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  1. I use to be full blown NFL all the way. Then I watched one CFL game and haven't looked back. It's like how all through your 20's you drank Bud Light because everyone else did. Then you took a sip of something else and realized Bud Light is just plain disgusting
  2. Why anyone still follows the NFL, baffles me. These guys are getting way too pampered in their line of "work". Whine about retiring over a helmet, now AB bolts... These players need to pull their head out of their arses and start realizing they have it made. You know how many average Joe's who work crappy 9 to 5's barely paying their bills???? Give me a break the league has become one big dumb joke
  3. Here's how to take all the BS out of college football. Start a new Division called Division 1 Elite. Each school has to pay a buy in. comes down to the same schools every year anyways so let's just have a mega league. The "league" is broken down into four conferences of 12 based upon location. The top four from each conference move on to a single elimination tournament. Plain and simple. Better games better ratings.
  4. Only fitting. Their whole season has been one big floater.
  5. I'm an American and I absolutely cannot stand the NFL. The CFL style of play is more entertaining with three downs and returns. Just my .02, but I'm excited to see what becomes of Halifax.
  6. I don't understand why they are building a different stadium. Put them on the damn original field with just a TV crew there filming and a couple broadcasters.
  7. Ah the ole Padres. The MLB's version of the Vancouver Canucks. A new set of uniforms every other year. They should stay with brown and yellow and be unique. 95% of the league either has blue or red.
  8. The MLB in 2022 - Divisions are realigned and the league implements Universal DH NL East Montreal Expos New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates NL South Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins Tampa Bay Rays Washington Nationals NL Central Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals NL West Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants AL East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays AL South Colorado Rockies Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Texas Rangers AL Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Minnesota Twins AL West Los Angeles Angels Oakland A's Portland Beavers Seattle Mariners
  9. Holy crap. Are you the one and only Jungle Jim? If so, your stores are insane! The beer section is my Graceland lol. But anyways I agree with you 100%. The unis they wore today should be their full time ones. With, a requirement of wearing knee high red socks.
  10. I've been a Reds fan my whole life, so all I've basically known is no DH. I think though it either needs to be in both or none at all. In my biased NL opinion, if the Pitcher is going to get paid high dollars like everyone else, surely he can swing a bat.
  11. Well I could argue on that and have some valid points. But there really is no point in me wasting anymore time. Maybe in whatever MLS city you hail from things are all peachy. But I'm telling you, FCC has scammed the Cincinnati metro area. The only reason FCC is getting good numbers right now is because 1. They play their games on UC's campus. 3/4 of the people in attendance are college kids. 2. Xavier is no more than five miles away so their students contribute as well. 3. Most people do not get Star64 so you cannot watch the game on TV. If you wanna watch them you have to go to the game. Fast forward to when the new stadium is built. It's over on the Westside of downtown, past even where Crosley Field use to be. Nevermind you the reason why Crosley was tore down was because of its location, ghetto. Same thing with FCC. You will have to travel through less than desirable places to get to the new stadium. On top of that, people who live around Taft HS where the new stadium is being built were ran out of their houses, after they were promised all kinds of grandeur for agreeing to let construction begin there. So in conclusion yes FCC is running a ponzy scheme. They put on a big show and promised a bunch of things to the area for getting the support to jump to MLS. In return they have pretty well crapped over everyone to get there.
  12. Ask the people of West End and Milford how they've been treated?
  13. I agree with @the admiral, it is a ponzy scheme. If you live around Cincinnati, you will see how FC has duped the whole city. I'm sure I'll catch hell for saying that. But ask people on the West End and in Milford how they feel about the team.