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  1. I think here soon the NFL is going to be just like NASCAR.
  2. I'm excited each week to watch the AAF. Personally I'm sick of the NFL. What's the point of even wasting anytime watching it? Just go ahead and put the Patriots or Steelers in every Super Bowl and randomly draw a NFC team out of a hat.
  3. Anyone know of a free streaming YouTube channel for MLS games like DofuStream does for the AAF?
  4. Pretty cool to see Cincinnati have a pro soccer team! As expected, Seattle won, and the next two games are going to be rough as well. But that goal last night was sweet!
  5. Looks like we got some new jerseys with Orlando. Got an Amsterdam Admirals look to them.
  6. If there is a second season, I suspect a couple teams could relocate. I agree putting a team in Atlanta was not a good idea. With the recent "bailout" I'd say Raleigh has a good shot.
  7. I guess the AAF or Atlanta thinks if they keep Simms in there the name will gather interest. Murray cannot do any worse at this point.
  8. Took Memphis and Salt Lake three weeks to get their starting QB figured out. Atlanta needs to follow suit.
  9. Thanks. Hoping FC Cincinnati has something on YouTube
  10. Anyone know of any streaming channels (on YouTube) that will cover MLS games?
  11. So are the teams going to have a dark and light jersey? Reason I ask is because Memphis was wearing white when their initial release was blue. Every other team stuck to what was released.