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  1. Oh, that's awesome. Appreciate it. I'll redo the numbers in the near future.
  2. I don't have the wordmark font. The wordmark in the top left corner is actually Georgia's logo straight from this site. And Bulldog Bold's number font isn't the same as the new Georgia uniforms. I found that the font I used looks more like the real thing. See the difference? (If I'm looking at the right Bulldog Bold font...) -------------- As for the triple stripe, that's a great idea. Didn't even think about that. I'll play around with that and see if it looks better.
  3. I'm starting with one of my favorite designs from the first time around, the Georgia Bulldogs. I really liked the two-tone sash from my first attempt, except this time I flipped the colors on the white jersey. The sash stops and makes a sort of outline for the iconic Big G logo. The Bulldogs just got a fresh coat of paint from Nike with a new secondary logo and font for their numbers and letters. The new secondary logo (modified by me to give it a soccer twist) is located on the back neck. One of the features I'll have in this series, as you can tell, is the back of the jersey. (Finally found a template for the back that I liked.) I'll put the name and number of a current American soccer player from the same state as the university. This one is Ricardo Clark of the San Jose Earthquakes, an Atlanta native. The neck tape, one of the features I really liked from The America League, proclaims the title of UGA's fight song, "Glory, Glory to Old Georgia." The numbers and lettering style is similar to the new Nike uniforms Georgia unveiled a month ago. SEC patches (my weakest skill at kit making) adorn each sleeve. I appreciate any feedback. Let me know what you think about the first design.
  4. I'm revisiting the college soccer designs I had around this time last year. With finals over and a little while before my work schedule gets hectic, I'm thinking about putting out one of these per day. Soccer is not a men's sport in SEC Country, where I'm from (with the exception of C-USA members Kentucky and South Carolina). But what if soccer was a fully supported men's sport in the nation's best football conference? Drawing inspiration from such hits as The America League and my e-friend Atom-Z's work on MLS, here are my college soccer concepts, starting with the SEC... Georgia Bulldogs
  5. I'd really be interested in this template when it comes out officially. Nice work.
  6. Awesome. Appreciate it.
  7. Does anyone have a PSD template similar to this?
  8. Haha. Wow, I didn't even think of that!
  9. Thanks, everyone, for your response. I really liked how the Celtics turned out. Now, let's get to our second team... The second team I've chosen to do is the Memphis Grizzlies. I really like the Grizzlies' color scheme of navy, light blue, and a gold accent, and I thought it would apply perfectly to a soccer jersey. I chose the paw + ball logo for Memphis's soccer crest because I thought it looked better on a jersey than just the bear head. Just substituted a soccer ball for the basketball and boom, a soccer logo. I really, really liked how this turned out. For the Grizzlies' jerseys, I went with the traditional soccer vertical stripes, but I chose an Adidas template that would put the gold accent into good use on the home design. The outer stripes are sleek and look more like claw marks, fitting the claws on the logo. I also felt like the blue collar looked better on both jerseys, so these two are not complete color inverses of each other. Finally, I chose another arena sponsor for my jersey sponsor. FedEx is located in Memphis, and the Grizzlies play in FedEx Forum. Easy enough. So, here are the designs for the Grizzlies...
  10. I need to figure out the best way to do this in Photoshop. Make it so that the stars follow the curve of the logo.
  11. Maybe a thin navy outline around the numbers? Like the old school helmet, though.
  12. (The inspiration for this series comes from M. Willis and his series Soccer Out of Context: The MLB. It was featured on the Uni Watch blog, and I wanted to do something similar.) What would NBA designs look like when applied to a soccer aesthetic inside their usual hardwood one? I'm taking the franchises of the world's biggest basketball league and reimagining them as franchises inside the world's biggest sport. Goofy? Yes. Waste of time? Maybe. I was just inspired by another man's work (see the link above) and decided to try hand at some designs. I plan on getting to alternate uniforms for each team, but for now I plan on unveiling home and road jerseys. There will be some logo tweaking, don't want to see a basketball plastered on a soccer jersey, now do we? So, here we go, the first installment...one of the league's proudest teams: The Boston Celtics, one of the NBA's oldest and most decorated franchises, is our first team to get thrown into the soccer kit world. I chose the Celtics first because: a.) I was watching one of their games today when the idea for a series like this started formulating in my head and b.) this classic Celts logo looks a lot like something a soccer club would have. The similarities to Panathinaikos's crest bashed me over the noggin. I wanted to keep the Celtics' classic design elements and translate them into a soccer kit. No unnecessary piping or two-toning or anything like that, just a classic-looking design. Also, since sponsorship and soccer jerseys go hand in hand, I had to choose a good jersey sponsor for the Celtics. I want the sponsors to be regional to the team if at all possible, and it just so happened that the Celtics' arena sponsor, TD Bank, is located in New England. After some tweaks to their corporate logo (nothing major, just outlines and a slight recoloring), TD Bank changed from the sponsor of The Garden to The Soccer Jersey. As always, C&C, requests for teams to do next, and any other comments are welcome. Enjoy!
  13. I can't believe that you would want to mess with Recreativo's new kits.
  14. Not a fan of "This Is Our State" logo on a uniform, and the endzones are a little too cluttered for my taste. Other than that, it's a great look for the Bulldogs. Love the silver.
  15. INTER ATLANTA. INTER ATLANTA. INTER ATLANTA. (Was my MLS fantasy team name this year. Just rolls off the tongue.)