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  1. Oh wow, didn't even see this thread got bumped recently. Thanks for all of the kind words!! Yes, yes, I know it has been a while since I've worked on this project. But it's something that I really enjoyed working on last summer. I mentioned earlier in this thread that I wouldn't mind seeing an expansion to this project, for the 2021 or even the 2025 WBCs. But right now I'm not working on this project because, you know, life, but if I ever have time this summer, I certainly will clear the dust off this project and get it going again! Not making any promises though. chibimatty and MACG5101 actually had some nice ideas that got me thinking a little bit about certain teams here and there! And the template I used was created by jay jackson at this site: http://www.diamond-uniforms.com/p/template.html
  2. Hello everybody, I was just wondering how one would achieve a text effect like in this logo: I am only concerned about the gray/silver part inside the white text, that gives off a 3D-y look but not quite bevel-y. I hope that makes sense... Here are a few other examples of what I'm talking about: Thank you for your help!!!
  3. That. Is awesome. And probably very sensible, financially. The softball players love the short porch in left and the baseball players love the short dimension to center. i feel they put up temporary barriers for soft ball, and baseball, those fields are way too big for what i assume to be high school, or maybe even a small college. It would be big for MLB even I'm 90% sure that they do put up temporary fences for softball and baseball.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted yet or not, but the Canisus's sports complex in Buffalo, NY. As you can see, they have a softball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse AND probably football field all on one turf.
  5. Yeah that's what I was saying earlier in the thread. I wish they'd keep it "flat" or just pick ONE of the two (arched or italics).
  6. Yeah, I agree with you on the state/sleeve logo. Also, the horse logos are too busy as well. The A looks too forced in there.
  7. I honestly think this is too much. I do like where they're going, but I'm not a fan of how they made it all 3D-y or make it all warped (making the logos look like they're at different perspective) and whatnot. They'd be much better if they were just straight on with no "warped effect" and lose one of the "reds" to avoid the shaded effect as well. And change the black to navy blue. They added black for black's sake. I think that'd be a solid upgrade to their current set. Downgrade, IMO. TOO modern for a classical team that's 100+ years old. But it worked for the Chihuahuas because they're a modern team though.
  8. Again, thank you so much for providing your insight. After reading your outline, it got me thinking about possible venues! Maybe I should change up a few venues here and there! However, one thing I have to disagree with is where you put some of the countries. For example, Sweden shouldn’t be in the Sub-Qualifiers, while Panama should’ve been in the WBC already. Maybe I wasn’t really clear before when I said that I would put together the 2021 Classic together “based on the ’17 Classic.” What I meant by this is when a certain country reaches a certain point in the tournament, they will either qualify for this part of the tournament or they will be relegated. This is the list of where I will be placing the countries based on their ’17 placing: (All countries listed by ABCs) Qualified for World Baseball Classic 1. Canada, 1st round host? 2. Cuba 3. Dominican Republic, 1st round host? 4. Israel 5. Japan, has to host at least one or two round/pools 6. Mexico 7. Netherlands 8. Panama 9. Puerto Rico, 1st round host (Mainly because I want their San Juan stadium to be involved in every Classic. Sort of “grandfathered” in). 10. South Korea, 1st or 2nd round host? 11. United States, 2nd and Championship round host 12. Venezuela Qualified for the Qualifying Rounds 1. Australia 2. Brazil, host? 3. China 4. Chinese Taipei, host? 5. Colombia 6. Ecuador 7. Great Britain, host? 8. Greece 9. Italy, host? 10. New Zealand, host? 11. Pakistan 12. Sweden Sub-Qualifier Teams 1. Argentina 2. Belgium 3. Chile 4. Croatia 5. Czech Republic 6. France 7. Germany, host? 8. Guam 9. Honduras 10. Indonesia 11. Ireland, host? 12. Nicaragua, host? 13. Philippines, host? 14. Russia, host? 15. South Africa, host? 16. Spain, host? 17. Sri Lanka 18. Thailand 19. Uganda 20. Ukraine I hope this will help you have a better picture of where I want to place teams here or there! Please use this outline to help you guide as where you would place X teams in Y locations. Thanks!
