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  1. My god do the Bengals look awful, they must of spent all their energy during Steelers game last week.
  2. This feels like a Sharks alternate logo to me, not sure it really fits a baseball team.
  3. Yeah the Dodgers awful defense today but they made it a 1 run game and i dont think they do that agian. I'm still really confident in them in this series.
  4. Yep just as awful as I thought it'd be. I can't believe I actully want Adidas back.
  5. So I ran a poll on the Rams reddit to see how popular the different color schemes are throughout their history are when it comes to the new uniforms in a couple years in a semi scientific way. The results are nothing too surprising and reinforces my idea that Rams would be absolutely stupid to go with anything that isn't a basicly a modernized version of Dickerson era uniforms. Apologies about the phone UI my computer died.
  6. - Leagues shouldn't be able to suspend or cut players for just being accused of a crime, they should really be found guilty for anything to happen. Sports leagues and teams don't need to play moral police and shouldn't be doing justice systems work just let it handle the situation and focus on peds, players betting on games, and teams cheating. - End shootouts in all sports. In hockey, if there still isn't a winner by the end of overtime just call it a tie and in soccer just play a continuous extra time in place of a shootout. - Lose the 3pt shot in basketball or at very least discourage it more to encourage teams to invest in bigs again, in my eyes there is nothing more fun to watch than an elite post big man and I would give everything to see a player like Hakeem, Shaq or Kareem in the NBA again. - Lose the DH in baseball I always thought it was unfair to position players that have to master every part of the game and gives players who should be out of the majors because they can't field any more a bailout. if you want to hit you need to field and if you want to pitch you need to hit, no getting out of a part of the game because you are awful at it.
  7. Yeah I noticed that during the game as well was just finaly able to find a tweet that shows it well. I defentaly prefer the font they had before.
  8. So the Rams decided to replace the NFL logo at mid field this season. I'm guessing that the horns will be painted yellow after next week's game vs the chargers and they move to the throwbacks full time at home.
  9. Okay why the hell are there side panels on only the purples and why the hell they black it makes no sense at all.
  10. Also looks like the Rams are still geting new uniforms in 2020 as well. I'm kinda suprised NFL finally gave in and are letting the Rams make the throwbacks their primary color uniforms and still get new look when the Inglewood stadium opens.
  11. Yeah I wouldn't be suprise if they did that given that there is actual evidence for them doing last season to bump up offense and that they modified them even more for the world series. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fivethirtyeight.com/features/juiced-baseballs/amp/ https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/10/29/world-series-baseballs-leather-justin-verlander-yu-darvish-ken-giles-kenley-jansen
  12. Its been awhile and a few jerseys even went backwards in accuracy like pretty much all the lakers throwbacks using a incredibly inaccurate font.
  13. Fine the US won't win the next world cup but I'll defend the other two points to the death!
  14. Croatia got robbed by the refs. I will refuse to give france credit for that win. Also Pulisic is better than that mbappe clown. Now on to 2022 when the US will win the cup over spain.
  15. The navy and gold was good when they got rid of the side panels. I think the side panels absolutely ruined the look.
  16. Man the only real thing I'm disappointed about is how shallow the the drop shadow feels compared to the other sets that had it. I'm also not the biggest fan of the collar/arm hole stripes but I dont dont think they are awful and I get it given the NBA's uniform policy about not looking to much like prior uniforms and don't look as messy as the Jerry West uniforms in that area at least.
  17. So people do remember that Cousins is coming off an Achilles injury right? Athelets almost nobody recovers from that to anywhere near the amount of production they had before the injury, especially big guys. I really would be surprised if he just ends up clogging up the lane like Shaq did with Cleveland and Boston and providing little production.
  18. Royal and yellow Black and yellow Black and purple Black and Green Red and yellow Royal and green
  19. Yeah I always loved that my highschool used a pretty unique mascot and logos its was just unfortunate that they were both incredibly unsettling when i was going there.
  20. True and I dont blame warriors fans for enjoying this but even if this were the Lakers I could see how this is a problem for the leauge even if I was enjoying it.
  21. Well I was hopeing could prove me wrong but looks like ill be skipping out on the finals for the second year in a row. Seriously Kevin Durant for taking a coward way out and signing with a team that just beat you and the PA for allowing this to happen and also for only helping the player that were FAs that year because that was actually really dickish. The NBA was my favorite league and now thats ruined. I'm glad the Rams are back because the NFL at least cares about competitive balance, same with every other leauge in North America. I hope cleveland wins but I doubt it. So seriously go the hell Kevin Durant and Golden State!
  22. Man as a Lakers fan there is nothing more enjoyable than watching the Celtics shoot themselves in the foot in big games.
  23. Yeah pretty much no one was talking about it in the last half of the season and playoffs but half to go and blow this mess wide open agian. I seriously dont understand why the leauge didn't just go to their network partners and tell them to not show it when this issue first started it would have killed the controversy and let the players have their protest in front of the fans in the stadium so they feel like they are still doing something. To me it really start to feel like the leauge wants all these controversies because they will drive ratings or something stupid like that because all of them over the past 5/6 years have seemed really damn preventable or easy to work around.
  24. Yeah I'm not that worried especially for his rookie year givien his turnover issues but man would it be nice to have one team that wasn't set at QB for the next 10+. Yeah it really sucks to seem him fall just because he's willing to speek his mind.
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