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  1. Jose Theodore again as a Monster: Avalanche: And in the SEL:
  2. 5c is getting the love from me.
  3. Hey guys,I was just thinking of a team who could use a young forward. Phenoix!They could give the Oilers Yandle for Yakupov. Yandle is the most under-rated defenseman in the game. a great 2 way player, he is the best defenseman the oil can afford. besides Jake gardiner.
  4. if you aks me, the devils are currently wearing there best look. the only propblem i have with it is the fact that they don't make the red and green the full time alt, as it would make there set even better.
  5. I love this. the jersey set is incredible. the way you have combined two eras for a classic look works.
  6. 24,34,42,73,72,27,43 are possible solutuions.
  7. devilboy1995

    Fox's MLB 2.0

    you have nailed Seattle here. I love this for the team as it gives them a nice, but retro look and feel.
  8. I love the secondary logo as it is a WHA refrence. nice work here. Remids me of Calgary's Heritage Classic jerseys.
  9. devilboy1995


    swap to orange and blue, add back the arm-stripes along with the new font, and you have a classic yet modern look.
  11. 3 or 6. 3 is lighter, making it reflect the orange more, but 6 adds character to the uniforms.
  12. 1C. that logo is by far the best.
  13. the gold loooks mustard on my computer, but i like it. it's a nice shade and works well with the navy. overall, all this needs is a arm-atripe or rainbow gut based specialty jersey.