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  1. They can just wear the color rush socks for contrast. EDIT: i can't believe forgot socks.
  2. The Chargers' current pants stripes are perfect. Everything that came before is garbage.
  3. I think some mentioned earlier that Nike does have dazzle fabrics, but it's inferior to what they're hence the grey, khaki and mustard. It's gonna become a trend.
  4. i really hope black over teal or teal over white. Battle red vs. Denver will probably be white pants. All blue vs. New England will probably be color rush.
  5. In comparison to the most of the redesigns of the past decade of which Nike have overseen all but two years. The classic Vikes are just that: classic. But since that that club felt like they needed a new look and adapt to changing tastes in aesthetics, they got a new set and looked the best that had in a while. They just need striped socks with their purple pants.
  6. *cries in Texans* I know Titans had a red fashion jersey before, but stop ripping us off.
  7. *color facemasks are superior* Vikes, Lions, Phins after they ditched the navy.
  8. So conflicted. On one hand, one less navy team, a right decision to differentiate from the Rams and the yellow facemask is clean AF. On the other hand, F.U. Spanos. </urinatingtree> As for the white helmet Texans, I'm not sold on them.
  9. <insert standard Texans switch to red/I hate navy rant #23> And we already get called Patriots south form obvious reasons. I would mind if they did that. All I want is for them to switch to red as a primary.
  10. I was thinking more fire as in Hotlanta. but overall, a solid logo for the Final Four.