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  1. They should at least use it to replace the terrible wordmark they use right now.
  2. You can see the new Leafs uniforms at their rookie tournament. I have to say I'm still trying to get used to it. Two things that I need time to get used to are the one waist stripe and the new socks. Otherwise, I think they're OK.
  3. Woof. It looks like something Two-Face would wear playing hockey.
  4. I actually know exactly what the deal is with that tilted Penguins logo. It was explained to me at one point and then I saw a purchased jersey from that era that fully corroborated the story. Way back, before jerseys were common products, department stores like Sears or Hornes were given contracts to make jerseys, rather than just sell them. They'd be given patterns and the jerseys would be made in that stores' distribution system, sometimes the crests would be made elsewhere and added (which is why you can still find the old 8" Penguins crest loose if you look around). In those early days in areas where hockey wasn't well known, it was a very common mistake to put the penguin sideways, as though the penguin were running because it never occurred to them what skating looks like. If you see a Pittsburgh jersey from the late 60s, it's not uncommon to find a crooked logo on it. United clearly had little experience watching hockey and thought the same thing. I'll have to try find a photo, it was so cool seeing that story come to life That's pretty neat. I know this is a one-year logo, but now I'll never be able to unsee the bottom tip of the triangle not touching the circle.
  5. I'd tell you where I got my name from, but it's a really lame story. For now I'll enjoy the fact that I'm here long enough to gain an iota of recognition in the boards for doing absolutely nothing!
  6. When clicking on the hyperlinks on the "What's New on the Logo Forums," wouldn't it be better to show the most recent post and not the first page of the thread? Granted, most of us who peruse the forums go straight to the boards.sportslogos.net website, but it'd be nice to see the newest posts first.
  7. <3 And that's why I want an authentic jersey, but in blue.
  8. Genetals? Turning that stick into the R does not work. Why not just put the hockey stick on the L?
  9. Technically, the guy could wear the jersey to a live NFL game and claim that it's game worn (and s/he would be sorta kinda right). I've seen that move lots of times on eBay, and they bury this info deep in the description. Douche move. From the description: 1. EVERYTHING on this jersey is stitched, including the main logo on the front. Other jerseys of this type have the main logo printed, don't go for those. That's rich. If you're willing to drop a few hundred on a jersey on a place like eBay, you better do your research first. (insert obligatory wish for Wild Wing remakes)
  10. Sweet jersey collection. Don't follow baseball much but it seems that TB and green go together quite well. Can't tell but is the TATC one the only that's sublimated? I'm aware that the logos on the TATCs were all done that way, but I'm not too sure about the others.
  11. This one has me on the fence, not sure if I did it any justice. I decided to go with the logo below because between the two it just looked better. Nice work on the Tecumsehs logo, ren. I think you picked the better logo, since it's got a much more dignified Redskins/Blackhawks vibe.
  12. Picked up a blank for a song recently: Just need the teal version to complete my collection. Also saw a France (2013?) shirt (?) at Sportchek on sale but didn't pounce on it. 50 bucks is still a little too expensive for a soccer/football shirt, I guess:
  13. Once the kids born in 1998 start playing we'll see a lot more, I guess. Dang, I'm getting old.
  14. Hey ren, nice work! I've largely spectated, but can I bug you with either of these? or I can't find a bigger image of the Goldeyes logo. Danke!
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