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  1. It would be pretty easy to turn it from a Civil War rebel into a Revolutionary War rebel theme. Granted, Nevada wasn't part of the US during the revolution, but it wasn't part of the Confederacy either. Outside of that you could probably just use a cowboy-type figure with the name Rebels
  2. The helmet is satin, not matte. The face mask is silver, not chrome.
  3. The leak yesterday forced the team to move up the reveal. Jerseys still go on sale the 14th. I thought the new set would have some tapered stripes. Been kinda Nike’s thing with Jets new jerseys and the pro bowl set from a few years ago. Wish they weren’t jersey side stripes, though. Or at least maybe the jersey side stripes could point down but don’t go all the way and the pant stripes start from the bottom and stop at the upper thigh. Then have the logo on the hip using the pointed stripes as a point force to the logo essentially. Overall the home and road jerseys are pretty good. Simple enough. I’d make the ATL smaller, but again that’s kinda Nike’s thing right now. Numbers look big, too. Gradient jersey isn’t good. Sure, push boundaries and try something a little different, but gradient jerseys have never worked well. It feels like we’re going backwards with this gradient jersey and the Rams gradient and shadowed mess of a logo. 90’s nostalgia is a trend right now, but trend chasing is fleeting. Pants are good. The stripe helps break up the yoga pants look a little with same colored socks, but socks and pants being different colors is still ideal. Hope the reds never actually get worn. Ideally after the combo experimentation runs its course they settle into black jerseys over white pants and white jerseys over white or black pants. I really like the helmet. Satin black looks beautiful instead full gloss or matte. The oversized logo looks much more natural than the Bucs attempt. Silver face mask is nice, too.
  4. Yeah, same jersey, new chest and shoulder logos. And I guess new manufacturer. My (poorly stated) point was that the jersey design and its silver accents predate the new logos. People were saying the logos should have silver because the unis do, but the unis aren't part of the new brand.
  5. These are the same unis they've been wearing all season just with the new logos. Here's what they looked like before.
  6. Listen, I've talked about this way more than I care to already, so I'm probably not gonna reply after this. But it's not the same as the official logo. The white and silver outlines are a little off.
  7. Are you looking at the one in McCarthy's post? That's not the official logo.
  8. Dude, I'm just telling you what I think the designer's rationale might be. Also, it doesn't go thick/thin/thick. The width around the top and front of the claw are the same and then it widens out on the bottom a little. I do think variable width outlines are more visually interesting than single width, when that decision makes sense, which I think it does in a logo depicting a flying falcon. It's not a perfect logo, but I'm surprised to see it get this much hate.
  9. It's a pretty common way to convey motion and also depth. I would assume the other outline differences are for depth. It's not supposed to be a flat bird.
  10. The left side outline is twice as wide as the right to help show forward motion.
  11. I mean, you're entitled to your opinion, but that's wild to call it worst in the league. It's a very clean and nicely designed logo. Same guy that did Texans, Cards update, and some other. Can you explain what about it seems "over-designed" to you? Jaguars, to me, feels over-designed. Two golds, tons of little shards and jagged lines. That's a logo that has a lot going on and could be simplified. Falcons, though? That one's pretty clean to me.
  12. One thing Nike has done a few times recently is long narrow triangles. Jets, 2016 Pro Bowl, Jags, and Bucs all come to mind. The same type of triangles that are used in the Falcon's logo as the red wing highlights. Wouldn't be too surprised to see that somewhere.
  13. Yeah, but Monarchs probably would use a form of the Charlotte crown. RSL, Cincy, and Chicago all use a crown in their identity. Chicago is far more abstract, but it's still referred to as a "fire crown." If there weren't already several crowns I'd like Charlotte Monarchs or the un-suggested Queen City SC. All Carolina stood out to me. Not as good, but as something that's probably in their top 2 or 3 options.
  14. I modified this quote to show two of the latest pieces from Brandiose—the Paddleheads and Trash Pandas— and their relatively old Iron Pigs logo. Sure, they share some similarities, but Iron Pigs feels stripped back compared to the others. Bigger elements, easier to render in embroidery and small sizes. Plus Iron Pigs was a pretty clever play on pig iron mined in the region. Paddleheads, Trash Pandas, Sod Poodles, Vibes, etc. are harder to justify. Look at their older Clearwater Threshers work, too. Clean. Brandiose is extremely talented but has become an almost inevitable parody of itself.
  15. Not a fan of pinstripes and piping together. Pick one (piping!) or the other. I love the road sand color, though. Huge fan of uncommon road colors. Loved the dark gray Diamondbacks road color. Not necessarily the uni as a whole with the snakeskin patterns, but the color was a neat departure. I like the brown top being the primary road. We’re beyond the days of needing grays. Gimme some color. Not necessarily with these unis, but let’s get more colored pants, too. Other teams could wear navy, black, red, etc. Gray is a tradition we can get rid of. Swinging friar on a spring training/BP hat will sell like hot cakes.