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  1. I went to last years Winter Classic in St. Louis, and the Stadium Series games in Soldier Field and in Minnesota. For the St. Louis and Minnesota games I sat high enough to be able to see the game just fine. And for the Soldier Field game in Chicago I sat down low and couldn't see anything. But it's definitely all about the atmosphere for me. I'm a Blackhawks fan so it's been easy for me to go to an outdoor game for my team since there's so many, but I'd totally go to one if it was close enough and the Blackhawks weren't playing. If you have a chance to go to one, definitely go. If you want to see the game at all, try and sit as high as you can, but if that's not possible, just get the cheapest ticket you can and take it all in. The fan fest outside the stadium, the decorations on the field, all the sweet sweet merch.
  2. After a quick google search that's definitely what you were thinking.
  3. I helped Matt McElroy with that Seattle concept you're talking about and I thought the same thing when I first saw the San Diego logo. Turns it's not as similar as I thought it was in my head. https://dribbble.com/shots/1668804-Seattle-Sea-Lions
  4. Here are some of the other versions I explored while working on this.
  5. Oh my, good points. Guess I didn't look at it hard enough. Either way I'm still fine with the logo. I never hated the logo, I think people just hate it because of the situation, which is unfair to the logo.
  6. Fair points. Maybe later tonight or this weekend I can post some of the different variations I had while working on this. There are versions without the letter striping/breaks.
  7. I don't know what you're talking about
  8. So I saw someone point out today that the LA Chargers logo that made its rounds today is very sloppy and the alignment on it is atrocious. So in an attempt to fix that I got carried away and ended up just making something a lot better out of it. Enjoy
  9. Ok so next up is the Minnesota Twins I really dig the Twins script logo and I like it in white like on their BP jerseys. I'm also a big fan of their old helmets and the hats they modeled after them for the All Star Game a few years ago, so I brought those back. I guess the one thing we didn't consider is the amount of teams that use blue
  10. Sorry for the delay in posts. Real life and Thanksgiving and stuff got in the way. But I'm ready to resurrect this series... And I'll do so with one of my least favorite teams... Now, I've always been very Anti-Sox Socks because I'm a Cubs fan and it's what we do. I'm not a big fan of their current branding. It's not terrible or anything, and it's not my inner Cub, it's just aesthetically I don't care for it. But I am a fan of their past looks. Including this which I wish I would have worked into this concept somehow. I decided to merge their "softball" jerseys with their current colors. I like Swingy Stick Man And decided to go with a silver jersey as I don't think we had another team go with it. So in a MLB Color Rush full of red and blue, why not give the Sox Socks their own color? This one's for you CoCo. You my boy.
  11. Working on them right now actually. Leaning towards black, although if I make a good enough white set maybe I can convince the guys that white is a color (colour for Matt)
  12. Hey everyone! This is the quirkiness that makes the NeatO Gang.... NEAT!!!
  13. It went like this "Hey guys, check out this template, let's do a Color Rush series. Here's the first 6, gonna start the other 24 now... Oh wait... friends... "
  14. Hey there its Neato DyllO. Haven't posted on the boards in a while but Mike Dang-er strong-armed me into doing some MLB Color Rush concepts with him and the gang. So I made sure to call dibs on my World Champion Cubs. Essentially a blue version of their current away jersey, but I brought back Fat Bear from the 80's and put him on the sleeve and hat. Pretty straight forward look for the Cubs. I will get more adventurous with the other teams I do. Now that the Cubs don't make themselves look stupid I don't see any reason to do it either.
  15. I think everyone was just trying to forget about those.
  16. They were probably looking for an excuse to get that thing out of whatever storage closet it's been in.
  17. Oh man, those are some nice logos. The North America one especially. I love love love the USA Shield. And the Team Europe one is clever with the stick and the Navy Blue E.
  18. Also... Rockford not only had the Rockford Expos. There was the Rockford Reds... As well as the Rockford Cubbies, who according to the Mothership, used a full bodied blue bear before the Chicago Cubs did. and Royals who had their own color scheme and logos... but used KC's crown.
  19. It was "Rockford Hockey Club" night. Those jerseys are modeled after what the youth travel hockey club in Rockford wears. Can't believe they'll wear that but won't wear something as a nod to the Rockford Icemen who have won 17 of 19 state championships.
  20. Anybody know of a good "NIKE Swift" hockey template in vector format?
  21. 13,648!? Based on what I saw on TV, it looked like half that many actually showed up. I wouldn't even say half! place looked empty. I wouldn't mind going to an AFL game, Maybe I'll start goin to Rush games.
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