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  1. That’s the only way they should wear the white jersey to be honest.
  2. I like these. The teal should be primary, and the numbers should be teal on the white jersey, but I like this. The collar looks better than the last set, the helmet is better, I love the font, and I like the details on the socks and bottom of the pants. Florida did great today.
  3. For me, today is a pretty darn good day for aesthetic changes in the NFL. Both the Dolphins and (from what I have seen) the Jaguars have taken their last set and cleaned them up for the better. I’m happy with this as a non fan.
  4. They made all the right changes for a modern take on the Dolphins look. If this is what they would’ve done the 1st time most of us would’ve been happy. I’m glad they got it together. They look great.
  5. Just need a look at the helmet and pants stripes. If the navy is gone and orange is bigger and bolder this is a win.
  6. I hear you. I wasn’t so much trying to compare, but moreso understand the thinking behind the “born in 90s-00s means traditional is off the table” argument against the Jags or a team like the Lightning.
  7. Is the Jags latest attempt considered the NFL version of playing original 6 dress up? I don’t mind them looking like the Giants/Raiders Of The south, but I’m finding that some critique is based on the Jags being a 90s expansion team and not looking like one. Like the Tampa Bay Lightning.
  8. I’m still in the like these a lot camp. I have accepted the gold being gone, but the lack of teal on the white jersey kinda hurts it. Someone said there is a teal outline, but I don’t see it. I hope that’s true, and I hope the teal jersey is the primary. Overall though I dig these. They took the last set and got rid of the clutter and I appreciate that. It looks classic, but I still see little modern quirks that help keep it fresh. This could stick around for awhile I think.
  9. Is it really that different from the franchise identifying itself by the color with the smallest presence in the logo? Going by the precedent set by almost any other team (as far as colors go) the Jags should be Gold/Black with teal accents. We should be saying “ya know these would look better if the numbers where outlined in teal.”
  10. The lack of a pants stripe (full or otherwise) is a miss, but I like these overall. I think they took the last set and got rid of the clutter, and I’m ok with that. I wish there was some gold, and I’m curious how thick or thin the sleeve stripe really is, but this is an upgrade.
  11. Looks like there is a stripe on the sleeve. A single teal stripe above the black arm band at the end of the sleeve. On the black that band is teal which blends in with the teal stripe. On the teal jersey the stripe is black and blends in with the black band.
  12. I’d love more gold, but that’s pretty darn nice. Looks “traditional” but has some modern touches. A good looking pants stripe would put this over the top. Much better than those early leaks to me.
  13. I can’t argue with that. I think my brain was fixated on the NFL Europe logo. It was also kind of a developmental league, but it had its own unique Shield shape with the word marks inside the shield. I get why you are going for though.
  14. I was a big fan of the original series, and you have a really nice start. The only critique I have is of the league logo. The “Spring League” type sitting under the shield makes it feel detached from the whole. I think it might look better if you found a way to put the wordmark in the shield. Maybe underneath the MLF in a smaller font.
  15. These suck. It’s a shame how they treat this league aesthetically. Template, sponsors in the place where the team name should be, and he oversized sponsor logos. There is no individual team style here at all. Who is who? Im glad my hometown Aces look ok. Their name is on the jersey where it should be, and the sponsor logo is off to the side where it should be (if we have to have them that is). Not good overall though.
  16. These are pretty. Really digging that new Als logo.
  17. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen today by far. Mythical birds on the table? Who doesn’t want to see a smiling Phoenix?
  18. I get the Titans new look isn’t popular, but that’s far from the worse downgrade EVER.
  19. They have the Seahawks problem. The set looks pretty damn good as long as they don’t go monochrome. The thing is that’s probably what they will do the most.
  20. You know what is nice? All of the stripes match. That half Grey/half darker grey is consistent from head to toe.
  21. I don’t mind these as long as they don’t go monochrome. But once again the Nike changes are just one step too far. The shoulder sword thing is a good Nike/Team exclusive, but they just had to add that under arm panel.
  22. Gotta milk that anticipation utter ya know. Plus who isn’t ready for a Florida Georgia Line performance?
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