  9. Hi everybody, for the past two days, I've been mixing and matching of what the 2021 WBC could possibly look like, based on the '17 Classic's results and a little bit on Amazins' post from a few days ago. Here are some notable facts about this possible bracket: - The Philippines will "host" a round in Honolulu, Hawaii, due to their lack of suitable baseball facility. Plus, I really, REALLY like Hawaii! - Brazil will finally get a chance to host a round. - In the first round, Canada will host a round in Vancouver in the newly renovated BC Place. - The North American rivals United States, Canada and Mexico are all back together in one pool. - Two new American ballparks will host the second round and the championship round in Tampa Bay and San Jose, respectively. (This is fictional, but one could dream!) - Guam, Honduras, Uganda, Ukraine and Chile are the expansion teams. Bahamas withdrew from the tournament. 2021 World Baseball Classic Sub-Qualifiers Double Elimination – Top Team Advances Pool A – Honolulu, Hawaii (The Philippines are the unofficial host) 1. Philippines 2. Nicaragua 3. Indonesia 4. Guam 5. Honduras Pool B – Moscow, Russia 1. Russia 2. Ireland 3. Belgium 4. Germany 5. Ukraine Pool C – Barcelona, Spain 1. Spain 2. Argentina 3. France 4. Croatia 5. Czech Republic Pool D – Johannesburg, South Africa 1. South Africa 2. Sri Lanka 3. Thailand 4. Uganda 5. Chile Qualifying Rounds Double Elimination – Top Team Advances Pool A – Auckland, New Zealand 1. New Zealand 2. Australia 3. Pakistan 4. Pool A, Hawaii Winner Pool B – Taichung City, Taiwan 1. Chinese Taipei 2. China 3. Great Britain 4. Pool B, Russia Winner Pool C – Rome, Italy 1. Italy 2. Sweden 3. Greece 4. Pool C, Spain Winner Pool D – São Paulo, Brazil 1. Brazil 2. Colombia 3. Ecuador 4. Pool D, South Africa Winner First Round Round Robin – Top 2 Teams Advance Pool A – Seoul, South Korea - South Korea - Netherlands - Israel - Pool A, New Zealand Winner Pool B – Sapporo, Japan - Japan - Cuba - Panama - Pool B, Taiwan Winner Pool C – Vancouver, Canada - Canada - United States - Mexico - Pool C, Italy Winner Pool D – San Juan, Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico - Venezuela - Dominican Republic - Pool D, Brazil Winner Second Round Modified Double Elimination – Top 2 Teams Advance Pool 1 – Tokyo, Japan - Seoul and Sapporo Winners Pool 2 – Tampa Bay, United States (Rays new ballpark) - Vancouver and San Juan Winner Championship Round Double Elimination Final Four San Jose, United States (Athletics new ballpark) - Tokyo and Tampa Bay Winner
  10. Looks awesome, Amazins! Your outline will definitely help me out when I plan out the 2021 Classic. I mix and match some of the teams and locations, but what you just posted is awesome. Thanks!
  11. Thanks. I spoke with NewEnglandAmazins and he said he'll post his ideas tomorrow, and surely we're all looking forward to that!
