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  1. The caps don't have the ST designs in the cap this year as they did last.
  2. does anyone know if the Spring Training designs are on the insides of the this years caps like last years?
  3. Just saw what the Braves and Cubs caps will be. The Braves cap is sweet!
  4. I dig it too. Really love the Trident logo and would like to see them go to that full time in both color schemes.
  5. They play in the Eastern League (Double A). there is a #NameTheBMets on twitter with some interesting ideas. Triplets being a favorite
  6. Bowling Green Hot Rods to be 'Bootleggers' for a night. totally awesome idea in my book! not a fan of the jerseys however but that logo is pretty sweet.
  7. is this just the memorial day unis or possibly the 4th of july as well? any hints on the caps? will they be DE this year?
  8. aaaaah, you found my tweet! lol!
  9. to buy with patch or without, that is the question lol