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  1. Awesome work. Definitely gives the team their own distinctive look. If I had one gripe, the "K" in the crest doesn't really read as a "K" to me. It's almost more of a "R". I think if you filled it the triangle it would read much better.
  2. Thanks for adding this. Without this context, my reaction would be "so what changed?"
  3. Personally, I don't find the new Bally package that bad. At first I thought the ticker to the right was distracting, but at least on BS Detroit they started using that space for relevant stats like a batter's stats against the opposing pitcher.
  4. New England is the only place that clown could get a job, even then it's probably as Bill's errand boy.
  5. God that makes me feel old. I remember the first time I saw that logo on a discarded cup and thought it was the coolest thing...
  6. Looks like a nice update. The old logo always had a Microsoft ClipArt vibe to me.
  7. Ok, I'll admit calling it the death of the shift is hyperbole, but I'll challenge your second item on a couple of points. First, you know what else it hard? Hitting a small object moving at 90+ by swing a giant stick, but these guys do on the regular. If you can master that, I don't see any reason why they can't master hitting that moving object by properly positioning said stick without the added variable of it moving at a high velocity as well. Second, if it's really that much harder, why is it that's what they send the pitchers out to do when they bat, especially when there are runners on base versus letting them swing freely? Really, batters only need to try it enough times to make the opposing manager pause on if he wants to deploy the shift or not. Again, I realize the shift will never die, because even with the situation I just described, even the manager doesn't deploy it at first, once a guy gets two strikes, he'll deploy it then.
  8. I personally don't view it that way. I just hate in it in the fact it's so clear how to beat and shouldn't work, yet it continues to be used and works out of pure stubbornness of the individuals it's used against.
  9. The other night Matt Carpenter decided that if the defense is going to give him half the field he might as well use it and got himself a stand up double off a bunt. Honestly I hate the shift and if more players could get over their egos and use some common sense we can finally kill this thing. Link to article with video
  10. I've always found Central Michigan's football stadium Kelly/Shorts Stadium pretty humorous. It's even funnier in this era of corporate naming rights since now it sounds like it's named after a second rate clothing brand.
  11. All the games are suppose to be on CBS All Access. Cheapest plan with ads is $6 a month.
  12. Watched first half of the San Diego/San Antonio game. It's football, but I'm not going to go out of my way to watch. The reason? I have no regional attachment. I'm not the type of guy that is going to watch football just because it's football. If as a league your not interested in us above the 35th parallel, I'm not going to be interested in you, especially when I can watch the Red Wings, i team I emotional attachment too
  13. Cost and probably the assumption that 99.5% of the population that aren't design freaks like us would never notice.
  14. The Green Bay Packers uniforms look like they belong to a high school team.
  15. Right now the stitches are just too thick and close together. The distance between stitches really should be equal to or just slightly more than the thickness of the stitches themselves. I really think if you go back use the size of stitching on your previous versions with the outline, but without the outline you would be much closer
  16. Agree with BBTV's points. The thick outline of the stitches along with the shadowing on the lower half of the ball create a warping effect on the whole ball. Personally I don't think you need the grey outline on the stitching, and do the suggestion to outline the ball instead.
  17. Agreed. Somehow they made it work.
  18. Brutus the Bulldog from my alma mater, Ferris State, in the 90s and 2000s was this weird creation. The thing was literally sewn together by a little old lady that lived in an apartment downtown. The thing kinda has this odd Star Wars stormtrooper vibe in the face. Finally, at some point in the early 2010s, someone decided it was time to get something that wasn't made by someone else's grandma and we now have this Brutus:
  19. My dad hates that logo. When they came out with it about 15 years he said "it looks like a woman pregnant with the CBS logo"
  20. They have been using that logo as part of their "Detroit Basketball" campaign for the last two seasons. I would say it's an improvement, but that isn't saying much. It's possible the Pistons have the second most bland logo history, next to the Lakers. I would love to see an updated Piston man, but I doubt that would happen considering those logos were only in use when the team was based in Fort Wayne.
  21. So happy that they are finally dropping the black, if for no other reason is that it's the last element of the Millen era of failure. I can take or leave the new wordmark, but the previous one finally grew on me once they put it on the blue background in the endzones this year
  22. Nope, that's the current logo.
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