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  1. I think the Wizards name is still referenced in the logo. The star above the monument evokes magic wand imagery. Granted it’s more fantasy princess than Harry Potter, but a wand nevertheless. I think the Wizards logo is kinda brilliant all the way around. The aforementioned wand for the nickname, and the flag/political campaign button for the city. I love it.
  2. Well that was an education. Vegas looked dead from the jump. Ryan Reaves is gonna be the death of the Knights if he keeps getting into late game situations.
  3. Bruh. I love this team. Vegas loves this team. Especially for what it means to the city after October 1, but that writer has lost her marbles. An impossible season fueled by great tragedy makes a great story, but it don’t make us Hockeytown. Gotta win some cups and build a legacy to lay claim to that title, and the truth is we may get bounced in the next round anyhow. Pass the weed Mikayla.
  4. They gotta get Bron out of the game. He might still have time to make it to the Met Gala if he leaves now.
  5. Remind me to never pick a WWE show over a closeout playoff game featuring my hometown team. Anyway...Go Knights Go.
  6. Would you give LeBron that same courtesy had he played poorly? Say he had an injured toe and wasn’t going to the rim would you give him a pass? I’d bet most people wouldn’t because of who he is. If Kevin Love is supposed to be a Star then he has to show up. I’m not saying guys can’t be hurt, but if you can’t go don’t get on the court. Not in the playoffs.
  7. Yeah, things will always look brighter when you have three walking double doubles at worse. I’d say it has plenty of upside. You’ll get the people that love the matchup/players, and you’ll get the viewers that hate watch to see LeBron or a particular Warrior lose.
  8. I mean they kinda are. The only reason they are where they are is because LeBron is a walking cheat code. I can’t even give Love credit because he just started to show up. Its not as bad as his first finals team, but they aren’t beating the Warriors no matter how great LeBron is.
  9. That was the only part of the Knights organization that came to play tonight. Gotta get back to The Fortress for some home cooking.
  10. I’m actually a big fan of the current logo overall. I just wish it had the original logo’s colors. I’m with Cap that logos don’t need to be intimidating to be a good sports logo. However I much prefer what the Dolphins and the Seahawks have now over the old stuff.
  11. What a shot by Karlsson. That game was nuts. I’m so tired. Go Knights.
  12. All the jerseys look clean. It’s a really nice look. Even the white looks nice. Problem is they don’t look like the Jags in the white. Goodness those could’ve used the teal numbers and “stripes.” Hope they wear the teal pants with the white often.
  13. I get the concept of paying dues (it’s antiquated but whatever), but coming from a Clippers fan let me say I’m thrilled a team I cheer for doesn’t have to be the drizzling sh**ts before winning anything. I mean this could’ve gone the opposite direction. Sure they had a better team than most expansion teams have had, but it’s still mostly guys that weren’t stars. They had to play the games, and Vegas did their job. I’ll give you this though, some of our fans are really obnoxious. I’ll wrap that up as just being really excited for having a pro team now. We would probably still go crazy if we lost every game. I expect that will change as the years go on. Oh, and you can keep that ice cold too.
  14. I don’t mind the pick either. Defense has certainly been a problem area, but I can understand fans looking at that Dez shaped hole still being empty. I thought they would’ve taken the kid from Bama myself.
  15. Well damn. Why I gotta go to hell? It’s hot there, and to be fair Las Vegas is plenty hot as it is. It’s just a game my guy.
  16. This Browns set is a classic example of Nike and the team going one step too far to stand out. There is a good uniform here without the stitching and a full pants stripe, but Nike had to do that one extra thing. Im not opposed to each team having a feature unique to only them, but it has to be done tastefully (see Jacksonville’s new duds). The modern shoulder/ sleeve stripe is perfect on its own. It screams Browns, and if that’s all they do they have a modern classic. But no, they cut the pants stripe off with a wordmark and pretended to be the Las Vegas Outlaws.
  17. That could work actually. Looks good on the Hornets.
  18. I really like that first Schooners logo/uniform the best, but I think you should try different colors. There is no shortage of blues and greens in the CFL. I think Purple is a color that has yet to be represented. Im not sure what accent color(s) could be used with it to still create that boat on water look, but purple should be the primary color.
  19. That side by side really sells it. The Titans really didn’t have to change their look. Make the better combos their primary looks, and your done. I don’t mind the number font, or the logo on the helmet.
  20. If they don’t have a scene detailing why the numbers aren’t teal on the white jersey then throw the whole thing away.
  21. I don’t consider those 2 things I listed as problems. Things I’d like to see maybe, but not problems.
  22. Summerlin is like 2 or 3 exits from the strip. It’s not exactly a worlds away like San Diego to Los Angeles. Vegas and it’s surrounding neighborhoods may have different zip codes, but they aren’t exactly their own major cities. I say this to say that it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to go with the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. Summerlin doesn’t really have anything iconic to draw from outside of the red rock mountains. If they want to get weird though? I’d try to do something around the 7 Magic Mountains art piece just outside the state line.
  23. After watching that video the only real misfire is not having the numbers and stripes being teal on the white jersey. These are really good. Gold is gone, black is the primary and that’s the hard truth. Honestly once you get over that, the away jersey thing is the only real error in design. The primary thing is just a personal desire, not a flaw.
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