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  1. I want to spite the Titans. I am now in favor of Columbia Blue Texans.
  2. You're preaching to the choir Bro. (I hate navy rant #24) Especially since the only Red team in the AFC are the Chiefs.
  3. That's why you replace it with a nice colored facemask. Instead of a drab grey one.
  4. @oldschoolvkings 's nightmare will will soon come to pass.
  5. Not to mention the founder of this very site worked with the Jays, so there's desire in sports design to work with a brand that you're passionate about.
  6. *reads thread up to this point through email. Wonders WTF.* I usually just call 'em, but thanks Urinating Tree, I find myself calling them the Deadskins. Hail to the Deadskins.
  7. Crappy as a primary, not bad as a secondary.
  8. That is very true. My family had a silver VCR and boombox and woodgrain microwave and stereo system in the early 90's. All were black by decade's end. Love the retro audio tech ad.
  9. Far better than 06-07 MNF bug. It's bold and colorful.
  10. One thing I see about Texans knockoffs is that the NOB's too thick, the outlines are too thin and the terminals of some numbers are the wrong angle.
  11. Yeeesssssssss! No Titans! I can enjoy the Super Bowl for what it is. No Garbage Titans unis!!! SB 1 Rematch or all red boys and girls!
  12. Well at least we got tonight's MNF in a complementary color clash between modern classic Bikes and the just plain classic Pack.
  13. The Saints' blank white pants are disgusting.