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  1. 11 minutes ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    Nope... didn't watch the game.


    I'm not really interested in anything that happened in the game today. It's your comment about taking Goff over any QB other than Rodgers or Wilson that gave me the giggles.


    Without even mentioning Patrick Mahomes (who everybody on the planet but you... repeat, everybody on the planet) would take over not just Goff, while laughing their asses off, but also probably over Rodgers and Wilson, too. So let's set aside Mahomes for a second, because that's just embarrassing.


    Other NFL QBs that almost everybody would take over Goff with little or no hesitation right now, this season;


    Ben Rothlesberger, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Deshawn Watson, Tom Brady, and Ryan Tannehill.


    And NFL QBs that would give anybody a bit of pause, but may very well also take over Goff;


    Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Baker Mayfield, Justin Herbert, Drew Brees, and Carson Wentz.



    But really... Goff over Mahomes?  Even if you deep down believe that you should just not bring it up.  It's like believing in the flat earth theory... you're just not going to convince anybody to go along with it.




    Well I meant in the NFC so that's my bad for just forgetting to mention that. But the guys I have bolded are guys that you'll either get 5 good years out of at most because of there play style, not that it's bad but you have to be aggressive when it comes to building around, rookies that I would never compare to anyone yet because of sample size or Wentz whose never been healthy enough to attempt 5 passes and they've been there the last 3 postseasons. 


    I'm just tired of people :censored:ing on the guy because they only see a stat line and assuming that he's the big problem. That goes for more than just Goff, it goes for Kershaws postseasons, and many other guys like Tannehill in Miami. These guys where/are being put in positions to fail due to :censored:ty coaching and being given all the blame. 


    I'm not saying he's the best but I believe he's one of the most talented QBs in the league and he can you to promise land as soon as McVay gets his stubborn head out of his ass and actually makes adjustment instead of trying to win with the gameplan he set up going in to the game when it's not working. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    You might be insane.

    You watch the game? Did you not watch McVay not make any meaningful adjustments until the 4th? Did you watch the Offense line just let defenders rush past them and hit the guy without even a second to react. It's not like they we're hiding the blitz the dolphins were literally destroying the rams in the trenches and the team waited till the last minute to adjust. He was top 5 in average passer rating this season prior to this game,  i have complete trust in the guy. The coachin not being able to get the team to show up in a game against a solid team before the bye has me far more concerned than anything Goff did. 

  3. 2 hours ago, rams80 said:

    Thinking about reciting the details of Jared Goff's contract, the number of players the Rams have had to dump to accommodate said contract, and the first round drafts picks the Rams traded away either to initially pick him or instill in him a sense of security.

    Goff's fine the Oline gave him literally no time at all today. Every single one of turnovers he was being hit right away. I'd still have him over every QB not named Wilson or Rodgers at this point. 


    It was a trap game going into the bye I'm not supriesed it, plus they would probably would have won this game if they don't give up an 87 year punt return TD. This team will go on a deep playoff run and I'm gonna enjoy laughing at how silly you doubters look. 

  4. The missed obvious roughing the passer to Goffs face that resulted in a INT and opi call on the flop by Ramsey  has shown me that officiating in every single league on this damn continent has gone to horse :censored:. Like I don't remember it ever being this constantly bad in every single sport even 5 years ago, what the hell happened

  5. 38 minutes ago, JOEYxFRESCO said:

    Also, found this 


    it's twitter so my automatic assumption is to lean fake with anything that doesn't come from a official source there, it also looks like the shoulder horns are backwards to me assuming those are supposed to be horns. They would be curling the opposite way of the helmet if they are and I honestly doubt that would happen on the real jersey. I would be okay with these if they we're real with the horns facing the right way or we got something close because I honestly don't hate it.   

  6. So apparently on live stream with dirty cheater Alex Bregman Jared Goff and Tyler Higbee we're asked when the uniforms would be released and they said this week. I didn't see any video of them saying it and got this info from Twitter and reddit, so take it with a grain of salt obviously. 

  7. Man for info that's feels real from what I know from here that's still not enough for me to get a sense of absolute :censored: show or would be okay if it weren't for gradient numbers. I know that guy hated the first half the new look we've seen, that makes me feel like they won't be a total :censored: show and more along the lines of one bad design element spoil an otherwise decent look. I'm actually okay with a grey road uniform but would very much prefer they go yellow if they wanted a unique road uniform though. 



  8. 21 minutes ago, guest23 said:


    It's still a Raiders town.

    Well Raiders fans have had two tries to fill the soccer stadium and couldn't as well as having meh rating when they are on here as opposed to the Rams where they are constantly either 1 or 2 only behind the Sunday night game that has no other football competition in that slot. The Raiders brand is popular because of Hip Hop culture here and their still in the top half of fan bases here but its a pretty big stretch to call it a Raiders town anymore.


    I'm also willing to bet that if you ask the average person you see with Raiders gear if they watch any football outside the Superbowl they'd probably say no. Now that's not wholly a bad thing as it shows the Raiders brand is incredibly strong that people will wear their stuff only for fashion, same thing with LAFC I've tried to talk to people wearing their caps about soccer and they've had no idea what I'm saying. Merchandise doesn't always equal fans, it dose most of the time but when a team has such a strong brand like those two do or its a piece of its branding got pushed into pop culture like quite a few baseball caps did in the 90's with prominent rappers wearing them constantly the Tigers, Braves, and White Sox being the big ones I can think of.  

