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  1. That's a fun logo, but it doesn't fit the current brand. It's not even the right colors now.
  2. Several teams do that, especially on newer alternate jerseys. Blues alt, Jets alt, Sharks alt, Flames alt all come to mind. Then there are teams that match the shoulders, like Edmonton and New Jersey so the collar blends in.
  3. I wish the black stripes were as thick as the white stripes on the home jersey. Needs that and black numbers and surnames to balance out the red and black better.
  4. Wings/CBE logo is fantastic. Uniforms look nice, too.
  5. Okay so maybe the Thrashers-esque colors aren't totally unintentional if they're going with the single arm stripe look...
  6. It appears that the Thrashers similarities are unintentional. I believe it's more to mesh with the arena's other tenant, the Georgia Swarm of the NLL. This is a mess, though. The light blue looks extremely out of place. The clash when it's directly on gold like on the helmet highlights is tough. The new wordmark (Trajan?) could use some big kerning help, and the font for "Atlanta" (Kabel?) doesn't fit well. Bosack's original is so good, and this feels like a bastardization. Some elements on the new logo are weird, like on the triangular navy definition on the neck. In the primary and head-only logos it's just a triangle. But on the middle of the secondary logos that's more like half-body, that definition is now a triangle with a little dot above it. There also looks to be a little navy dot on the mask too. Some other lines on all the logos look a little wonky now, too. Like they didn't have the vector files to recolor so they recreated them or auto-traced or something. Super weird.
  7. Colors like the Whipsnakes in the new PLL would be cool
  8. I can definitely see the team going with a bright pinkish-red. Adidas hockey is big on the bright reds and oranges. I'm here for it.
  9. The smaller U is supposed to be a visual cue to how to pronounce Duquesne. Honestly, though, more of a cue is needed on how to pronounce the end of the word instead of the beginning. I don't hate it. The press release all says the D(u)Q arc is a nod to Pittsburgh bridges. I kinda get that. I love the idea of a modern blackletter D. Joe Bosack just released an identity for Wheaton Academy that has a modern athletic take on blackletter. Wheaton's identity is more successful than Duquesne, though, because the D isn't instantly legible like others have said. I also like the dual tone lighting Duquesne in their photographic style. That's always a cool effect. I don't like the new bright blue. It does make the school more unique among the dozens of red and blue teams out there, but I'm not sure this was the way to go.
  10. Oh, man, I'd love to hear the follow up on this. I'm interested in why they chose to go so detailed. Yeah, it makes it more "real" but all these different hats, jerseys, apparel, and extras have got to add up when it comes to the budget.
  11. This Lotto commercial has so much detail in it. First, We see that the New York team is playing a red and (probably) navy team. There are a few fans wearing red caps in the crowd, too. It might be a white "B" with a blue outline. Boston, perhaps. And what do we see in this same frame?! Could it be a pigeon? We also see at least 7 different type of caps and 6 jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, even a puffy vest in the way back. Other folks are wearing team colors, like the yellow jacket behind the main character and the beanie to his right, but I can't see logos on those. Finally, in a later frame we see a banner above the main character's right shoulder. The script below the arched NEW YORK wordmark is hard to read, but the first letter sure looks like a script P, and it's the right length roughly to read "Pigeons". All in all, this is an incredibly detailed production for a 30-second spot. A mascot costume, lots of different hats, jerseys, apparel, a banner, away team hats.
  12. I agree. I don't think it's too played out. It's a simple tie-in to the city without being silly or hitting you over the head like calling the team "Honky Tonk FC" or something. After all, it's just a shield with rounded corners. If they do keep the roundel, I'd drop the white circle and text all together. Just go with the inner circle with the stripe and N-S-C they have. Clean and simple. If they do keep the white circle it needs to be thinner and the roman numerals should be larger and curved.
  13. The team is still 3 years away. I wouldn't read into anything shown today.