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  1. All about the money. Those two cities can bring in a lot of money. But if they can't get it together soon, I think their spot needs to go somewhere else. I think it's possible we will see Sacramento take the field before the Pinks.
  2. Don't forget about Montreal either. That could be another open spot if they were to go to the CPL.
  3. If the NHL would start doing their playoffs seeding the right way, Pittsburgh probably wouldn't have made it in anyways. Still don't understand why teams get rewarded for losing in overtime. They don't do it in baseball, basketball, or football. Hell even Arizona got screwed out of a playoff spot this year.
  4. I think every North American sport should follow suit with the MLS. Do away with divisions and just have conferences. MLB An AL and NL "conference" only after two more teams are added to have 16+16. Do away with the dumb interleague play. NFL An AFC and NFC Conference. 16+16, each team plays every other team in conference once and three more games as the old rivalries. 18 games over 19 weeks, taking away two preseason games. Top 6 from each make playoffs. NHL Eastern and Western Conference at 16+16. Simple top 8 in each go to playoffs. Switch to a simple W-L format getting rid of the points system. CFL Put all 10 teams in one division when Halifax is added. Play each team home and home, simple 18 game schedule. Top 6 make playoffs. NBA East and West Conference. Top 8 from each make playoffs.
  5. Honestly I'm tired of this FloSports already. I can watch any Premier League or Bundesliga game halfway around the globe, but I can't watch a damn soccer team who is 40 miles away. Until MLS gets their stuff straightened out, I'll just keep up with the Reds.
  6. If it's on ESPN, they should go ahead and cancel the season. Seems like everything is blacked out, no matter if you have + or not.
  7. Hahaha, I got a good laugh out of this. We couldn't get that lucky. I feel sorry for poor Nedeljkovic. They are going to ruin his career as fast as it starts.
  8. I'm a Jackets fan, but also a realist. Cgy def. Col Vgk def. SJ Nsh def. Dal Wpg def. Stl TB def. CBJ Bos def. Tor Was def. Car Pit def. NYI Cgy def. Vgk Nsh def. Wpg TB def. Bos Pit def. Was Nsh def. Cgy TB def. Pit TB def. Nsh
  9. I think cattle prods need to be introduced into the sport. May stop all of this ridiculous flopping
  10. So basically this was a big business move for Dundon to take all of the technology and nothing more. Nice to see corporate :censored:s always making a buck off of someone else's pain. I think the Hurricanes have won over my NHL Franchise FU Award. The Penguins don't look so bad now.
  11. I really think it's time that the NHL does away with the dumb OL point. If you win, you win, lose you lose. The standings should be based on winning percentage. While we are at it do away with divisions and just go by conferences. Done ranting, just doesnt make sense to see teams higher in the standings with less wins.
  12. I think it's time we just accept the fact that Springtime football will not work in the US. If there is a void in football, just watch the CFL.