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  1. I'm under the impression that McVay is trying to throw this game becuse it's the 3rd quarter and the Rams have thrown the ball 10 :censored:ing times, I get the O-line is a mess and the 49ers D-line is great but its impossible to win a game that way. The Defense is also dog :censored:. If this team makes the playoffs I'll eat a pound of wasabi. Edit: Yeah this might be the worse offensive line I've ever seen. Goff is about to be sacked the moment the ball is snapped on every passing play they are giving him absolutly no time at all.
  2. :censored: it go Yankees! I rather see them win over Houston or St. Louis.
  3. I like the Seahawks green look. The Rams O-line is complete ass, I have no idea why they thought letting Saffold go was a good idea. A offense built off the play action obviously isn't going work if they can't block for a damn run or give Goff enough time to let the play develop.
  4. Because I know people are gonna bring it up and say the AL is the better league at some point becuse of the 3 100 win teams, but the NL won interleague 166-134. Take that you DH using savages!
  5. Yeah I wouldn't mind if more teams made the postseason with how random the sport is it'd definitely keep the season more interesting for more teams late in the year. I just want to make sure the world series stays in October, so if they can get that to work I'm game.
  6. I don't know I'd like what ever the hell your smoking to see he's good because I sure want it.
  7. I'd take the hobbled remnants of RG3 over that overrated sack of :censored: in KC. I'm gonna enjoy it when he's out of the league in 3 years given all the media pumping him up too be a God while guys who we're called bust like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen are thriving.
  8. I would take a look at how their offense line has graded since that stretch started because you'll see it hasn't been pretty and vision issues will fix it self with more experience, but if have actually watched him during his career you'll see he has elite arm talent. Just watching the games vs Minnesota or KC will show you that. I have complete faith in the guy going forwards. Now onto today's game in general it's the first time in since McVay has become coach that they've fallen for a trap, the whole team has looked god awful. No defensive effort, no blocking at all for the pass or run, and horrible play call. I'm also just done with Marcus Peters. I hope this game teaches this team something because this game is pathetic!
  9. One game against the best coach of all time isn't enough to say anything.
  10. I'd take Goff over both of them no question, Wentz can't stay healthy and Dak has only been doing this for 4 games. There is nothing anyone can show me that Goff won't be the best QB in this league.
  11. Man it's still crazy to me that Aaron Donald didn't get his first sack until week 4 last year and he still ended up with 20.5. This guy is absolutely the best football player I've ever seen, there is no one even close to him at his position!
  12. So what happens with this if Spanos dosen't pony up? Is he gonna be stripped of the team or are they going to be forced to play at the soccer stadium forever? I can't imagine the NFL is gonna let them leave LA at this point given they want to keep two teams here and I don't think there is a place they can go that has a NFL quality stadium that isn't already occupied.
  13. Football as a sport makes it impossible to have a guaranteed title but even if it was I still rather watch the NFL then the mess that the NBA has become under Adam Silver and the constant and contradictory modifications to the game with baseball. North American sports as a whole at this point are just in a :censored:ty state right now.
  14. I don't see why everyone is freaking out about this. Yeah it's the Patriots but this is football the best team isn't guaranteed a title or even a superbowl appearance you need an awful lot to go right for those to happen unlike a certain sport I've given up watching. The Patriots have been really lucky on the injury front of late and have played a lot of football I could easily see them losing before the superbowl.
  15. Okay here's your proof man.
  16. Yeah, I understand the heat is a factor but I think by week 6 against the 49ers the heat isn't gonna be a factor and when you consider this is probably the last time they where this uniform it feels kinda wrong to not wear it vs SF this year.
  17. Dodgers didn't either the city had evicted them long before for a housing development that never came to be in the 40s years before they approached the Dodgers with the land and when they did it was mostly just squatters who had nothing to do with the families who were there before and didn't have any rights to land as the families had accepted the compensation for the land or had given compensation by the courts when their title was revoked. The Dodgers had pretty much nothing to do with removal of the families from Chavez Ravine that was all the city's wrong.
  18. Man I hope this rule bites Sean Payton in the ass every game because his bitching has actually caused flopping in football to be a legitimate strategy.
  19. MLB should just say :censored: you to the giants and give it too the As if it's causing since it's causing baseball harm as whole. If I'm baseball I make that move right away and if the giants cry about I'd just let them especially since federal courts side with MLB almost always anyway I can't see them taking away their antitrust exemption status especially considering they have done much worse in the past to warrant it and nothing's happened. Giants need to stopping being a :censored:ty franchise and just give it too them though but its giants so they won't do anything redeemable or good as long as they exist.
  20. I live in LA and had never heard his name before his death and it's not like I'm some old fart I'm 24. The dude was a good guy from all I understand but he wasn't anywhere near as important culturally as prince. If something happened to Ice Cube, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop, or even to honor the doors I could see something happening since they are much bigger staples of LA culture. I personally think the Lakers brand and LA it self is way to large to do something like this for anyone anyways, it works for Minneapolis because they are so much smaller and prince was one of the few great cultural icons from the area. If you ask people to think of a great musician or band from LA you'll get as many answers as people asked this idea dosen't work for LA.
  21. So Kevin Demoff was on local radio didn't give a whole lot of new information but he confirmed that the Rams are dropping the Ram head for something new. It's kinda a shame if you ask me because it's really good logo that I thought would hold up for a long time.
  22. These are really good I especially like the green versions, plus there's some history with green, I believe the team wore it 1937. They did it as sort of a change of pace to see if it would help break a run of bad seasons, it didn't obviously or else I'd imagine they'd be wearing it.
  23. Talent wise I feel he obviously is it's just matter of him staying healthy. I also think the other QBs that have deals coming form that class in Goff and Dak are as well though I can see the argument against Dak, but I'm pretty sure he's getting one like that anyways.
  24. I mean aside from the :censored:y music he's no different than Jack Nicholson for the Lakers and hell Jack's been thrown out a few times. I could maybe see him being getting some hate for going to a lot of teams games as well but he's clearly a fan of sports no different than us. I think people just like to hate because it's trendy.
  25. Dreadful to you maybe but I much rather see a slower more defensive game that ends 93-89 or 85-75 than one that ends 138-133 like we've been seeing lately. higher scoring isn't better, in fact, I think it kills the excitement a lot of the time. But you can still get higher scoring finals with a more far more entertaining playstyle then we are getting now I mean you can just look at most of the finals from 1980 to 93, I'd kill to have that basketball over what we have now.