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  1. Well, the previous version of the Japan team wasn't too popular, so I decided to give them another run. As I was removing the pinstripes, I couldn't stop thinking about how modern and high-tech Japan can get, so I decided to give them a much more modern-like look, which means removing all kinds of piping and just give them a nice, clean, sleek look. Now I can see what you guys meant when it was "ugly" before. I really think it looks A LOT better now.
  2. Wow, looks like the Japan uniform isn't so popular with everybody. I'll give it another run, see what I can come up with.
  3. If you don't mind my asking, why you're not a fan of the pinstripes? It's just my opinion, but I think these works. I based the uniforms off this photo: http://img10.beijing2008.cn/20080815/Img214543306.jpg and http://jto.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/sb20090717w1a-200x200.jpg The second one is kinda small but you can still see the pinstripes tho.
  4. Chinese Taipei During the 2009 Classic, they couldnt get any wins at all, so they had to be relegated to the Qualifying Rounds for the 2013 Classic. In the qualifiers, they dominated it, sweeping the double elimination tournament to make it to the 2013 Classic. Continuing their supremacy, they won their pool in the first round to advance to the second round. They were the only team who participated in the 2012 Qualifying Rounds to advance to the second round. However, they got swept in the second round, losing to powerhouses Japan and Cuba. As a reward for their run in the 2013 Classic, they will be hosting a pool in the first round with Japan, Venezuela and Panama. Japan Arguably the most successful team ever to partake in the World Baseball Classic history, Japan will return once again for the fourth straight year. The 2006 and 2009 champion fell short in the 2013 Classic, finishing third. In the 2013 semi-finals, they lost to eventual runner-ups, Puerto Rico. They also are the only team to make at least the semi-finals all three times. Their overall record is at whopping 17-7, which is good for third best overall record. But they have it where it counts: two WBC titles. Venezuela Venezuela has been an up-and-down team in the World Baseball Classic. In the inaugural Classic, they advanced past the first round, but lost in the second round, placing seventh overall with a record of 3-3. However, their highest finish in the Classic came in 2009, making it all the way to the Championship Round, losing in the semi-finals to South Korea. In the 2013, they had an embarrassing showing, as they had a first-round exit. They were eliminated by Puerto Rico, who went on to be the runner-ups for the 2013 Classic. Their placing in the pool as the third team secured themselves an automatic berth for the 2017 Classic. Panama Panama has always been a baseball country. The greatest closer in the history of baseball, Mariano Rivera, hails from the country. However, they dont have much to show in the World Baseball Classic. They played in the first two Classics, but they couldnt get any wins at all. They got relegated to the Qualifying Rounds in 2012 and they were the favorite to advance past the qualifying rounds. However, they didnt have much luck, as they were upset by Brazil in the first game. They did advance to the finals by steamrolling past Nicaragua and Colombia in the elimination games, but once again, they fell to Brazil, 1-0, failing to qualify for the 2013 Classic. But in the 2016 Qualifying Round, they lost in the opening game, but easily clinched a berth for the 2017 Classic by beating Spain, Great Britain and Greece.
  5. While I do respect your opinion, we'll have to agree to disagree because I'm a very traditional guy when it comes to baseball uniforms and that means I'm not a fan of Turn The Clock Ahead type of uniforms, just like the Chinese ones that you showed us. I just want to show respect to the uniform intergity and I really don't want to mess it up. Yeah, I somewhat agree with you. I tried to think outside of the box and it didn’t really work out. I’ve thought about doing a retro, throwback style for the home alts for USA. With more “pure” blue and red with block font. Just some thoughts that I’m having. ANYWAY, the next pool should be up later this afternoon! Keep an eye out for it!
