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  1. I was thinking more fire as in Hotlanta. but overall, a solid logo for the Final Four.
  2. True. It wasn't until year two that 38 was held in Reliant
  3. I guess we could file that under close enough since the grey and white within a shade of each other.
  4. I'm thinking tweak. Probably a new opening and some new intertitles but the same lower thirds.
  5. Maybe if the players go on strike, one of their terms can be simplify the rule book.
  6. Since I live in San Antonio now, might as well enjoy a Commanders game.
  7. We are now saved from monochrome black!!!
  8. Because they have to be owned and unique to each team. Numbers are ok. Stripes should white.
  9. They should at least do it for primetime games with regard for color blindness.
  10. Which make me wonder what plan Brian Gaines and Cal McNair have if any. Clowney actually modeled this look in a photoshoot. (Thank you web Red vs blue game. Used the 96 silver pants which matched the helmets.
  11. Red over Navy I didn't like it much as I though I would. Now the inverse I would mind seeing. Damn straight. Columbia wouldn't be bad, not mention would link the two Houston teams together.
  12. If that was true, my Texans would still be wearing red socks on the road. Well, I hate navy over white again. This a thousand times.
  13. Browns with white helmets would not happen. It would be a second helmet if the league ditched the one helmet rule. But that ain't gonna happen either.