  12. Yeah? What would that be like? Could you send me some information about that?
  13. Hello guys, While I was watching the Cubs-Cardinals game on TV, I was just thinking about what other International Baseball Competitions there could be, so I devised a rough five-year plan that would happen after the '17 Classic. In '18, there would be qualifications for the "world" games, such as Pan-Am, Asian and Pacific Games. In '19, it's when the actual games would take place. In '20 would be a BRAND new event, somewhat similar to the now-ceased Baseball World Cup. It'll be sorta a reboot for the World Cup. Teams can get in this event based on their performance in the "world" games (Pan-Am, Asian, etc). Also, in the same year, it's when the actual WBC Qualifiers would take place, and that would be by invitation only, because we all know how much MLB wants USA to be in the finals. And then finally, in 2021, there will be the 5th World Baseball Classic taking place. Take a look at the outline and tell me what you think about it. Thanks! International Baseball Competitions 2017 - 4th World Baseball Classic 2018 - XVII Pan-Am Games Qualification - XVII Asian Games Qualification - II European Games Qualification - 11th Al-Africa Games Qualification - 16th Pacific Games Qualification 2019 - IVII Pan-Am Games · Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela · La Punta, Argentina · Lima, Peru · Santiago, Chile - XVII Asian Games · Hanoi, Vietnam - II European Games · TBD - 11th All-Africa Games · TBD - 16th Pacific Games · Nukualofa, Tonga 2020 - Global Baseball Games (Have yet decided on a title for this event) · Amateurs only · For eligible teams based on performance in Pan-Am, Asian, European, All-Africa and Pacific Games. · Brand New Baseball Event, somewhat a reinvention of the now extinct Baseball World Cup. - World Baseball Classic Qualification · By invitation only - Miscellaneous · By teams not participating in WBC Qualifications · Exhibition Games Tour/Friendly Series · Regional Tournaments 2021 - 5th World Baseball Classic EDIT FROM PHONE: forgot to mention that baseball is now out of the Olympics and this "Global Baseball Games" would essentially replace Olympic Baseball.
  14. I agree with you on keeping it on the West Coast, although Coors Field would be crazy sick. But I think it'd be a little too cold to play there in March, but that's just my opinion. Also, do you know any suitable baseball stadium in Western Canada? The only one I can think of off the top of my head is BC Place, and that's not a "true" baseball stadium. They can still convert it, but still...not a true baseball stadium.
  15. Here are some of my quick thoughts on where the venues should be for the '21 Classic, according to the results of the '17 Classic: Championship Round: United States. 2006 - Petco Park, San Diego 2009 - Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles 2013 - AT&T Park, San Francisco 2017 - Safeco Field, Seattle 2021 - ?????? Houston? Miami? Tampa Bay's "new Rays stadium with the sail roof?" Arizona? I'd prefer to have it somewhere new, but preferably in the United States because...because. Second Round: United States has to host at least one. Miami again? Houston? Arizona? Arlington, Texas? Minneapolis, Minnesota? Another could be in Japan? Korea? Korea does have that brand new stadium opening in 2016 I think. First Round: - Japan? Korea? - Panama? Cuba? Puerto Rico? (Hiram Bithorm Stadium has hosted at least one pool in EVERY classic so far) - Western Canada, such as Vancouver? Somewhere else in Canada, like Montreal? - United States? Europe? Qualifying Round: (Countries are chosen based on their relegation from the '17 Classic) - Italy - Mexico - Taiwan - New Zealand (Not sure how I feel about the last two since these two countries are fairly close to each other. I kinda want to spread them out.) Sub-Qualifiers: (Countries are chosen based on their relegation from the '17 Qualifying Rounds (teams went 0-2)) - Phillipines (Hawaii could work here?) - Germany - Spain - South Africa Of course, this is just a general outline that I jotted down on who would host and where based on how they performed in the '17 Classic. We don't have to follow it exactly, but just a general idea of what it MIGHT look like.
  16. I've thought about making two international style tournament: One would be the normal WBC that we see today that would have professional athletes from MLB and such. The only way to get in this tournament is by invitation. Another one would be a re-invention of the "World Cup" or whatever they call it with up to 127 teams (that's how many teams International Baseball Federation [iBAF] listed) with amateur players (I.E. USA would have collegiate players). It would be somewhat similar to the Soccer World Cup with all of these qualifications and certain confederations getting a certain amount of berths, ending up in a 16 or 32 team tournament. EDIT: Not saying that I will actually make 127 uniforms for all of these countries, but I'm saying I might put together a tournament structure and what type of format they will have. I've always loved these type of things. I guess you could call me a Bracketologist!
