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  1. Looks like the colors will be red and green (which is consistent with earlier rumors). Can't say as I'm overly impressed. The name certainly isn't terrible, but its not nearly as classy as Beacons (IMHO). Any logo concepts?
  2. Today's Portland Press Herald features an article about Portland Maine's new NBDL franchise that will begin playing next season. No logo's have been announced yet but based on the names up for consideration I'm not particularly enthusiastic. The seven names being voted on are: The Maine Beacons The Maine Crushers The Maine Claws The Maine Destroyers The Maine Red Claws The Maine Swarm The Maine Traps Of the list only Beacons isn't totally laughable (IMHO), although having a nice logo of Admiral Akbar for the Maine Traps would be pretty hilarious.
  3. It should be noted that the Blackhawks don't own the Norfolk Admirals franchise, but simply have an affiliation with the team. Even if Chicago was to switch its affiliation to Rockford the Admirals would still stay in Norfolk (and rumor has it they would be affiliating with Carolina) and would (unless their ownership decided otherwise), keep the Admirals name.
  4. As a Syracuse native and the son of a Syracuse alunma I really need to step in with the school's turbulent mascot history: From Wikipedia (this is the history consistent with the one provided by SUs offical alumni magazine): So there you have it, you could amost make the argument that SU was one of the first schools to abandon a Native American mascot as the result of political pressure. Personally I'm glad the school has switched to being simply called Orange as that has really been the school's defining attribute since the beginning (with the exception of the pink and pea green "bad ol' days" )
  5. I've been lurking on these boards for years, and while I'm normally content to sit back and watch I just couldn't let this go. The thing to keep in mind about affiliations is that the team (unless it is owned by the parent organization), pays for the privilege of developing a team's talent. Albany chose to end its affiliation with New Jersey because the Devils have shown little interest in providing them with the necessary talent to be successful. As far as your argument that this is a result of New Jersey's success and weak drafting, I would like to point out that Grand Rapids (affiliated with Detroit) and Portland (affiliated with Anaheim) are both in the conference finals and are affiliated with two highly successful (and late drafting) NHL teams. The simple fact of the matter is that not all affiliations are created equal, and some NHL teams treat their AHL affiliates much better than others. Ultimately New Jersey has proven itself to be one of the less desirable affiliates, and I'm curious to see how the Lowell Devils will manage in the upcoming season.
  6. Just thought I'd post this Syracuse Mascot History
  7. My mother is an SU alum and regularly recieves the university magazine. A few years back there was an extensive article on the school's various identities over the years. This came out shortly after the school's failed attempt at changing their name from the Orangemen to The Pack (no joke...they had a logo and everything). Aparently the school has had identity issues since pressure from the local Onandoga nation forced them to discontinue indentifying themselves as the Saltine Warriors (these are the same individuals responsable for the AAA baseball Syracuse Chiefs changing their name to the Syracuse Skychiefs). Syracuse then went through several other identities but nothing stuck (this included the Spartans and the Beast from the East). In the midst of all the constant change the only thing that remained constant was the color of the uniforms: orange. As a result Syracuse simply became known as the Orangemen. So the change from Orangemen to Orange is simply an evolution of a compromise. Its worth pointing out that by making the change Syracuse joins Harvard (Crimsons), Sanford (also Cromsons), Cornell (Big Red) and the University of Chicago (Maroons) as a university with a color for its athletic identity(I'm sure there are more).
  8. Very nice logo...its nice to see teams taking a more dynamic and local aproach to identity packages. Having lived in Boise Idaho for five years I had the chance to go chuckar hunting on a few occassions...never had much luck at it, but it was a good work out...they like to hang out at the top of hills and fly off just as you come huffing and puffing up to the top. Good stuff!
  9. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take -Wayne Gretzkey
  10. I have to side with JQK on this one...the first time I saw that comercial come was like some strange combination of confusion and terror...I felt violated. Everything about that comercial is just hideous...from the singing to those gortesque creatures...I don't know what Quiznos was thinking.
  11. One of my all time favorite masks was Andy Moog's bear head mask while he was playing in Boston. I don't know why but I've always thought the mascot hea masks to be really cool...Potvin and Cujo definately get points for this as well. Almost forgot...Vanbeezbruk's Florida mask is another great example...his Philidelphia mask wasn't that bad either. As far as all time...I'm definately a fan of Sawchuck's "cat" mask...definately a work of art.
  12. As of right now I don't think I have a wilson...or is it a watson? Anyway I chose my avatar out of a list of pre-existing images. The character is Noodle...she's the japanese guitarist for the Gorillaz...I like the band...and the character has always struck me as there you go. FYI the term Avatar comes from Hinduism, its a term given to the mortal embodyment of a god. The term has since been adopted by the internet community to mean any graphic standin for the individual (anybody here remember the 3D avatar lounges of the mid-90s?). Personally I'm rather fond of the avatar concept, which is why all of my gaming personas are under the moniker SavageAvatar. signature is from MST3K's spoof of "Pod People"...every time one of the characters comes on screen Servo yells out "hazah!"
  13. All in all it makes a strange kind of sense...YankeeNets can't seem to get the state to commit to a new they pack up the Nets to show the state just how serious they are. The state thought Selig and co. was they can't afford to make that mistake again (as I'm sure quite a few citizens of New Jersey would be out for blood if both teams left)...and are more than happy to cooperate. Its sad that the Nets had to be the sacrificial lamb...but at the same time I agree that out of the two (Nets/Devils) the Nets were expendable.