  6. Puerto Rico The runner-ups of the 2013 World Baseball Classic returns once again to host a pool in their country for the fourth straight Classic at Hiram Bithorn Stadium. They always have been one of the strongest teams in the Classic, as their overall record is 13-8. They have never finished lower than fifth place in any of the Classics. For this uniform set, I decided to go back to their 2006 set with the vests, which I really liked. Plus, it would give the pool some variations. United States The United States has always been considered the premier country for baseball, but they’ve never finished higher than fourth in any of the Classics. Due to the lack of motivations from the top stars of MLB, the United States were unable to make any loud noises. They’ve only reached the semi-finals once in 2009, losing to eventual champions, Japan. But in the ’17 Classic, they hope to use their strong pitching to help guide the team to the finals. I’ve had a lot of fun with this set, mainly because it’s my home country. For the home alternates, I wanted to think outside of the box and borrowing a concept from my fantasy league, they have a “flag jersey” where the USA flag is sprawled across the bottom half of the jersey. China A veteran of all three Classics, China has always been on the bottom of the 16 “regular” countries. Their highest finish was 11th in the 2009 Classic. They managed to beat Chinese Taipei, but lost to the powerhouses Japan and Korea. Their overall record in the Classics is just 2-7. They scored only 18 runs and allowed 78 runs. Mexico Another country that is quite MLB-centric, Mexico failed to qualify for the ’17 Classic so they had to go through the Qualifying Rounds. They steamrolled their way though the Qualifying Rounds, easily beating Sweden in the opening game, 13-2. They had a scare in the final play-in game, barely beating Colombia, 6-5. In the finals, Mexico was forced to play a redemption game, as Sweden got revenge and beat them, 2-1. However, in the redemption game, Mexico got back on top by taking a commanding 7-1 victory.
  7. Canada Canada, a team that could be full of MLB Superstars with the likes of Joey Votto, Ryan Dempster and Justin Morneau, has never advanced past the first round of the World Baseball Classic. They had to qualify for the 2013 Classic. Their overall record in the entire World Baseball Classic history is just 3-5. Their highest finish was just ninth place in the first annual Classic, in 2006. They’ll host the first round in Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays, in the largest city of the country, Toronto. Canada was a fun team to work with for me. Sometimes I like how countries would use a third color that isn’t really in their description, and Canada is one of those countries; with black. Dominican Republic The defending World Baseball Classic champion had a change to host a round, but there weren’t any suitable facilities that would fit MLB’s interests, so it’ll be in Canada. They went undefeated in the previous incarnation, beating Puerto Rico in the finals. Their overall WBC record is at outstanding 14-4. They made it to the Semi-Finals in 2006, but ended up finishing fourth, losing to an island rival, Cuba. Their only hiccup came in 2009, when the underdog Netherlands upset them. But with their powerhouse players, they will look to make another championship run. There isn’t much change to their set. I did make the blue and the red a little bit darker in order to match their flag better. I also added the seal from their flag to the chest. Italy In the 2013 Classic, Italy surprised some people, being a heavy underdog, they won their Pool in the first round, beating Canada and Mexico. However, they couldn’t make any noise in the second round as they lost to the two eventual finalists, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They ended up finishing seventh overall, finishing in the top half of the 16-team field. In 2009 and 2006, they finished 10th. But for 2017, they might have a better chance with their experiences and will be led by the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo and the Twins’ Chris Colabello. I know they essentially look like the Dodgers’ clone, but I really, really liked how they look in the last WBC, so I went with they had. Israel In Qualifier 1, Israel won in the first round, defeating the Philippines, 5-3. Then Israel beat Ecuador in the final play-in game to advance to the final game of the double elimination bracket. Israel controlled Brazil, the only team in the qualifier to have previously contest the WBC, winning the game 8-3, to clinch a berth in the 2017 Classic. The team was led by a pitching rotation of Trevor Rosenthal, Scott Feldman and Andrew Werner. Ethan Berger* saved all three games for Israel and posted 0.00 ERA. Don’t really need to say much about this set, as you’ve already seen this before. * - Fictional
