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  1. Looks like the Brazil set isn't too popular with the guys here, which is fine. That's what I'm here for! Feedbacks. I'll try to utilize more green in it as well. Update coming up later today. Also, what background would you suggest for Israel? I apologize if I used the "wrong" background that may or may not be offensive. Thanks everybody! EDIT: Actually, I'm going to make green the primary color for Brazil, so we'll see how that goes!
  2. Oops, thanks for pointing that out. I've already simmed the sub-qualifers, so I can start focusing on the next round. Let's just call it a teaser! :-)
  3. Huh, well, how about that? Didn't really intend to copy the Sky Sox. I was just emulating the actual Czech Republic's team caps: http://mlb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pMLB2-13037584dt.jpg
  4. You mean this flag, right? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/Flag_of_Chinese_Taipei_for_Olympic_games.svg If that's the case, then I'll update it.
  5. The number one team in Qualifier 1 at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Mesa, Arizona is Brazil. Brazil made it past the 1st Qualifying Rounds in 2012 to make it to the '13 WBC. They couldn't salvage up any wins against Japan, Cuba and China. So they'll get another try in the the 2016 Qualifying Rounds. The number two team in this pool is probably the favorite in this group, Israel. They were also the favorites in the 2012 Qualifying Rounds, but lost in the finals against Spain who made it to the '13 WBC. The Philippines come in at number three of the pool in Qualifier 1. In the '12 Qualifying Rounds, they had a good start against Thailand, then lost to Chinese Taipei, eventual '13 WBC participant, and New Zealand before being eliminated. Rounding out the pool is the Sub-Qualifier A winner at number 4, Ecuador. Ecuador had a dominating start, beating the heavily favorites, host Nicaragua, 17-6. They lost against the Bahamas in Game 2, then beat Argentina in Game 3 to make it to the Final Game. Ecuador got revenge on the Bahamas, beating them, 4-2. UPDATED BRACKET:
  6. Just a minor, minor update to the bracket. Instead of a white box for the Championship Round, I gave it a rainbow-colored box so it could blend in with the other brackets better, to make it a bit more sleek.
  7. Good news, the rosters I have in MLB The Show have these type of players on the team (Ike Davis, Youk, Kinsler, etc.) However, Braun is on Team USA.
  8. Right, I know I'm an USA guy myself, but I kinda want to try to see if Canada could make it this far, so I set it up that way, *winks winks* haha. And as for the simulator, I may use MLB The Show. There's a guy who made amazing WBC rosters with all of the BEST players on teams (i.e. Stephen Strasburg, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout on USA, Yu Darvish with Japan, etc) so I might be using that as a simulator. He created only 16 teams though, so for the "lower-tiered" teams, I might just use a "fake" minor league team or something like that and just run a sim and see what happens there.
  9. Okay guys, here's the "bracket" that I made for the 2017 World Baseball Classic. I know they don't really include the logos I made, but it simply made more sense to use the flags instead. I've always been fascinated with brackets that also look like "art," if you know what I mean? Instead of simply boring brackets on white papers. So I decided to make one for my own version of the 2017 World Baseball Classic! Please let me know if I should modify this or leave as it is. I've been considering of adding a text in each box, showing the "format" of each pool, and possibly the dates as well. But I'm afraid it might just cluster up the brackets/groupings. Here's the format for each round: Sub-Qualifiers - Round Robin w/Final Game, Winner Advances Qualifying Round - Pure Double Elimination, Winner Advances (Similar to NCAA College World Series' regionals) 1st Round - Pool Play, Top Two Advance 2nd Round - Modified Double Elimination, Top Two Advance (Similar to the 2013 WBC's Second Round) Championship Round - Single Elimination I would absolutely love to hear your feedbacks on this because I've spent a lot of time on this project/bracket! I really, really think it turned out well, but want to get second, third, tenth opinion, if possible! Thank you!
