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  1. I've been getting signed out as well. When I try signing back in I get this. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: 2S119/1. After a bit of retrying to sign in I'm then able to sign in.
  2. Exactly like that. Can't think of anything else to improve upon.
  3. Looks good, a white collar with the orange trim would look best with the first option.
  4. Winter Classic (Blackhawks/Bruins) With the unveiling of the Winter Classic looks for this season. Decided to turn my attention to next seasons. For the Blackhawks the design is based off the barber pole design of the late 30s. Bruins is a mix of elements from the 30s and 40s.
  5. Did some reworking of the original concept. Made the home and road match by adding some white stripes. Demoted the previous home design to alternate.
  6. Alright, first new concept I've done in some time. First of the revisits that I had planned for this series. Buffalo Sabres With the Sabres revealing their Winter Classic look today. I decided to make a set around it, making some minor changes that keep it in line with the team's history. Trim is added to the shoulder on the road. Primary dark jersey features striping from the alternate from a few seasons ago. Added a yellow version of white jersey featuring the stand alone buffalo.
  7. Alright, the last team on the run through the league. Revisits are coming. St. Louis Blues For the Blues, I went with a design inspired by the current sock striping. Minimized navy a little bit. For the alternate I brought back the roundel (which I always liked). Alternate also features sublimated lines. A nod to their look in the mid to late 90s.
  8. Detroit Red Wings Nothing major for the primary set. Added an alt based around the teams Winter Classic jersey from a few years ago.
  9. Alright getting close to finishing up the league. Only Detroit and St. Louis (I believe) left to post after this next team. Series won't be over got a few revisits I have planned. Winter Classic and maybe some other stuff. On to the next team. Colorado Avalanche For the Avalanche, the primary is a mix of their classic look and their Stadium Series design. Alternate is a mixture of elements from previous alternates. Also, I tweaked the primary logo a little bit.
  10. Moving on with.... Arizona Coyotes For the Coyotes I went with a more traditional look while bringing back an element of their original look.
  11. Alright, sorry for the delay in posting the next team. Montreal Canadiens Nothing major for Montreal. Added a matching road and an alt based off the primary.
  12. Since there are no opinions on the Flyers. Lets move on to... Winnipeg Jets Not much to say, set is inspired by the old Jets.
  13. Continuing on with.... Philadelphia Flyers Set is inspired by their alternate from the early 2000s.
  14. Thought I'd give a quick update on the series. Its not dead just got preoccupied with something so my time got devoted to that. Hopefully I'll have a team or two done in the couple weeks to show.
  15. Nashville Predators The primary set is inspired by their previous set. Alternate is based off the old navy alt. Also features sublimated checker pattern between the stripes.
  16. Pittsburgh Penguins For the Penguins I decided to keep in line with their current look. While fixing the things about it that always bugged me. More consistency in the striping between both jerseys. Also, the robo penguin logo returns to the shoulder. Although a slightly tweaked version of it.
  17. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Florida Panthers Not much to say. Set is inspired by an older concept I did some time ago.
  18. Anaheim Ducks With the Ducks reportedly going orange full time in the future. This set is based on what I hope they do.
  19. Continuing on... Washington Capitals Not much to say. Set is inspired by their past.
  20. The Blue Jackets look really good. I seriously have an idea in mind thats similar to the second set for them.
  21. Made some slight changes. I know I forgot the helmets and gloves.
  22. Next up... Ottawa Senators For the Senators based the primary off the heritage jersey. Alternate based on their inaugural look.
  23. Without any more delay. Next up... New York Islanders The Islanders didn't make changes, no surprise there. For them I merged together some ideas taken from the classic look and their first design when Reebok took over. This is something I've had in mind for a while. I think it turned out well.
  24. Did a quick update. Fixed the collar on the home. Changed the alt to tweaked version of the old Lady Liberty alt.
  25. Haha, I never noticed it. Thanks for pointing it out.
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