  8. Well, that depends. I downloaded a roster from Operation Sports for me to use in MLB The Show. A guy created several countries, but not ALL of them. I think he made only 20 or so. For example, Team USA is the Braves, Canada is the Reds, China is the Twins, etc. So as for the “non-normal” countries, such as Sweden, will be assigned some random team with a bunch of nobodies, so they have a lesser chances to beat the better countries, because, you know, the odds ARE against them. But these rosters are a bit unique though. They have the best possible players on each teams, like Stephen Strasburg and David Price on USA, Yu Darvish for Japan, and so on forth. No, they were. They actually beat Chinese Taipei and finished 2 and 1, but Chinese Taipei and the Netherlands beat them out for the top 2 spots in the 1st round. Yup, they were in the tournament. South Korea got knocked out by the “Team Quality Balance” formula. This is the formula: (TQB=(runs scored (RS)/innings batted (IPO))–(runs against (RA)/innings pitched (IPD))) How would you structure the tournament and who would be playing whom? I’m not questioning your or anything. I’m just curious about your insight! Because I might as well say this, but I’m starting to think about 2021 already! Haha. Not saying who/where/what will be involved in it. The only thing that I’ve though about 2021 is that I want a round (Subs, Qualifiers or Round 1, haven’t decided) to be played in Hawaii. Yes, you heard me. Hawaii! By the way, thanks everybody for the feedbacks! As for some of the bigger-name countries, some of them may look similar to what they fielded in previous WBCs, some of them may be different. Who knows? We'll see when I get there! :-)
  9. 1) Australia Australia is a veteran World Baseball Classic participant, having been involved in all three versions so far. They also have several players that are currently playing in the big leagues, such as Grant Balfour, Liam Hendriks and Luke Hughes. Their best finish in the WBC was 12th place in 2009. Their overall record in the WBC is 1-8. However, they failed to qualify for the WBC in 2017, so they’ll host Qualifier 4 in hopes of getting back there. Their uniforms set haven’t changed much, except for the wordmark, which is more modern and sleek, keeping up with the times. 2) New Zealand After some research on the country, I discovered that they’re one of the few countries that actually doesn’t use their flag colors for their sporting apparel. The majority of their sports teams tend to wear all black. Most of their nicknames have the word “black” in it. So I decided to go extremely simple with them and use only black and white. I really like this. I know it may seem a tad boring, but I think it works for the country. The fern is a country symbol that’s already in use for several of their sports teams. Scott Richmond was the first New Zealand citizen to reach the major leagues, in 2008. They did well in the Qualifying Rounds in the 2013 WBC, but lost in the finals to Chinese Taipei. 3) South Africa When they first participated in the 2006 WBC, it surprised everybody, as they have never sent a player to the Major Leagues. The highest a South African player has ever gotten in the minor leagues has been Triple-A, Mark Miller, in the Cincinnati Reds’ organization in the late 2000’s.* Ever since, the country has participated in all three WBCs, but in 2013, eventual WBC participant, Spain, eliminated them in the Qualifying Rounds. For this set, yes, I’d admit that their uniforms are quite similar to Australia, but I decided to mix it up a little bit and gave them a “flag stripe” on the sleeves and green shoes as well. Also, instead of a yellow panel on the batting practice jersey, they have the flag sewn in. * - According to Wikipedia 4) Pakistan For the first time ever, Pakistan will be sending a team to the Qualifying Rounds. They won their Sub-Qualifier. They beat Indonesia in their first game, then lost to Sri Lanka, but reached the finals by heating host Thailand in the third game. They got their revenge by beating Sri Lanka in the final game. The team was led by New York Met farm-hand shortstop Umar Zubair, the first ever Pakistani to reach the Major leagues.* They will be placed in a tough pool with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. * - Fictional Author’s Note: Didn’t realized how GREEN this pool was! Haha. Anyway, up next would be the actual World Baseball Classic pools! Yes, that includes the USA, Japan, and all those big-name countries! Not sure when those will come up, but it might be a few days. Just stay patient, and enjoy the series!
