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  1. They should at least use it to replace the terrible wordmark they use right now.
  2. You can see the new Leafs uniforms at their rookie tournament. I have to say I'm still trying to get used to it. Two things that I need time to get used to are the one waist stripe and the new socks. Otherwise, I think they're OK.
  3. Woof. It looks like something Two-Face would wear playing hockey.
  4. I gotta say I don't really miss the baggy look of old hockey sweaters that much. Billington in the game looked like he was wearing a huge table cloth.
  5. Preface: I liked the Ballard leaf, in a vacuum. The leaf shape is nice and modern. Even the Kabel I liked (although I know it's not popular here). Given the team's suckage for most of that logo's tenure and my preference for the 35-point leaf, I was happy to see it go. I think this is a pretty weak explanation for the Leafs "ALMOST" ripping off TBL. You have the burden of proof, not us. You might think you're getting ripped apart by people here. That's fair. I think I've been as polite as I could be, but respectfully, you have to build a better case, especially around here.
  6. I can give monkeypower props. The shape of the leaf is odd and very retro compared to the more "modernized" logos. However, that's OK. Your claim is out to lunch though, especially given that the Lightning ripped off 2 O6 teams to go for their "clean" old-timey look and even then, the TBL logo is modern as heck. The one thing these two teams share is that their logos are both blue and white.
  7. I open up my wallet, and it's full of my tears from spending my future income on clearance merch. Jerseys soon!
  8. That's beautiful. I love that they've finally aligned the 'Toronto' part. Plus it seems like there's a bit more going on at the bottom too. Never thought I'd say this, but it looks better without the outline. Even the Marlies look great!
  9. Agreed! The hoodie makes the logo look a bit distorted. I like that the veins are smaller on Icethetics' logo, though. Can't wait to see the uniforms.
  10. Me likey. I think I'd prefer it without the shoulder patches, though!
  11. That's fair, but still I think having reversible logos makes senses. I personally think the Kings would be better served having reversible colours for their current getup or make it silver like their Gretzky-era days.
  12. Yeah, for that to make sense they'd have to put a chest stripe and copy the Habs. This sounds like Ballard putting blue names on the blue jersey. If I had the money, I would've customized a Salming jersey that way.