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  1. http://www.conmebol.com/es/conmebol-copa-america-argentina-colombia-2020-lanza-su-imagen-para-hacer-vibrar-nuevamente-al
  2. Louis

    FC Nantes

    Before: After: https://www.fcnantes.com/articles/article2809.php?num=29769
  3. Fearing legal action from Disney, the Peruvian club have changed their logo from: to
  4. CONCACAF used to be in uppercase but last year they rebranded as 'Concacaf' because some people didn't know how to pronounce it (really).
  5. CONCACAF have changed the logo for the CONCACAF Champions League competition after a new trophy was created. Old: New: Personally, I like the new much trophy more.
  6. It seems the above badge is on the blue kit, in addition to the Cuban flag.
  7. Accra Hearts of Oak One of the larger African clubs. Before After
  8. Cuba seem to have changed their national team crest. Before: After: Apologies for the lack of quality picture. This was dfficult enough to find. The text reads 'Asociación de Fútbol de Cuba'
  9. https://www.uslpdl.com/news_article/show/962074 More at the link.
  10. A third-tier soccer team based in Austin has just been announced. They will play in the USL Division III (third tier) from 2019. This is their logo. https://twitter.com/austinboldfc
  11. The South Americans rotate their hosting rights on an alphabetical basis apparently.
  12. This has just been revealed.
  13. I don't know the name of the club. New Portsmouth logo:
  14. That's literally the reason they chose 'Concacaf', they want people to say it as a word. Earlier in the video, the General Secretary is talking about how many people know of CONCACAF in Central America and Caribbean but only people in soccer circles know of it in North America. A bit later he says the intention is for it to to be "easier to read, and say as a word and not just a shouty acronym of letters".