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  1. Colors like the Whipsnakes in the new PLL would be cool
  2. I can definitely see the team going with a bright pinkish-red. Adidas hockey is big on the bright reds and oranges. I'm here for it.
  3. The smaller U is supposed to be a visual cue to how to pronounce Duquesne. Honestly, though, more of a cue is needed on how to pronounce the end of the word instead of the beginning. I don't hate it. The press release all says the D(u)Q arc is a nod to Pittsburgh bridges. I kinda get that. I love the idea of a modern blackletter D. Joe Bosack just released an identity for Wheaton Academy that has a modern athletic take on blackletter. Wheaton's identity is more successful than Duquesne, though, because the D isn't instantly legible like others have said. I also like the dual tone lighting Duquesne in their photographic style. That's always a cool effect. I don't like the new bright blue. It does make the school more unique among the dozens of red and blue teams out there, but I'm not sure this was the way to go.
  4. Oh, man, I'd love to hear the follow up on this. I'm interested in why they chose to go so detailed. Yeah, it makes it more "real" but all these different hats, jerseys, apparel, and extras have got to add up when it comes to the budget.
  5. This Lotto commercial has so much detail in it. First, We see that the New York team is playing a red and (probably) navy team. There are a few fans wearing red caps in the crowd, too. It might be a white "B" with a blue outline. Boston, perhaps. And what do we see in this same frame?! Could it be a pigeon? We also see at least 7 different type of caps and 6 jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, even a puffy vest in the way back. Other folks are wearing team colors, like the yellow jacket behind the main character and the beanie to his right, but I can't see logos on those. Finally, in a later frame we see a banner above the main character's right shoulder. The script below the arched NEW YORK wordmark is hard to read, but the first letter sure looks like a script P, and it's the right length roughly to read "Pigeons". All in all, this is an incredibly detailed production for a 30-second spot. A mascot costume, lots of different hats, jerseys, apparel, a banner, away team hats.
  6. I agree. I don't think it's too played out. It's a simple tie-in to the city without being silly or hitting you over the head like calling the team "Honky Tonk FC" or something. After all, it's just a shield with rounded corners. If they do keep the roundel, I'd drop the white circle and text all together. Just go with the inner circle with the stripe and N-S-C they have. Clean and simple. If they do keep the white circle it needs to be thinner and the roman numerals should be larger and curved.
  7. The team is still 3 years away. I wouldn't read into anything shown today.
  8. Last year MiLB reported $70.8 million in merch sales among the 160 teams. That's an average of $442.5K per team and up from $68.3 M in 2016. Obviously not every team is not making $442.5K in merch and newer teams/names are more likely to be the ones making more than that. If you look at the top 25 teams from last year, Brandiose is responsible for 7 of the identities. I don't like a lot of their recent work, but they know what they're doing.
  9. I wonder if part of the problem is that it's hard to center. The original logo had so much going on left of the circle that your eye didn't need the circle to be in the middle of the jersey to look right. The logo as a whole was pretty rectangular, so it was okay that the circle was not centered on the jersey/other applications. Similar thing as the Red Wings logo. You don't need the wheel to be centered on the jersey because the whole logo overall is wider. The updated logo, however, is much closer to being an overall square than a wide rectangle. Your eye would want the circle to be centered on a jersey, but it wouldn't be because of the stuff that breaks the left side of the circle. If you center the whole logo on the jersey it looks off because the circle is just off-center. If you center the circle on the jersey, it still looks off because of the elements to the left.
  10. Roundel: The font feels really out of place compared to the rest of the set. It has a 1920s/Art Deco vibe that doesn't make sense for the logos or, to my knowledge, the city. Full body mascot: He's got his hand up like he'd be reaching for guns, but there's nothing on his belt. Hand positioning combined with the pigeon toes makes it look like he's doing a little dance. Texas logo: Mascot looks like he's in water. The rendering in the roundel version is clearer because 2 of the prairie dogs are head and shoulders above the hole. Sod Poodles: All three "o"s are exactly the same, which takes away from the feel of this being custom or hand-written. They don't have to be wildly different, but slight variety in the spurs or loops would make it better. Mascot head: Same problem as the Texas logo. Mascot-A: Probably the best of the set. Mascot looks the best, though the boots could be a different color from the body. I think point of the elbow should align with the top of the crossbar in the A. It's ever-so-slightly above it which could be annoying in some applications like embroidery. Just get rid of that tiny bit of white negative space between the elbow and top of the crossbar and it's just a little cleaner.
