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  1. Love the pinstripes with the fish chest patch. Excellent work!
  2. I’d like to see an alternate featuring the fish by itself as a chest patch.
  3. The fish only cap looks much better than the M cap and should be the full time cap IMO.
  4. These look good, but the navy alt is essentially the same as the 90s Indians blue alt Edit: and now I see the piping is grey. Carry on!
  5. There have been a ton of great concepts here featuring brown and gold/orange throughout the years that would look great on the field. I just hope they come up with something better than the current feax back brown/yellow set.
  6. I think they need to either keep the neon sign thing restricted to the black jerseys (where it works best as an effect), or really increase the weight of the blue outline so it shows more clearly on the white and grey uniforms. Right now it’s just too faint to have much impact from far away.
  7. Video of the road uniforms in action. It’s an afternoon game so light isn’t that bright, but with the black socks and black cap these just look really dull from a distance (better up close). Also the blue looks green to me when the sun hits it. Reminds me a lot of the Diamondbacks’ turquoise trimmed road uniform.
  8. Ha! I just went through the trouble of resetting my password so I could ask this question. Feels like the same striping as on the sleeve cuffs going down the legs would go a long way towards making these more colorful. But since we haven’t seen a side shot yet, I’m assuming the pants are just plain white and there’s no reason to show them from that angle.
  9. Not a comment on the concepts themselves. That D-Backs helmet almost looks maroon/purple, which I think would be a good unique color choice for them. Sand or copper and maroon.
  10. Love both the AZ and SD sets. I prefer the first SD set with just a splash of blue. That's a great clean look that can stand out among all the blue and red in MLB. Only suggestion would be to maybe color either the S or D in the logo yellow to give the set another splash of color. But I think the mostly brown set is a great look. I also like rhe turquoise, red, and black D-Backs look the best of their current set. This is a big upgrade. I agree with not putting a pant stripe on there. Good stuff!
  11. I remember a similar block C concept on these boards several years ago with negative space forming an I kind of like that.
  12. Going all purple was an improvement. But, I did like the double arch on the original logo, and since you have the same double stripe on the pants, I would think putting it back into the logo would make the pants stripe make more sense.