  9. 42 minutes ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    If those are the full season prices and not the price per game, then I'm shocked at how cheap LA football is.  The way people talked about how the area couldn't wait for their "beloved Rams" (lol) to return, I'd have figured the price to get in would be more than $60/game.


    Well you have 10 major professional teams and 2 major college teams the compared to the 3 or 4 teams normally. There's also things like Disneyland or universal that have annual passes that are priced the pretty closely to a lot of season tickets for the teams here plus there's a ton of other options here that there is no city in the country that has as much to do. Competition for money and attention is a whole different animal in Los Angeles than back east and because of that unless you are the Lakers prices tend to be more competitive. 


    BTW I've gone to every single Rams game here and outside of 2 or 3 games the Rams fanbase has show up strong and is getting better every year, the Rams are very much beloved here a and maybe you should stop commenting on situations all the way across the country that you clearly don't know anything about. 


    I do believe that LA shouldn't have the Chargers though that was clearly the wrong choice it really should have been an expansion team when the next wave came around. The Raiders and their fanbase is to polarized that they would have struggled a ton to get any fans that weren't already Raiders fans. 

  10. 11 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:


    I love this idea - as long as they work in some easter eggs.  Like a cardboard fan that's picking his nose, or one that has a fish head for a head, or a girl flashing her boobs.

    The inner weird music fan in me would be extremely disappointed if it's not a near exact copy of the Trout Mask Replica album art for that one. 

  11. 10 minutes ago, colortv said:



    We need a pic immediately if anyone is able.

    Here are the pictures I've seen going around. I'm guessing that this is something that espn just put together for the draft but who know maybe this is a leak of what the helmet will look. 

  12. 2 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    Let's be honest - it's similar for the Rams too.


    Around the 1:30 mark, you hear the PBP guy reference all the Eagles fans, and then you can hear the crowd noise when they score a TD around 1:38.  I'll internet fight the notion that the Rams are some beloved team that sell out of home fans and are rallied around by the whole town.  I'll reassess after the new stadium opens, as those things do have the ability to effect dramatic changes in support.



    Except you can look at the games against literally else outside maybe 3 teams and every game it's all Rams fans. Hell go back and watch the game against the chiefs a fan base that travels pretty well and it's 90% Rams fans. And this happens in every sport here outside of basketball. The Kings have it far worse than the Rams do when it comes to road fans and the Dodgers will have a massive amount of road fans when the Red Sox, Yankees, or cubs come to town, plus when the Giants are good there is a large number of their fans in the stadium. 


    I've seen more and more rams gear every year since they've moved back and they have tons of support here now. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, GDAWG said:


    Get cutting Todd he was on a really big contract and has an arthritic knee probably only a year or 2 left at a productive level. I feel better going with a combo of Henderson and Brown over 2 more years of trying to game manage Gurley. 

  14. 1 hour ago, j'villejags said:

    Rams logo is blue/white (not royal/gold). The Chargers almost look like they may have dropped the double blue and gone with a single blue that is closer to their alternate they've worn in recent years. Looks like rather minor (if any) changes for the rest of the teams making changes, but it's hard to glean much with the quality of the images. And I suppose some of these could be placeholders.




    The Rams CEO confirmed are getting a new logo, so I'm pretty sure that some these are place holders. 

  15. 3 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    If you root for the Kansas City Chiefs, you need to seriously question your values and think about when you lost your morality.  No trolling - that's how I feel.  They're one of - if not the biggest disgrace of a franchise to play in that game in decades.  

    I get they have some questionable people in there organization but come on man every NFL team does and I'm willing to bet that every single team in every major professional sports league world wide has some questionable people working for them. 


    Plus the 49ers have committed the biggest sin ever, being run in and by people who choose to work and live there lives in the cesspool know as the Bay Area, no self respecting human being should be rooting for them and I certainly know that I won't as an LA native that's for damn sure. 

  16. 52 minutes ago, AustinFomBoston said:

    Mahomes is the best QB in the league, can anyone deny this? 

    Dude has the best offensives weapons in the league and has one of the greatest offensive minds of all time. He's good but right now he's also the most overrated player in league history not named Tim Tebow. That said if the 9ers win rn i hope to hell he plays like the best QB because seriously :censored: the bay. 


    29 minutes ago, tp49 said:

    Astros GM Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch suspended for one year for the sign stealing scandal.  


    EDIT: to add that the Astros forefit their 1st and 2d round draft picks in 2020 and 2021 and were finded $5 million.

    That's a slap on the wrist if I've ever seen one. I'm sure the fine is the highest MLB could legally go but the suspensions should have been longer, international money should have been stripped, and more draft picks should have been taken. College students get hit way harder for cheating than the Astros did and I bet most teams are willing to trade what the Astros got for a title which is why I feel the punishment wasn't harsh enough, at least Alex Cora is probably gonna get boned hard. 

  18. Really like the special endzone for the last game at the Coliseum the Rams are using.


    And I really do hope that this is a sign of them sticking with blue and yellow because everyone I know thinks of the team as a blue and yellow team not blue and white or navy and gold or whatever hideous combination Nike is gonna give them like electric blue and volt yellow or whatever the hell it's called. 

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