royal Blue/Green of Vancouver. NHL has more red teams than any other color, hope there is no red in it. Light Blue/Dark Green would be different.
  6. Yeah, he know's he's full of sh**, oh wait we know that too. So, no he doesn't. This is an old bit. Brady is my Homie/Mile High did the same thing
  7. only way to make people slightly consider this guy is 1st say that we will hate their futuristic nike BS then have 1000 posts so we know who you are otherwise don't bother
  8. I like the maroon helmet/pants combo the best. any is better than black.
  9. I sell my screen printed jerseys for less. Thanks to you guys I knew the Jags, Titans were getting new jerseys so I sold my George, Bennett, Blackmon jerseys for $20-$30.
  10. My wife's alma mater. I didn't know slugs did roids
  11. Don't know about what level this team plays at.
  12. New Canes owner wants to bring back the Whalers jersey as alternates, sell it, said it's being wasted. NHLnetwork was talking about this today
  13. Pt. Loma uses the Lion that you guys were talking about for Sea Lions
  14. I thought Gators and their gator logo were green so why they go all Graytors on us?
  15. I'm selling my 1987 Packers chalk line jacket size XL on ebay
  16. Yeah, the light blue w/ the maroon reminds me of the Loyola Marymount teams w/ Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble. I still have the SI w/ Kimble shooting left "For you Hank"
  17. I think they look great. I just bought a vintage Hawaii Rainbow Warriors t-shirt w/ that logo. Looks awesome. I say they should use the helmet stripe in green on that helmet and I think it would fit the dated problem, or use the 4 rainbow stripes as the helmet stripe.
  18. Are the Dolphins changing next year or 2019 or 2020. Browns 2020, Rams 2020. Chargers?
  19. Thanks, It will be sad to see my Eddie George jersey go. He was my 1st pick in our original draft for dynasty league fantasy football in 2000. But I have all the 2016 and 80's versions on nfl jerseys. It's an odd year so I don't have to buy Lions, Titans until next year when I switch back to current from 80s in the den for 2018.
  20. So it's 100% that Tennessee is getting new uniforms next year? I'm selling a bunch of jerseys on ebay. I threw in the current Titans jersey and alternate since they're changing next year anyway.
  21. Nebraska is showing us all of their college football dominants has been washed away since Tom Osborne retired.
  22. I have the bottom lunch box. It's on display in my NFL den