  11. Cincy should just go with the winged lion as the crest. Lose the rest. The top of the current crest with the crown/soccer ball and the disconnected soccer ball pentagon isn't good. The huge FC is pointless. The only interesting or unique part of the crest is the lion so use that. Don't put it in a shield or circle or anything. Every team in MLS uses some sort of bounding shape except I guess Revolution. The lion big and by itself would be nice.
  12. Atlanta United has branded themselves as "The 5 Stripes", so I'm interested to see how they handle changing up primary kits. I'd love to see them play around a bit like what Barca does. Maybe one time its five thinner stripes down the middle of a red jersey, maybe they do hoops another cycle, diagonal lines, whatever. As long as there's 5 stripes I'd like to see them play around with the design a bit. That being said, they knocked their first kit out of the park.
  13. What about a yellow-green like the Brampton Battalion use? They're the only team I can think of that uses a color in that range full-time.
  14. Yeah I definitely get an old AFL logo vibe from that A. Makes me think of the Chief's uniform patch. But, I dunno, it's a slab serif A. I don't know how much of a fuss the NFL could legitimately raise. I looked through the shop and here are some secondary logos:
  15. The Legends logo with the A in the crown is better that the primary with no A. Right now, though, the most popular team in Atlanta is Atlanta United, and their big rival is Orlando City. OC's colors are purple and gold, and I think a lot of potential Legends supporters would come from United supporters. I think the colors could be a hard sell to those fans. United fans, at least the ones I know, won't want to wear a purple hat or shirt that could be confused with Orlando City.
  16. Beautiful jersey color and wordmark. It is a little bland with basic stripes and nothing on the shoulders, but I like it overall. If the shoulders were navy we'd basically have the template for what the Devils should have looked like in Adidas. Dark shoulders, simple thin-thick-thin striping on the sleeves and waist. Does anybody have a good estimate for a near Pantone match for the uniform color? The Jets official "Aviator Blue" Pantone is far darker than what it appears as in textile.
  17. This doesn't feel like a sports logo to me. Feels more like a local shop or something. The "Minnesota" is also pretty small. I think it might be near illegible at smaller sizes. The letterforms are a bit sloppy, too. Letters bend in weird ways along that curve. The curves on this logo are terrible, especially on the blue and silver outlines. It looks like they just offset the path without cleaning them up. For example, the blue outline on the top of the left wave breaks the curve and goes into a straight line as it's going to the point. Clear example of offsetting path and calling it a day. Things like that are all over this logo. Poor bezier curves and linework.
  18. That's really interesting. Thanks for responding. Were those Adidas shirts an exception to the state name must be 50% size of mascot name rule for the Avs, or how did that one wind up with the words being similar sizes?
  19. A bit off topic, but it's interesting to me that all the teams are listed just by the team name except for the Avs. They're listed as "Colorado Avalanche". I noticed this when Adidas took over and came out with team t-shirts. Most shirts had a graphic that read "[TEAM NAME] HOCKEY", while the Avs reads "Colorado Avalanche". It's clear that they want to be branded by their full name. I wonder why. They have a unique team name that won't be confused with another team. Not to say that it's wrong to want to be known by their full name, but they seem to be largely alone in that compared to the rest of the league.
  20. The juxtaposition of a modern font and traditional uniform compliment each other well. The font isn't too modern like the Jags font to clash with the jersey. I do wish, however, that the numerals weren't italicized and also weren't a standard font. It's Futura Condensed Medium Italic plain and simple. That's an okay place to start, but customize it a little bit and make it your own. I think the Georgia Bulldogs are a great example of that. They took something like Bebas and made it their own without going over the top.
  21. I keep looking at this logo, but I can't figure out what's going on the right side of the logo. What are those 4 ripply parts above the "med" in "steamed"? Is that the back of his glove? Why is the glove made out of hamburger if he is also a hamburger?
  22. I don't care for the wing design on the kit because it's directly from the logo. It'd be nicer is they used a kit design that evoked the wing without being so literal. Even if they did angled stripes or stripes radiating from a central point it'd be a little less literal. Not exactly like these kits below, but these may help get the idea across.
  23. Wait, soccer socks aren't actually socks? The ones above are sleeves like hockey socks. Is this new?
  24. Swapping out silver for bronze would be neat. Their two blues could be tweaked to add a little more red to them. Then you'd have bronze, a light blue with more red, a navy with a tiny more red, and a regular red. Give you a nice cohesive color scheme. Light blue as the main color, navy secondary, bronze third as the helmet color and in logos, and little pops of red here and there.