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  1. Not as big of an update as I originally planned but I believe ive fix some problems here. I thickened the top of the beak to be more hawk like. Also tried round the head a little bit more. Had difficulty getting the correct look. I tried simplifying the colors but it just looks weird when i did that, but I included it for you guys. Also made the highlights thicker. Maybe could be a little more though. A few problems I see right now that i need help with is: I'm not sure if the highlights and shadows are done correctly. I feel like the head as a whole should look more "feathery". Maybe by using shadows and highlights?The beak update took a little emotion from the bird as a whole. How could I make it look more aggressive?Again, thanks for all the help.
  2. Really appreciate the feedback I'm getting. Have a few busy days, but I'll have an update soon enough.
  3. Back with an update. Updated the beak to look more aggressive. I tried the two-tone beak, but nothing really looked good. Looking at other logos most disregarded it.Added highlights to top of head and back feathersShortened up the 'brow' to make the emotion more meanMoved the shadows around a bitFormed the hawk into the FTried adding more 'points' to make the whole bird look more feathery, but nothing flowed together right. Would love to get some advice on this.Tried finding a pic of the old logo but found nothing large enough to post.Its been about 6 years.
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Ill be back with an updated version tomorrow night.
  5. So a few years ago my high school had copyright problems with their sports logo. Now there is no official sports logo for the school. Most sports we use just a block F or the ugly school logo. Many loved the concept of our last logo with a hawk head through an F. I decided to update that look that so many people loved. This is just a fun side project for now, but I may look to present it to the athletic department. Please leave any comments or criticism you may have. Thanks! Here are a few of my own questions/concerns you guys may be able to answer for me: I feel as if the logo may look too generic. Do i need more "flare"?I am not sure if i shaded it right. Also, is it a problem that i have white highlight on the F but not the hawk head?Does it look more like an eagle than a hawk?Should I add highlights to the hawk head?
  6. Thanks. I tried out some new stuff but was never satisfied. We decided to stick with the original, thats why i havent updated. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  7. Appreciate all the feedback. I really like what you did in the second version of the logo @CreamSoda. Im gonna work on this some and come back to you guys with a few versions in the next day or so.
  8. Exactly... Why would a company with the name "APEX" have a down arrow for their logo.... Doesn't make sense. It is LITERALLY the exact opposite of what Apex means! The point of the triangle (arrow now that you point it out) was meant to fill the space in the shape and make room for a second color in the logo. I tried extending the legs down in the shape and removing the arrow but it just didnt look right. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem
  9. Recently I've been asked to design a lot of shirts for all the clubs around my school and also the athletic department. I've been doing them for free, but i realized many of them are making money off of my designs. So my friend and I decided to team together to sell our designs to not only those in the community, but try to expand to surrounding communities as well. We decided on the name Apex Designs and went to work on the logos. A lot of our designs are made for various sports so we wanted the logo to be bold and easy to remember. This logo will mainly be seen online, on shirts, and any other marketing materials we use. Here's what we came up with. Please leave any comments or constructive criticism you have. Thanks!
  10. Very cool. Would totally wall this if i was an oregon fan. Sould do all the playoff teams if you have time
  11. Really appreciate the help. The biggest problem i'm having is the hands. What part to i fill in?
  12. Tried this myself. Not to bad so far imo but i cant seem to do the skin very good. Face is very hard like you said. WIP right now but what advice do you have for me?
  13. sure. would love to see what others can do. 1. my first step is making the background color match what ever the primary color is in the uniform. i've deviated away from that some, but basically, i dont want any huge blocks of color, so with the football players, jersey = background 2. i set the photo on it's own layer at about 40% opacity. under that is my working layer. i zoom out so the player is about 4 or 5 inches tall to rough in some key shapes. working that small lets me eliminate any unnecessary details and do the most important thing; create the image with as little information as possible. above all else, its an exercise in Gestalt theory. i go back in close after and tighten up the curves/points 3. i dont have any rules for colors, but generally im doing whatever i need to make the jersey and helmet look like the real thing. i would not skip a color in the uniform just to make it more minimal. i did that with Mariota, and think it's the weakest one because of that. so i guess the best way to look at it is to use all the colors you need to, but as few shapes as possible 4. keep your light source. it's best to draw in the shadows (or illusion of shadows) than to draw a flat shape. Thanks, definitely going to take a shot at this stuff soon. Very cool style to do.
  14. Maybe you could give a quick explanation on the process of making one of these? Would like to try my hand at it.