  10. You're right about the lion thing. I'm adding it right now. Update will be up a little later.
  11. 1) Panama In the Qualifying Rounds of the 2013 WBC, Panama made it all the way to the finals before getting upset by Brazil, losing 1-0. They’ll get another shot at the WBC in their own home country at the Rod Carew Stadium in Panama City. Marino Rivera will be the manager for Panama. 2) Spain They surprised everybody by making it to the World Baseball Classic First Round in 2013, but they couldn’t manage any wins against the powerful teams of Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. They will hold the number two seed. 3) Great Britain Great Britain went 1-2 in the Qualifying Rounds of the 2013 WBC, defeating the Czech Republic and losing to Canada and Germany. With several new players with England heritage, they should be a stronger team then. 4) Greece The Greece had a powerful showing in Sub-Qualifier C, going undefeated behind the strong pitching, with the Cubs’ farmhand Mark Nikolaou* and completely dominating Russia in the Sub-Qualifier C Finals, winning 14-1. * - Fictional. Just throwing in Greece names for fun. The next pool will contain Australia, South Africa and New Zealand and the winner of Sub-Qualifier D. EDIT: Fixed a minor mistake in one of the brackets. EDIT 2: Updated Great Britain. Added lion logo to the set.
  12. Thanks for the bump. The uniforms for the next pool should be up by tomorrow.
  13. Like one or two guys said already, Colombia isn't exactly a "red" country, so I gave them a little more blue based on several google images that I've found. But I can still see Colombia having some variety of colors in their set, so I gave them a white, gray, red, blue AND yellow tops so they can have some options to work with.
  14. Don't worry guys. This thread isn't dead. It's just that I do have a life outside this forum, so I'm sure you understand! Right now I've fixed Colombia and will post the update quite soon, and I'll start working on the next pool/qualifier tonight! Not sure when those will be up, it'll be in a few days. No later than Tuesday, I promise.
  15. Yeah, they kinda look clown-y to me right now. I might swap out the red for blue. We'll see how others react to the set. Sounds good. Weird that It always seems to be 1 team in each batch that gets ripped, eh? I don't think it's weird because in each batch, there's always at least one "bad" set, even if it still is a nice set. People just have to rip on the worst one. It's kinda an unavoidable, mental one. Almost like the movies. The negative reviews are more vocal than the good ones. If there's 4 movies and of them are rated 9/10 and one is 8/10, people will still rip on the 8/10 movie. Make sense?
  16. Yeah, they kinda look clown-y to me right now. I might swap out the red for blue. We'll see how others react to the set.
  17. 1) Mexico They went 1-2 in the first round of the World Baseball Classic, failing to qualify for the 2017 World Baseball Classic. So they will host a Qualifying Round in Monterrey, Mexico. They beat heavily favored United States, but lost to Italy and Canada, in which they got in a bench-clearing brawl with. 2) Germany They had a strong showing in a Qualifying Round in their own home country in 2012, but they couldn’t figure out Canada as they lost to them twice, badly. One of them was in the finals. They did dominate the Czech Republic and Great Britain, beating them both 16-1. They will be the number 2 seed. 3) Colombia Colombia had a solid start in the Qualifying Rounds in 2012, as they beat the favored host, Nicaragua. However, they couldn’t figure out Brazil and Panama as they got eliminated from the tournament. They will hold the number 3 seed. 4) Sweden A first-timer in the WBC tournament, they barely advanced to the Qualifying Rounds. Due to the Team’s Quality Balance, Sweden made it to the finals with a 1-2 record against the 3-0 Ireland and upset them 3-1 to make it to the Qualifying Rounds.
  18. Yay Des Moines!! Although I would call them Des Moines Raccoons, but that's just me.
  19. After some "recolorations" to the Brazil set, I think I've got it on the third try. Third time's a charm, hopefully! I think I struck the balance between blue, yellow and green so there's isn't really one dominating color. It just feels much, much cleaner to me now.
  20. Yeah, same here. Brazil's kinda tricky. I can't tell if they're a yellow country, a green country. I do think that blue should be a trim/accent color only, but their soccer/futbol team has an all blue clash kit while their primary kit is green/yellow/blue.
  21. Updated Brazil. I decided go give them green as their primary color, because that's the way it should be anyway. No changes to Israel's set, but just the background. The previous background had some sort of a Muslim figure/sculpture that was simply "wrong" for a Jewish state. My apologizes if I offended anybody here.
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