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  1. FSU with garnet jerseys and garnet pants today. Gold helmets.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned but the Hornets will be getting Jordan Brand uniforms. They will be the only team in the NBA wearing Jordan Brand.
  3. That is not confirmed. That is a false rumor. Tomahawk Nation has said the current plan is to go with the traditional uniforms NOT the black ones. In fact they may not be worn at all this year. http://www.tomahawknation.com/2014/11/18/7241133/will-florida-state-wear-black-uniforms-against-boston-college
  4. Thats not a bad thing. Most people around prefer they use the teal anyway. Thats what we were all hoping were going to be the primary aways.
  5. And the hornets have yet to have a leak. They must really have everything under lock and key behind the scenes. edit: Well they've shown the practice court which could be close to the real thing but still the final version hasn't leaked.
  6. Nice analysis. As far as purple being the road uni and teal being alternate, I wonder if the team is planning on having the teals being the uniforms worn in the home opener, which will be a very big deal here in Charlotte. That would be awesome if they wore teal for that first home game. As for the shorts (and this question is open for anyone to answer), why do you think they went with the CH-crown logo for both primary uniforms in such a prime real estate spot? I like the logo, but I think the side profile hornet is a bit stronger and depicts motion and all that. The CH-crown doesn't seem to be a logo the team is highlighting much, until now on the shorts. Just wondering. Maybe the CH-crown is compensating for the lack of Charlotte on the tops? This way Charlotte still makes it on the uni's in some way.
  7. WHERE ARE THE PINSTRIPES Maybe they decided not to use pinstripes. Or they could be on the tops and pictured are the shorts? Or they could be using something generic for the purpose of the picture so that nothing is given away.
  8. This has been on the Hornets site since he was named to all-nba team. Diamonds could also be a nod to the former Hornets. A version of the diamond with the Charlotte crown logo in the middle was the logo of the old Charlotte Coliseum. The diamond was also used throughout the Coliseum.
  9. I'm thinking center court would be as BlackBolt said, the wordless primary. There using the other logos pretty evenly except that one. BTW Hugo merchandise with the Hugo logo will available exclusively at the team store on Thursday per the Hornets.
  10. I assume this confirms that the primary court and practice court will be different. They have a whole event scheduled to unveil the court. They wouldn't spoil the surprise by putting it out on a players social media.
  11. Thats correct. Team management has always seemed wonderful to me. Just very misguided on uniform choices it seems.
  12. Um...I don't even know where to start. Simply hideous.
  13. Theres an awful lot of Charlotte Hornets history on hornets.com. I wonder if during the press conference tomorrow they will announce that the history comes back to charlotte?
  14. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/05/19/4919727/bobcats-become-hornets-on-tuesday.html Pics of Time Warner Cable arena being re-branded for the Hornets.
  15. is it possible there will be a uni unveiling that night, or the draft pick might hold the jersey or something They will have a press conference on Tuesday at 12:30 on hornets.com. They will then outline the upcoming re-branding events.