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  1. Orange lids and white top, the pants needs and orange stripe. For the orange lids and orange tops, maybe black pants to break the all orange eye sore.
  2. Silver and gold together? WOW! Don't know. I would of did gold, violet, but since they are the knights, silver, violet, and red would of worked too.
  3. The way to meet the middle is make the silver-cyan and navy blue work as a combo.
  4. No, teal would not look good for that team. I rather keep them where he has them as. Collegiate blue looks fine with me.
  5. On the Invaders, I would use a golden yellow instead of lemon.
  6. I like the white one due to the northwestern stripes, but the silver-cyan one is lovely!
  7. We better help the Bengals with the Superbowl Shuffle!
  8. No, the sleeves are orange. The reebok stuff is just removed, no more shadow block numbers. Plus the road whites will have orange, just that the home colors will be like what the leak sows if it is THE REAL LEAK.
  9. I liked when they wore orange socks with the all white because when they used to play the Titans when they were the Houston Oilers, The Los Angeles Rams when they wear blue and yellow-gold, and Green Bay Packers, it look great and clash well with those said team colors they rival.
  10. Perfect. All white browns with white lids. But this is their 1946 set.
  11. Looks really good by the way. This should of been the uniform design!
  12. You know ABC and ESPN is own by Disney now, so yeah.
  13. Kroenke is mostly hands off. Just like some old school CEO, Owners, presidents, etc, they were hands off.
  14. Ohhh. 1973-1999 look with yellow alternate would work
  15. Oh, makes sense. Well, I guess some people seek attention.
  16. Thank god they got rid of that :censored: uniform they had for awhile! Back to something great.
  17. What?!!! Who in the hell said that? Streetwear? NFL jerseys as streetwear? Sounds like gang banging territory to be prefessionally honest.
  18. Color scheme makes since because it reminds me of the black and orange 1926 Los Angeles Buccaneers NFL team that folded after 1927.
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