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  1. Unfortunately Philadelphia started out in League B and was actually relegated to League C after a few seasons where they have toiled for a while. I agree with you on Europe as a soccer hub but I approached this as if everywhere could potentially be a soccer hub -- a little idealistic, but I didn't wan't tradition, financial barriers or anything like that coming in to play too much in order to get a lot of cultural and geographical variety. And it's why I choose four 24 teams divisions in North America league, 4 births obsiously, whereas Europe got just three 20 teams divisions. No financial barriers or anything like that. Just USA (NSA?) rules the world. It's so hypocrite I can't resist to say it. But the serie promises to be interresting.
  2. La Fleur de Lys is everywhere in France on city coat of arms by exemple and is directly came from royalty. but it's also I think a worldwide symbol for france or French culture or origins: Quebec, Nouvelle Orléans, Bâton Rouge, Saint-Louis... It's also the flower of light when Paris is the town of light. La Fleur de lys is one of the older symbol in the world, before the frenches kings choosed it. With a golden fleur de lys, PSG search a worldwide symbol, a worldwide impact, more than a french impact. And you know why,I'm french and for me, la fleur de lys is more a Quebec symbol or better, a New Orleans symbol than a monarchic symbol (it's because I follow NFL and NBA and in France the king is die for millenium) La fleur de lys or lily in english, is the origin of the town of Lille in north of France: By the way, there is only 2 fleurs de lys in Ligue 1 or 2 and i don't know how many Britain's symbols. Brest:GuingampNantes: In fact we got the ones who wants the world or at least Europe (Lille and PSG) and the one who want to be local, maybe in a independant culture who is strong in Bretagne (like UBIsoft, where UBI means Union des Bretons Indépendants - Independent Union of Bretons)
  3. Today, Qatar-PSG unveiled the logo that will be used next season: They delete the creation date of the club, because PSG is not older than others greats clubs. They delete the cradle, who represent Louis XIV (Louis was born in Saint-Germain en Laye, but who even in France knows this symbol and what it's meaning? Who knows Saint Germain en Laye?) The Parisian symbols were highlighted (La Tour Eiffel is still here and the name himself is bigger, everybody knows Paris and la tour Eiffel) Finally, la fleur de Lys is bigger and golder (golden), cause la fleur de lys is also a internationnal symbol, more for France than for Paris I think. I think it's a great evolution for this club, not a revolution happily (we can't change a logo Like NO Hornets/Pelicans) but a good thing for this club. I will always prefers americans standards concerning logo but this one is good for me (La tour Eiffel .is still small) For information, here are the 6 last logos since the creation of the club: What is the one you prefer? (, here, there is battle between the actual and the new) Do you think this new logo can help PSG to be a great brand, or it's nothing versus Beckham?
  4. The first thing I thought with this logo or sportswear logos. They want to be a standard brand with this logo, a premium brand, like louis vuitton or hermes. It's the only nba logo that can be on a golfer shirt. Sure louis vuitton would not work very well like this: It's a bourgeois bohemian logo.