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  1. About a year ago after seeing several minor league baseball league concepts on these forums I started to create my own. I created the Southeastern Baseball Association, or SEBA for short. The first team I started was the Baton Rouge Bayou. For some reason I just loved the way the named rolled off the tongue. Check out the whole project here: Behance Edited to add uniform and cap images
  2. Sorry for the delay. After reading the comments I decided that dropping the silver/grey alternate color was better in the long run. I also changed the font as requested, and I returned to the dual stripe found on their current uniforms. Thank you for your comments.
  3. I've been reading this forum for many years and recently decided to create some of my own concepts. New York Jets Logo- As a huge Jets fan I wanted to keep the logo concept similar to current/ previous versions. I always felt that a team named after "jets" should represent a sleek, fast & explosive design/ style. This concept merges the 80s "wing" style logo with the current one. The logo is cleaner and adding a metallic grey secondary color help to produce a sleeker style. New York Jets Helmet- Added a secondary design including all green helmet with secondary white logo. New York Jets Home & Away Uniform- Removed the double shoulder stripe and replaced it with a sleeker "swoosh" style shoulder stripe. Added the "wing" style logo element to both the collar and pants stripping. Added the new motto "Prepare For Takeoff" stitched to the inside of the collar. Added the "NYJ" logo to the back of the pants and moved the Nike swoosh to a more fluid location.
  4. Inspirational to say the very least. Very well done.
  5. Very clean design, but I do agree that the head of the squirrel would make a nice secondary or even tertiary logo. Please keep up the good work.