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  1. Hes playing with an injured hand this game that's obvious. He played good agianst a really good Seahawks defense last week just fine anyway. Not like him even making plays would have mattered this week the Rams have been playing like complete ass this whole game anyway. They are playing with no energy at all especially on defense, like they completely underestimated the talent the Cowboys have.
  2. So these Celtic city jersey are basicly illegible unless they are directly facing the camera and it's bad when the players are moving from the 5 minutes of game I watched. I don't know if they camera test uniforms but if they dont they really should.
  3. One he's not terrible at all and two yes I'm fine because I'm not going to hurt myself because again he's not terrible.
  4. I feel like all leagues should be like baseball and allow players to be drafted out of high school with an expanded draft and a much larger minor league system so you give guys more opportunities to develop into solid players when they might just never get drafted.
  5. Call me a clown all you want now because I promise you'll be looking the same in a few years when he proves you wrong!
  6. Go ahead. I'm not changing my mind on this and I honestly believe that I'll be right on this. You will never see this account ever call Goff a bust that's for sure.
  7. Goff will be great and I :censored:ing know it ,so you can :censored: on him all you :censored:ing want but he prove you wrong. And i can't wait to see all of you accept this fact! He will be the GOAT! I've seen way to much talent form him that there is no way he'll be playing this bad next year or any year after that.
  8. Jesus crist this he cant make reads :censored: has been disproven since it started, you won't even get drafted if you cant make reads. I'm gonna love reading over this when he wins an MVP in the next few years with the takes coming for the ultra pessimist fans like yourself.
  9. And the Rams have had the worst graded offensive line in the league since that point. He been one of the best QBs in the league with a clean pocket and has amazing arm talent. I believe because I've done the research and I've seen the talent. He will be great! I will live stream my suicide if he isn't top 3 in MVP voting next season and will defend him till the end. He's not trash his production during this stretch is product of a god awful Oline and McVay proving to be a majorly overrated coach and not adjusting his playbook to the problems with the Oline. I will ride with Goff till I die, i honestly have that belief that he will get fixed.
  10. I'd still take him over every QB from his class. All of his issues have been a product of having one of the worst offensive lines in the league. He will go down as one of the all time greats when his career is done. Goff will be fine and shouldn't be benched at all.
  11. Goff is a top QB when actually has time and isn't overpaid at all, I'd take him over every QB but Brady with a clean pocket he's that talented and has made throws that the average QB just dosen't make throughout his career the only criticism that I have with him is Favre mentally he gets into where he decides to force throws in to triple coverage at times but that is at least a sign he's still confident in himself. A vast majority of this years probablems and the end of last years would be solved would be solved if the Rams invested into the damn OL, because there is pretty clear connection between when the rams offense line grade falling and Goffs recent issues as they have been a bottom 5 Oline since the lions game last year which is not good when you have a pocket passer. The Rams biggest mistakes were paying Gurley and Cooks big deals because if those don't happen this team would be in great shape up front and overall because they would have had the resources to fix the damn line during the off season.
  12. The Rams was O-line is literal trash before this game and now they lost their center. I'll be surprised as hell if this team team makes the postseason this year.
  13. I don't think there is a single North American sport that has good officials at this point. Sports are starting to get almost unwatchable.
  14. It is still a 3-1 series lead isn't it.
  15. Can't wait to watch the Astros blow a 3-1 lead.
  16. I'm under the impression that McVay is trying to throw this game becuse it's the 3rd quarter and the Rams have thrown the ball 10 :censored:ing times, I get the O-line is a mess and the 49ers D-line is great but its impossible to win a game that way. The Defense is also dog :censored:. If this team makes the playoffs I'll eat a pound of wasabi. Edit: Yeah this might be the worse offensive line I've ever seen. Goff is about to be sacked the moment the ball is snapped on every passing play they are giving him absolutly no time at all.
  17. :censored: it go Yankees! I rather see them win over Houston or St. Louis.
  18. I like the Seahawks green look. The Rams O-line is complete ass, I have no idea why they thought letting Saffold go was a good idea. A offense built off the play action obviously isn't going work if they can't block for a damn run or give Goff enough time to let the play develop.
  19. Because I know people are gonna bring it up and say the AL is the better league at some point becuse of the 3 100 win teams, but the NL won interleague 166-134. Take that you DH using savages!
  20. Yeah I wouldn't mind if more teams made the postseason with how random the sport is it'd definitely keep the season more interesting for more teams late in the year. I just want to make sure the world series stays in October, so if they can get that to work I'm game.
  21. I don't know I'd like what ever the hell your smoking to see he's good because I sure want it.
  22. I'd take the hobbled remnants of RG3 over that overrated sack of :censored: in KC. I'm gonna enjoy it when he's out of the league in 3 years given all the media pumping him up too be a God while guys who we're called bust like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen are thriving.
  23. I would take a look at how their offense line has graded since that stretch started because you'll see it hasn't been pretty and vision issues will fix it self with more experience, but if have actually watched him during his career you'll see he has elite arm talent. Just watching the games vs Minnesota or KC will show you that. I have complete faith in the guy going forwards. Now onto today's game in general it's the first time in since McVay has become coach that they've fallen for a trap, the whole team has looked god awful. No defensive effort, no blocking at all for the pass or run, and horrible play call. I'm also just done with Marcus Peters. I hope this game teaches this team something because this game is pathetic!
  24. One game against the best coach of all time isn't enough to say anything.
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