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  1. Skin of teeth but happy for no sweep. Hopefully, we can close the roof on the World Series.
  2. I also like larger divisions. Make's it harder and worth it a little more. As for.. 2. I lived Houston during our hiatus between the old team and Texans. Most I know just didn't care about the NFL during the quiet years. (Except for Super Bowl in 2000. Thank you very much Rams denying Bud a Lombardi. I will never hate you ever.) I didn't even have the heart to switch to Cowboys during those years. My dad however stayed faithful to the now-Titans and we will still give him a hard time over it. If I ever move from Houston, I still be a 'Stros, Texans, Dynamo and Rockets fan. However, if wherever I moved to did not contain a current or even historical rival (so no Cards if I find myself in St. Louis) and moreso in the NL, NFC or any eastern conference then I wouldn't mind that taking on a second team. 3. This depends on whether or not you can separate fandom from design appreciation. Loathe the Titans, but their uni's not too bad of a design. OK with the Rams but their uniform dilemma is pretty much an eyesore. Colts are a thorn in our side, man they have a beautiful look. I hate what those uniforms represent but they are a good-looking representation. Our previous loss vs. the Chiefs was hard to look at, but it was easy on the eyes from a uniform standpoint.
  3. Slight step upward. Its kinda retro. I like it.
  4. Switching out the pants in this case would a step upward, even if they just do WAH.
  5. I disagree. I think it not only should it be a road option but a home option as well. Especially since we're White over Blue road team # 6. Blue/Blue/Red/Blue would be a unique look to us. Last year's red over blue wasn't on the schedule, either.
  6. The Jacksonville's one's gonna suck on the opponent end. Texans will look clean AF though. Mono-navy twice? Booo. That game vs. Chargers (who went yoga worsening things) last year was a train wreck. Still holding out they break out a new combo in the day of or in their road games like the Red over Navy last year. I agree, color rush as permanent roads with the Blues socks. The 'Jints are becoming too asymmetrical for my tastes. White pants as good as they look turns them into the another Cowboys.
  7. The Los Angeles Rams. Who knew that one move would inspire 121 pages of debates (and counting), especially with the current mismatch as is. So my take has their proper colors, smaller version of the sleeve horns and a white pants option. No mono blue but definitely mono white. And their Color Rush as their alts.
  8. I made this for my random football series. It's in SVG. Socks are from ADW77's old Elite 51 template. If there's anything I missed, let me know.
  9. I wish this was the Rockets look. I agree with habsfan1. Black and/or red side panels on the whites could make it pop.
  10. Next up are the Eagles who are back in a brighter green. Modded logo first and foremost. The helmet's a flake paint job, mixing kelly with their current midnight. I gave them both grey and kelly green pants to pair with both jerseys. Still not too sure on the alt. Should I go with midnight or go with charcoal?
  11. Thanks. The 90's set was probably my first memories of the Cowboys plus all the talk about Dallas wearing three times next season put them at the front of the line.
  12. Next up, the Dallas Cowboys. I put a little including the standard "pick one blue and one silver". I made a composite of all their colors and used that. Standardized stripes on both jerseys combing the double stripe with the star stripes and used the inverted star from the "Double Stars" on the blues. And I kept the white pants from their Color Rush look.
  13. We only do it for opening day, and even that has precedent considering our very first regular-season opponent.
  14. Sources say Giants are wearing Color Rush whites.
  15. @ATolly66 I have to say, the black numbers are make for a bolder look. Though teal sleeves look good too.
  16. Next up are the Jacksonville Jaguars. In reimagining their uniforms, I thought it would a good challenge to work off their current uniforms instead of going back to their original duds. I hated the contrasting sleeve but used a contrasting collar instead to have some teal as part of their black uniforms. The helmet is suppossed to be the flake helmet from the previous set. As for the roads, I did likkeepe the black sleeves from the current uniforms and added striped socks to avoid the leotard look. Finally are the good ol' teal unis plus teal socks for the black pants.
  17. These are some concepts I've in my head for a while. First off, the Atlanta Falcons. I combined some old and new aspects in this one including a logo recolor. A little bit of old Dirty Bird grey and some Tech gold. For the uniforms, grey and black pants for all combos.
  18. Dagnammit. And the current black alt's a good place to start. Just add mustard, hold the silver and boom, new Rockets rebrand.
  19. The Rams look like piss. Do Texans still have their old red pants with their slick?
  20. They're getting around it because they are not changing the home or road jersey. They can change the pants, the helmet decals, even recolor the logo. but the moment they change those shirts, it counts as a new uniform set. Had they change the shirts the moment they got to LA, it would have counted as a new uniform set and would be locked in that set even after the new stadium opens. They wanted to change back in 2016 and again in 2019 which would violate the 5 year rule. Hence the half steps. 12 this year. And my team opens up with Monoblue and red numbers vs. White Tiger Ranger Bengals.