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  1. Football gods please keep Rosen out of Arizona thats all i want from the rest of the first round. Edit: and of course the :censored:ing Raiders have to let that happen!
  2. Yeah i hate the pick for the Giants. The giants will probably be complete :censored: for the foreseeable future because the took a RB over 1 of the 3 good QBs in this draft its kinda sad to see that franchise living in the past like Eli is in his prime still.
  3. Please Sharks end vegus in the most brutal way possible i also wouldnt mind if you sweep the playoffs
  4. Because LeBron has been on teams that have looked mediocre before during the regular season only to have them show up in the playoffs, so i assume most people just thought that would happen.
  5. Kings are down 3-0 but every game has been close and we've seen them come back from this position before they have this. vegus will pay for their transgressions against the crown and will be taken to the Gallows starting Tuesday.
  6. Kings when the next 4 games. Expansion teams and their fanbases need to suffer first and they will. Also that Dougthydoughty suspension was the biggest piece of bull :censored: ive ever seen.
  7. I mean as in the jersey being primarily yellow. I absolutely want the the current royal and yellow throwbacks stay and for a return to that scheme when the new stadium opens.
  8. Thank god! I never want to see the Rams in yellow again!
  9. MOD EDIT: Completely inapprpriate and unnecessary. That kind of language and wishing harm on other people is not welcome here.
  10. Philly and its god awful violent fanbase doesn't deserve a Superbowl. Football gods let NE win!
  11. Okay Viking i know you can come back and i seriously hope they can the Eagles fanbase doesn't deserve a Superbowl at all.
  12. All this yellow talk is annoying with the rams, they have worn blue through most of there history and the royal that is used on the throwbacks is bright enough as it is to work in the California sun. Yellow as an alternate would be great, yellow as the primary probably won't go over well for me or many other Rams fans who want the team to go as close to the throwback look as possible.
  13. Man that loss sucked but Rams played hard and kept fighting and that's great to see not to mention they have rebounded after losses all year pretty all year I'm sure they will do It again next week even in Seattle. It also sucks about Wentz i hope his recovery gose smoothly and to think that if the bad call on trumaine Johnson wasn't called Wentz probably wouldn't have gotten injured.
  14. "Hiring actors" is a bit of an exaggeration. This to me looks like Fox is trying to be clever in advertising the damn pre-game show but putting on a casting site. They used the exact same message on their Facebook group and Twitter, they aren't hiring fans. Edit: from a CBS sports article on the topic I think it pretty clear this is just advertising the pregame show.
  15. So it's not really the time thats being flexed with the Rams-Saints game it's the station it's being moved from Fox to CBS who has the double header that week. I think I read that 80% of the country should now be able to see it.
  16. I thought the same but apparently there are no restrictions on Sunday night games. so unless the NFL is crazy or the one of these teams collapse this is gonna be the Sunday night game.
  17. I'm going to refuse to count the Dodgers out of this series yet because the Astros have no bull pen still, they are playing in ball park that was designed by a sane person again and most importantly they get to bat last.
  18. So I give my 22 year old heart 2 more innings before it decides to give out on itself, that's how stupid this game has been. This strike zone has been :censored:ing awful btw.
  19. I personally have no problem with white on the road but white vs yellow is not a match up to me.
  20. Well Houston is pretty lucky the Dodgers just set the record for missing on pitches middle middle. I don't see this happening again and I fully expect this series to go back to LA.
  21. Yeah this series is going 6 or 7 I can definitely feel it. that said the fact that Dodgers didn't just give up and die plus Houston's bull pen looks pretty shaky, I'm still pretty confident the Dodgers win it.
  22. So the Dodgers should be completely fine if Granderson, Utley, Grandal and Ethier all don't start at the same time again. They were basicly four automatic tonight.
  23. To be fair the Celtics actually have gold in there logo and it's not the same shade the Lakers wear so it's not like their wearing a color the Lakers do.
  24. Fixed that for you. Every Boston team has a good awful fanbase.
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