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  1. And Saints wearing stripeless monochrome because they don't like their "gold" pants. They can switch to their throwback old gold tho.
  2. Change the socks on Jonathan Joseph and the Texans have a new road combo.
  3. Face masks should stay gold. Grey masks should be left behind in the museum..
  4. Stripe bolts are the best bolts.That's the one thing I miss from the prior set.
  5. Apparently it's a thing. Not a fan of white pants on white socks even with stripes.
  6. 1. Bucaneers and Browns - Two mistakes reversed but with the highlights from those dates (new logos, Brown facemask and custom fonts) 3. Colts: More of the lateral move but I do like the old!new numbers 4. Chargers: As stated in the LA thread, I much prefer the stripe bolts to naked bolts and I'm not a fan the yellow pants either. I also bet they'll have an alternate navy helmet when the bring those back. 5. Patriots: Wish they had TV numbers and get them some silver pants. 6. Falcons: Hot garbage. Number font's the only thing I like on this set.
  7. I hate the naked bolt. Not a fan of the yellow pants. B
  8. Grey masks inferior. Color masks supervisor.
  9. Initial thoughts, these things are hideous. The red uni's especially. BWB or BRB are the only acceptable combos.