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  1. Dallas vs. Washington is beautiful. A good red/blue color balance. The Mustard vs. Mayo matchup looked ok. And the Raven purple pants are the best thing ever. Especially with contrasting socks.
  2. I'm kinda split on the idea of the Texans in a white but wouldn't mind it if the facemask was red. That would be a minor callback to our original team. If they kept the navy helmets I would also like a red facemask as well. As for the Ravens. I'm thinking they go all white for the game vs. the Steelers, though I wouldn't mind them in purple pants again. Glad they won last week in them. For the other matchups: Giants/Falcons and Wash/Cowboys looking clean, Rams/Niners will be one of the better looking mustard and mayo matchups.
  3. Is weird that on one hand, I don't the Jags to lose in the black/teal combo and consider it "unlucky" and on the other hand want the Jags to lose so we tie for first place in the South?
  4. It would be alright if it was brighter. The socks help break up the look and tie it in to the helmet.
  5. It's a nice chocolate brown. I think it would go with something in-between athletic gold and orange.
  6. I see a new word~mark! As for the caps, I would say the navy one for the Texans is the better design for my team. Though factoring in my growing hatred of navy as a primary color. I'll pass.
  7. They should use the color rush ones. Did that that in Madden one time and it looked pretty good.
  8. Dang it! Watching Texans at Titans right now and never more have I HATED us in navy primaries then I do today.
  9. I hope not. I like the purple pants! The color rush moreso but still, sorely needed.
  10. It's serious business. Especially with the myriad of ways that the socks are worn these days. Are they a one piece sock with colored and white, a player wearing the stocking only, wearing both with the whites scrunched low, whites socks over colored compression gear, colored bands over white compression gear, stocking with white apathetic tape... At least with the contrast, it looks like a pro football uniform even with the different ways of wearing socks amongst team members. I miss when we did that. The only reason the Texans switched was because of a road losing streak ten years ago. That one battle red game two years ago where they wore red on blue with red socks made me miss it more. Especially now since the Titans decided to jack our look! Navy pants with red socks at least makes us a navy and red team. But the Navy pants and socks, that just makes us the Chargers, and moreso the Rams, :censored:, and Hawks, with red numbers.
  11. Its the owner. Shahid Khan prefers black. They should be a teal team. though if they did black over teal, it would be not be as bad and be a good compromise between Khan preference for black and the fans love of teal. Though if someone can Madden the current jerseys with the original pants and see how'll that look.
  12. If the unthinkable happens, B for the NFL, since it'll only be bad in closeups. B for MLB on the arm since remember the Yankees of all teams did this, and C for the NHL.
  13. We're petty, I think we'll do it. Not to mention, we didn't do a fifteen anniversary or season thing last year of the year before, they got go with white tops and navy pants. Though they better break out the red socks if they do. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a Battle Red showdown vs. the Cowdung.
  14. I have grown to hate navy and white, my Texans included. It's hella boring even with the red accents.
  15. If its just a red and yellow version of the black alts, I'll be happy with that one. Though, I did like the original Adidas versions better than the Nike ones. I think we might see a logo that would combine the current and championship identities.
  16. I'm guessing mono jersey and pants with contrasting socks? Like... Carolina or the Jets?
  17. I think black over teal wound be a great combo for the jags in this incarnation. Add me to the over-corrected bunch. Maybe gold pants stripes and a little on the sleeves would make this better. But they are better than what came before.
  18. While Houston has the cutest. Fans are happy we only have two primetime games this year. And not facing the Colts for the season finale again.
  19. While there's a part of me that wouldn't mind the Texans ditching navy for Columbia, the other part me of associates that color with the enemy. As an alternate, Columbia blue would be a nice bridge between the old team and the new. But a primary? No. Texans just need switch to their Battle Reds as the primary with some red facemasks. And bring back their red pants (inverse of their Color Rush pants) for away games with the blue socks. As for the Jets, 80-90's logo on white helmet with current uniforms in Kelly Green. or switch to their Color Rush unis.
  20. It would depend on the team and which jerseys. If it was like the MLB and NBA where the homes and aways stayed the same but the alternates changed year to year that would be ok, But yearly home and away? That would be chaotic especially if designs elements don't carry over from year to year. Can you think of Arsenal without contrasting sleeves? Or the Yankees minus pinstripes?
  21. Then mine are magenta especially since the color balance was a lot better in the older ones. Part of me wants to say it's a lateral while another part of me says its a downgrade. Navy helmet feels like helmet infringement. And the columbia blue and red's an afterthought.