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  1. So this weekend had the Kings and Spurs wining titles in Silver and Black. I'm curious as to what other years this happened. I'm sure its happened with RWB, so in that case how about the primary color being the same.
  2. 90s forum please. I love that light blue grizzlies court BTW.
  3. Would it be posable to see a Lakers court with the Hollywood sign. Also I'd love to see a court based on the black unis.
  4. Lakers- home Kobe 24 swingman Lakers- home Shaq authentic Colts- home Andrew luck authentic Manchester United- 2013 red kits Dodgers- Puig replica without front number or la patch looks actually pretty good that way. Ducks-Perry 3rd
  5. Lakers:Growing up in southern California its hard not to be. Dodgers: I grew up in Orange county and watched the angles win a title, my grandfather, Dad and Uncles are all Dodgers fans and I was raised that way. My Mom, aunts, brothers, and one of Uncles are all angles fans, so that gets interesting. Kings: I started really following hockey with the Kings even though i grew in Orange County. Rams: My family had season tickets for 10+ years prior to their move to STL, but now that they are back they are my team. Colts: my AFL team. being born in LA the first year without football never really watched football until around 2006 season when they won the Superbowl and Payton Manning being Payton Manning, I adopted them and have been a fan until the Rams moved back now they are my #2. Manchester united: started watching soccer seriously after the last world cup and I chose them because the look cool and are on TV a lot. Didn't know there history at the time even now that I do I am still a fan. LA Galaxy: before I started watching seriously I was board and nothing was on and I just happened to pick the awesome black out game in the playoffs that made me take soccer seriously and now there my second soccer team and for when I feel like going to a game.
  6. Iron Maiden-Dance of Death IMO, the only bad album art they have ever had.
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