  17. Thanks everybody for all of the feedbacks! You guys are the ones that really helped me to keep this thread alive and enjoy it even more! Yes, yes, USA absolutely just dominated this tournament, thanks to the powerful roster that USA had in that MLB The Show Rosters I downloaded. I think for my next version, if I'm doing one, I will download another roster that one of the users mentioned back in page 3 or 4 and see how it goes there! If you want to help me out think and plan out the 2021 version of the WBC, please feel free to PM me or leave some ideas in this thread. I haven't thought about it too much, but I know I'd like to have at least one pool/round to be hosted in Hawaii. MAYBE a little expansion here or there. New tournament structure? Or keep it the same? Who should be the hosts? Does Cuba deserve to host a round? WBC Finals in another country other than USA? Etc etc etc. If you have any ideas, leave them here! Thanks everybody!!
  18. All of the teams shown in the uniform lineup are the countries that have received an automatic bid to the upcoming 2021 World Baseball Classic. The Final Bracket
  19. If you guys would love to talk with me about teams and tournament structure and venues for 2021, you can PM me! :-) But not right now. I'm focused on simming the championship round and building the championship "wallpaper." Looking forward to working with you guys!
  20. I'm not sure yet, but I know I def want to finish simming out the 2017 Tourney, and I'll post the results here. And I know I'm definitely interested in doing a simulation for 2021, but I'm not sure yet how I will set up the tournament or if there will be expansions and whatnot. If there are new teams, then I will make a set for them, but I most likely will make a new set for the teams that's already in. I really enjoy running the simulations and working with brackets and stuff like that.
  21. Korea As they officially open their brand new baseball stadium, Seoul Ballpark in Seoul, South Korea, Korea will look to find their 2006 and 2009 magic to make it to the Championship Round as they missed the 2013 version. They got third place in 2006, and lost to Japan in the 2009 finals. In 2013, they scuffled to ninth place, despite having a record of 2-1 as they got eliminated in the first round due to team quality balance. Huge, HUGE thanks to Jay Jackson, @diamonduniforms, for providing me the logos for the Korean team. I didn’t change too much from their set. However, I did remove the “side piping” that they had in 2013 and moved it to the sleeves to make it a little bit more traditional while keeping the same pattern. Netherlands Every time they’ve been in the Classics, they’ve improved their placing each time. In the first classic, they placed 11th. In 2009, they moved up to 7th place after upsetting the heavily favored Dominican Republic team not just once, but TWICE in a single round. In the 2013, they went on an amazing run, led by Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons, and made it to the Championship Round and finished fourth in the 16-team tournament. In 2017, they only have one goal, and that is to win the whole thing. I wanted to do something a little different for this set, so I gave them a cream-colored home jersey and an orangeish-grayish road uniform as well to emphasize their use of orange and the Dutch as well. Cuba Arguably the greatest international baseball team ever assembled, they have yet to win a single Classic yet. Their highest finish was second place in the inaugural Classic, losing to Japan in the finals. They did maintain a solid finish for the next two Classics, finishing fifth and sixth. Their overall record is 13-7. Once again, huge, HUGE thanks to Jay Jackson, @diamonduniforms, for providing me the logos for the Cuban team. We all know their infamous red pants and to be honest with you guys, I really think it looks ugly so I removed all traces of it and stuck with the traditional white/gray pants. The jerseys and caps are mostly the same from their previous sets. New Zealand Per usual, it is not necessary to say much about this, as you’ve already seen it before. Author’s Note: Well, this is it! The FINAL pool that I will create for this series! Sure, I might post an update to a few uniforms here and there (i.e. the alternate jersey for USA) to “fix” my mistakes or just to upgrade it or whatnot. But for sure, this is the FINAL pool for the 2017 version. Worry not! I’ll continue to simulate the tournament and we’ll see who will come out on top! Thank you for all of your feedbacks in this thread. They are what really kept the series going! If it wasn't for you guys, it'd probably fizzle out after the first 2-3 concepts. Again, thanks!
  22. Great, thank you, NewEnglandAmazins. There should be a new update tomorrow, and it will be the FINAL pool that I make. After that, everything will be simmed to see who will be the 2017 WBC Champions!
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