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  1. Another great job. I agree that Sri Lanka needs a little work, but Thailand is fantastic and so is Pakistan. My one other specific suggestion would be to work on Indonesia's cap logo, right now it looks more like a number one than a letter I. Try using sort of a cursive font or maybe just getting rid of the little edge at the top.
  2. These are incredible. Makes me want to see them for every country (hint, hint). Seriously though, great designs and awesome presentation. Looking forward to more.
  3. *Joins everyone's slow clap* Just a fantastic series, probably the best I've seen on these boards and certainly since jaha's EBA. Great work. 4th Division? Take your time, we'll wait.
  4. Just realized that there are only 23 stars on the map for America One, I'm assuming that one of the stars on the Premier League map was meant for that one, correct?
  5. Was checking out the map on your site for the Premier League, and there were three stars you hadn't done in the map (Milwaukee, Minnesota, Toronto) but there were already 18 teams...
  6. Yay! It's back! I have spent some time in Southwest Florida myself (love it there) and I love that whole set and the fact that Publix is the uniform sponsor. The District is also a great concept with a badass name. I love this series.
  7. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we would be thrilled to see the next two divisions down, using smaller cities and big ones with unsuccessful teams. The Open Cup idea is also really interesting.
  8. Philadelphia and Vegas are masterpieces. Your uniform design is really good but your artwork and creativity in designing the crests is just outstanding. This really feels like a real soccer league, especially with the team histories.
  9. My thoughts- Dallas- My favorite so far, easily. A perfect design for a Texas team. Jackson- I like this design too and I love argyle as a pattern for soccer kits. The colors work well also. My one issue is with the sponsor, and maybe this is common in soccer kits but the colors for Oscar Mayer clash horribly with the colors you have. I know that some companies will use white lettering on soccer kits they sponsor, so maybe a more low-key sponsor logo would help. San Francisco- Great logo design, first of all, although it's disappointing to see the team slipping . On the photo patterns, I love the Golden Gate shadow on the primary, but the design on the clash is kind of a miss for me. I think it's too much line and sort of takes away from the design and might not work as well on an actual jersey. That all said, a continued great job on this series overall, a really formidable undertaking.
  10. Baltimore is really great, definitely my favorite so far. No complaints on that one. For Charlestown, I love that you have a team there first of all, it's cool to have big cities mixed in with smaller towns. I would return to your original socks for Charlestown though, the hooped socks make the uniforms really loud IMO. Maybe it's just a "tradition" thing for an old team, and in that case it's cool. Birmingham is also great.
  11. These are really nice, the Boston logo is great. I would suggest using blue as the second color on the white clash kit rather than gold, I think it would pop more. Arizona does look a little "clownish," but the colors do come from the state flag so I think it's fine. Atlanta is perfect. Red and peach is certainly new but it looks awesome.
  12. These are really solid concepts, especially Albuquerque. Really excited to see what's in store for us today!
  13. This looks really interesting. Just curious, does Denver have a team? Couldn't tell from the map without state lines haha
  14. Wow! Awesome! I am really looking forward to this.
  15. This sounds really interesting and original. How many teams will be in this league?
  16. The Harps set is fantastic. Really classy and very Irish. The one thing I would do is replace the Guinness harp logo on the jersey with the team harp logo, having two different harps looks a bit strange
  17. Simple and classy, and I especially like it as an Arsenal fan. I would suggest butting the Barclays script in white, but looks good overall. Would be very interested to see a second U.S. division if you get around to it. Looking forward to more!
  18. An African league, a Mexican/Central American/Caribbean league, or a South American league would be cool to see at some poinnt in the distant future if you ever get around to it. Love the new yakball logo.
  19. UK/Ireland next for sure, but then a general Middle Easterm League might be cool (especially Israeli teams)
  20. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I am here to officially announce my genius realignment plan for the NHL. No teams are relocated, no teams are added or deleted, and only three (that's right, THREE) teams have to move divisions. The intention of this genius realignment plan is to move the Jets out of the Southeast, which makes absolutely zero sense. Well, folks, here it is. Teams changing divisions are in caps. Eastern Conference Atlantic New Jersey New York Islanders New York Rangers Philadelphia Pittsburgh Northeast Boston Buffalo Montreal Ottawa Toronto Southeast Carolina Florida NASHVILLE Tampa Bay Washington Western Conference Central Chicago Columbus Detroit MINNESOTA St. Louis Northwest Calgary Colorado Edmonton Vancouver WINNIPEG Pacific Anaheim Dallas Los Angeles Phoenix San Jose Well, there it is. Have at it, boys.
  21. I really don't know anything about Aussie football or its uniforms, although from looking around at some concepts I have seen on these boards I am beginning to get an idea of what a good uniform looks like, and as a proud New Yorker, that NYC home jersey is awesome. Really solid job on all of these man.
  22. London- Flawless. Reebok does have its own ugly form, but you made it look pretty cool. Great design. Victoria- Logos are amazing, especially the primary. Not sure I'm feeling the circle around the logo on the jerseys, but other than that great job again. Looking forward to the next part of the series!
  23. Jerseys are possibly your best of the Canadian division IMO. Agreed with @oaklandhusker that the crest is a little complicated for a sports logo, but the set as a whole is fantastic
  24. I like it alot. Nice, simple, prairie-like jerseys and logo. Fits perfectly with Saskatchewan. For Edmonton, I would do exactly what Lee Noire said before. Calgary teaser looks good!
  25. Color scheme, jerseys, and secondary logo are great, but I agree with ocel0t that the primary is sort of blah. Maybe even just make the oil rig bigger to fill up the empty space?
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