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  1. I really dislike the yellow/gold bands on that MS flag. Would look better with just the blue and red.
  2. The people in the Angelo State admissions office must be thrilled that the Rams copied their logo. I’ve lived in two separate cities within 5 hours of San Angelo and I’d never heard of it before.
  3. I too dislike matte helmets. I will riot if the Cubs ever switch.
  4. They look great. Not sure why the complaints. I like that they dropped the white outlines from the black set. Padres should have done the same thing on their brown jersey. Edit: the break on the S is a problem though.
  5. I love that Pirates script. Glad they are bringing it back.
  6. While the powder blue uniforms do look good with the navy, I hate the navy hat and generally hate the Blue Jays becoming another team to feature navy.
  7. I may be the only one, but I really like the Rangers’ powder blue, including the hat. The script works much better there than on the white jersey. What I would prefer might be for them to use the powder tops with white pants at home.
  8. Having seen the jerseys now, it’s not inconsistent (the powder blue has a noticeable outline too), it’s just a consequence of the other jerseys having colors that make the outlines blend in with the jersey colors. They could have still gone with grey or powder blue outlines on those jerseys though.
  9. When you see them all together, it’s definitely overwhelming in a bad way. Individually, I like the new home script uniforms (white and powder), and the rest are essentially the same as before with different sleeve piping. I like how the new piping looks on the grays and whites but the solid alt tops look messy. I think if they went with the white home, powder blue, gray road, and one or the other solid alt (preferably blue) the set would be a little more concise. I haven’t seen the back of the actual jersey yet, but the renderings show an inconsistent white outline on the back numbers that sticks out like a sore thumb.
  10. I just appreciate how Altuve is drawn to scale.
  11. Cubs fan here. I think this look is a huge improvement, though I would have preferred royal to the navy blue. The use of the royal in the logos is weird. I think the new ball in glove is fine but wish the laces on the ball were angled or rotated 45 degrees so it doesn’t look so static. But for the most part I really like the look.
  12. I love it all. The brown top could be better without a white outline, would like an SD version of the brown jersey maybe, but you don’t need it twice on the hat and chest really. I think the sand looks great. Honestly thought it was gray until I read here that it was sand. It’s a good way to shake up the traditional road gray I think, and looks a lot better than their former sand uniform. I love both pinstripe sets and that they added trim to be a little different with them.
  13. Love the pinstripes with the fish chest patch. Excellent work!