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  1. Wrong! Kelly green looks great on the Celtics, the Canucks and looked way better on the Dallas Stars when they used to use it. Not too mention the North Stars... some of the greatest jerseys ever to see the ice His opinion... Despite my username, I'm actually not HUGE on Kelly Green, my love is for dark green. Kelly Green generally only works for me as a secondary (Celtics being a rare exception), which is why for example the Canucks homes are 1000x times better than their roads to me. For example, I love the A's current identity, but the original Kelly Green and gold looked borderline awful together.
  2. THIS is the best Cavaliers uniform:
  3. I think pinstripes on colored uniforms can look great. The navy with white pinstripes throwback the ChiSox wore a year or two ago was one my favorite baseball sets ever.
  4. I think the Red Sox number font is absolutely awful.
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