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  1. 1. Deportivo Madrid 2. Sevilla 3. Osos Madrid 4. Palma de Mallorca 5. Granada
  2. 1. Palermo 2. Genoa 3. Messina 4. Florence 5. Naples
  3. 1. BG Munich 2. Dortmund 3. Hannover 4. Nurnberg 5. Viktoria Berlin
  4. 1. SC Marseille 2. FC La Siene 3. FC Union des Le Havre 4. OSC Paris 5. Sporting Riviera Some great work here, looking forward to the others
  5. I don't see a problem with the eagle (this coming from someone whose family narrowly avoided the camps). Variations of the black eagle on the yellow background as a symbol of Germany/Prussia/The Holy Roman Empire go back a very long way. It isn't a Nazi symbol, it's a German symbol before the war and after. A swastika would obviously be a different story (regardless of its previous history, it is now connected solely with Nazism).Just one man's opinion, though. On topic, these are good. London has a whole bunch of very thin lines, you may want to consider combining and solidifying them. I'm Jewish too and I'm fine with the eagle that's still on their current coat if arms and lots of international sports paraphernalia as long as there's no swastika it's fine.
  6. Earlier you mentioned toying with the ucla helmet a little and i thought maybe you could try modeling one after their basketball unis, using yellow rather than the football team's gold and putting the arched UCLA script that they have on their basketball jerseys on the side. Just a thought.
  7. See charter winners My bad, I stand corrected.
  8. Some great nominations on here without a doubt but I am shocked to see pcgd's America League not on the list, that was one of the best series I've seen on here.
  9. I like the set but personally I would go white helmet on the home/away.
  10. The black looks excellent. I LOVE the idea for this concept and the Eagles were the perfect team to apply the Oregon treatment. I do agree that the top left of the number font needs to be toned down but overall a great concept.
  11. These might not be adopted by MLB teams just because of the fact that MLB logos tend to be simpler than these, but as concepts these are fantastic and I can't wait to see them all! Might I humbly request the Mets?
  12. Great job on the Canucks, your work is always outstanding. May I humbly request the Islanders after St. Louis?
  13. Loving that Angels set, the halo is a nice touch. Were you considering doing NBA or NHL teams on football jerseys at the conclusion of this series?
  14. Just stepping in on this great series again with my two cents- Brewers are fantastic, one of my top few so far and the Sox look nice as well. For the Cubs I think a plain white helmet would be a better look than the pinstriped one but I love it on the pants and jersey.
  15. Agreed. Too bad you're taking a break from blue jerseys because I would have loved to see the Mets. Hope to see the whole league eventually but the Pirates or Orioles could look cool.
  16. You could either give one of them red or royal blue as a primary color.
  17. I have enjoyed these two concepts and do agree with the fact that a Hurricanes team could be a nice eff you to the NHL. My one question: why did you change templates? I preferred the one you used for the NFL teams, what made you switch?
  18. I REALLY like this concept, especially the pro combat set and its pants striping. On the non-ProCombat black jersey, I would try to incorporate a little more red and little less gold , it doesn't scream Falcons right now. Overall though great job here.
  19. The logo is much improved, but I don't love the new 8s, they look too much like letter Bs. Congrats on finishing this series, great accomplishment.
  20. Also, it's Gryffindor, not dumbledor
  21. Appreciate the feedback, but the league is set. Has been for a while. I have been steadily working on the teams along side of the rest. Not long before I will begin that phase. One poster with a very Dark Mind and who one who planted the seed has seen a small glimpse of it. Four divisions left of the present phase. Will each NFL team have its own minor league team? Or will it be like the NBA D-League with pro teams sharing minor league teams?
  22. Quick question, how many teams will be in the minor league system?
  23. My two cents on the Saints helmet- keep the logo gold but use a white helmet and outline the logo in black. Always thought that would be a cool look for Nawlins.
  24. I love this Denver concept. I would have liked to see an orange alternate as well but I assume that's coming with the "wicked alternates" and I have no problem with the blue being the primary. I love the helmet, I tend to prefer white helmets as a rule but the striping is what makes this concept. Really nice job. And go Cowboys.
  25. *hint* Duh. then why have a concept virtually void of it, red needs to be the primary color for them Also, the Arizona flag has lots of blue on it, if you havent seen it. Kinda the inspiration if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong GP