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  1. They look like uniforms again! And they're a beaut.
  2. Imagines Shooting Star 'Stros in Brick and Black. Old West 'Stros in Orange and Navy. If these were just fashion jerseys, they'd be fine but on is where the problem is. As I pictured this joint the moment the news dropped.
  3. *sees another face mask war* *sighs* Anything is better than gray.
  4. They tried but Bud Adams turned them down. That's also the reason why they were the Tennessee Oilers for two years. To prevent a repeat of the Browns history staying. Baltimore tried to do with the it Colts but they said no as well.
  5. So I did any edit with purple and I have to say. I'm definitely getting some Hornets vibes with this. It gave me an idea to add one more pants and sock option.
  6. Next up, the Houston Apollos. The logos and color scheme was inspired from a lot of the space flight badges. I felt this one need the light blue more than anything and went with copper as the second color.
  7. Thank you! I always thought so too. #RunWithTheBulls would be a far superior hashtag than #WeAreTexans.
  8. Bone jerseys. No. Just no. Bone pants... now we're talking.
  9. First off will be the Houston Wildcatters, taking some influence from the 'Stros on this but with black instead of navy. I was Astros game during this concept so hence the color scheme.
  10. I wanted to get this out there before my love for this team goes out with Deshaun. This is some stuff I've been working on for while but hadn't made time to post it. The Houston Texans: One of the more "meh" names in the NFL. Used once before by a World League team in 1974-75 and named with the blessing of the former Dallas Texans now known the Kansas City Chiefs. When I saw the name unveiled, especially with the preceding video made everyone on think it would be bull related, I was underwhelmed. This paired with a RWB color scheme and navy uniforms that at the time would had been the 9th! navy jersey in use as a primary dark, disappointed me even further. (That makes this what, the 20, 30-something time I've complained about the navy jerseys?) While I like our Battle Red and white jerseys, I still think of what could been with the other identities mentioned in the poll preceding to the unveiling: So without further adieu I present to you: The Texans That Never Were. HOUSTON APOLLOS (V.2) HOUSTON BOBCATS HOUSTON STALLIONS HOUSTON WILDCATTERS
  11. They could probably pull it off. Would prefer a new uniform set first.
  12. Recent Vegas Golden Knights Seattle Kraken San Antonio Spurs (2020-21 City Jersey only, almost wanted to buy one even as a Rockets fan) Chicago Bulls North Carolina (the Starter Jackets were everywhere) And1 (they were also everywhere) As a Kid Houston's Original NFL team Cleveland Browns (Dem orange pants) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Championship set) Houston Astros (1980's Racing Stripes, 1994-99 Navy and Gold)
  13. A sneak peek at Nickelodeon's slimulcast of the NFL Wild Card Weekend
  14. If that's the reason, that definitely pissed me off. usually the only time in the year we see them in Monowhite.
  15. *heads into thread, see face mask war.* *sighs.* Here we go again. Colored superior. Grey inferior.
  16. Since I can't watch Texans/Bears, I am delighted to watch Chiefs/Dolphins for that complementary color magic. Mmmm. Peanut butter and jelly sammich match.
  17. Yeah it wasn't a good name but it was a unique name with history that got the chance to be promoted. *Still groaning in Houston that we're an FC now.*