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  1. I think you should go with Racers for the name, and make the allusion to the medical industry with the logo you create for them.
  2. I don't mind that. It's not like the colors were similar, one team was in black and the other in red.
  3. The U.S. Eagles should get a win over Russia. The Italy match will be interesting, as they are fairly similar to the Eagles based on what I've seen from them. They have some talent, moreso in the forwards, but mistakes are what kills them. I think the U.S. has a good chance against Italy, especially if Italy is turnover-prone. Italy also has the potential to destroy the U.S. if they put together a complete game.
  4. That's pretty cool, I would've never thought of that. In rugby, I usually play hooker so I'm used to #2. Now if I'm required to take a single digit number for a sport, I choose #2. If I get to choose any number, I pick #44 as a tribute to Dion "The Landlord" Mays.
  5. Actually I think their nickname is quite appropriate. They will probably move out of San Jose with no one noticing.
  6. TNT44


    The only similarities are: 1) colors (black with silver outline) 2) the beak (which is similar to the Eagles logo) 3) the two layers of feathers on the wings 4) the stance (which isn't exactly original as demonstrated) I'm going to say that this isn't really a rip off, but one may have been an inspiration for another. I doodle birds a lot, and they often have many of the same characteristics as both of these logos, especially the wings and the lowercase b shaped eyes.
  7. TNT44

    Slamball ?09

    A picture from Slamball's first season in 2001. These two teams were the only two teams in 2001. Note that the Rumble had basically the same logo, while the Mob had a similar logo but with a mobster instead of an eye. BTW, Slamball championship is tomorrow on CBS after the NFL game.
  8. TNT44

    MLAF Concepts

    A 4 team Mexican league and you have one team in the U.S.? I'd put the Pythons in another city, such as Monterrey or Puebla. You use green and red like the NBA uses red, white, and blue. And the names should probably be in Spanish. The names would be el Verde de Baja, los Pitones de Nueva Mexico, los Diablos de Guadalajara y los Aztecas de Ciudad Mexico. The divisions would be el DivisiĆ³n del Norte y el DivisiĆ³n del Sur.
  9. TNT44

    Slamball ?09

    My big problems with these: 1. The Rumble and Mob logos are as close to iconic as you will get in SlamBall. Those need to stay. 2. I would keep Hombres, as they have a sweet logo and it's a unique name. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of the Maulers identity, and bringing back the Diablos identity would be a good switch for the Maulers. Other than that, I love these designs. Oh, and just to let you know, the Bouncers did not win the championship in 2001. That was the untelevised season, in which the championship was won by the Chicago Mob over the L.A. Rumble (at the time, they were given cities they were "from", but all games were played in L.A.)
  10. they were also the hawkeyes and the Mankilling Mastodons as well Interestingly enough, Iowa was known as the Cornhuskers before settling on Hawkeyes. The University of Northern Iowa was known as the Teachers (they were then called the Iowa State Teachers College) before taking on the Panthers nickname.
  11. For the wordmark, they used something very similar to the Columbus Lions, which I was never a big fan of in the first place. As for the actual logo, meh. Maybe if they get rid of the facemask, and you can better see how the skull is supposed to look like a P, then it would be better.
  12. I'm sure that with the technology we have today, there is some way they can build a stadium without giant pillars that obstruct viewing for 200 unlucky fans.
  13. I don't mind the logo, but the name is awful. I would prefer Razorbacks. Of course, an automatic winner would have been the Iowa Haymakers. Guess it makes too much sense though. EDIT: This is great:
  14. I liked their current identity. I really see no need to change.