  10. I see what you mean that, but not every team has ALL of their BP panels colored. This is an MLB example. So not every team needs all of them colored/filled in. Thanks!! Not sure what I could do with the Russia cap though. But again, since Poland isn't really involved with in my version of the 2017 WBC, it probably wouldn't really matter. And as for the checkered jersey, you may be right. It might be a little too much, but it is just an alternate jersey. It's not like they are forced to wear it, lol. --------- Not sure what I'll be doing next, thought. I might make a nice-looking "bracket" to put the logos/uniforms together, or just get started on the Qualifying Rounds.
  11. Czech Republic (host, but playing in U.S.) - yeah, since Czech Republic most likely doesn't have a suitable baseball stadium to host a round, the games would be held at Disney World in Florida, USA, where the Braves' spring training home is. The uniforms here aren't too shabby IMO. I liked their WBC set from 2012, so I just gave it a fuller set and a bit more modernization as well. Croatia - When I saw their soccer uniforms, I knew I had to make a pizza box style jersey, because I'm sure they'd sell fast in the country and probably all over the world. Just so unique and I really think it works here for baseball, which tends to be a traditional sport. Greece - Classic, timeless pinstripes for a classic, timeless country. I don't think there needs to be much here. Russia - This was pretty much what I had in mind for Russia, long before I made this set. I wanted Russia to be mostly red but with a hint of blue in there, to avoid the cliched USSR marks. I don't know about you guys, but I think this set works for Russia. Well, that's it for the Sub-Qualifiers Round! Four pools down! I'll probably run some kind of simulation (I have no idea what the system would be. If you have suggestions, throw them out here, please!) and then I'll get started on the next round, the Qualifying Round!
  12. Seems like nobody commented on the updated uniforms :-( Oh well. Here's Pool C!! Nicaragua Pretty simple here for a long-time baseball country. The stripes on the sleeve and the collar matches their country flag. Argentina Their home alts (2nd from right) is pretty much based on their national football team with the thicker-than-normal pinstripes. The sun logo is from their flag and is on all jerseys, either as a patch logo or chest logo. Ecuador For some reason, I feel like this country's uniforms should be pretty vibrant, and I think I've achieved that. Hopefully. Either way, I really like it a lot. Bahamas Their cap logo is probably one of my favorites. It's hard to see in the picture, but the home caps are pretty much a replicate of the Bahamas flag. On the bill, it's a black triangle with the a little of the tip slightly on the front panel. In a nutshell, if you look at the cap from a bird's eye view, then you'll see the Bahamas flag. Would really appreciate your comments and insights! Thanks!!
  13. Made some minor changes to three of the existing teams: Sir Lanka, Indonesia and France. Changes: Corrected the Sri Lanka spelling Changed yellow sleeves to blue on the home whites Changed blue socks to yellow socks on the alts Change: Simply changed the cap logo to make it more clear that it's an "I," not a "1." Change: Swapped out the Fleur-de-lis for the rooster, which is France's current national symbol.
  14. Wow... I feel stupid for just noticing that... CRAAAAPPPP......thanks for pointing it out, lol. Yeah, I'll fix it, along with minor updates with the other teams/countries. Don't worry guys. I know this thread looks "dead" but it's just on hold because, you know...life. Yeah.
  15. Thank you for the clarification and the history lesson. Wouldn't want to offend anybody from France! What would you suggest I replace it with? I'll have to say that I agree with you. When I finished Sri Lanka, I felt like it was the worst one out of the Pool, probably because of the yellow sleeves. But I guess I was wanting to try something different since most of the countries are a dominantly blue nation. But sometimes you gotta go with what they have. And yellow socks, yeah, I can totally see them working with blue pants. Thanks for the feedbacks!!
  16. Now, up with the second pool, hosted by Thailand! The four teams are Thailand themselves, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia. As for Thailand, I saw that they were already in the WBC Qualifying Rounds and noticed that their uniforms was just so, so, SO boring. They only had gray uniforms with generic font across the front and on the cap as well. So I decided to make it more Thailand-y by putting flag-like stripes all over their set. Sri Lanka is probably one of the most interesting teams that I’ve worked on so far because there isn’t much information about them and their sports. But from what I could gather, it seems that their athletic colors are blue and yellow/gold, while their flag colors are maroon, green, orange, yellow. Also, I based their uniforms from their national cricket team, so I thought it might work “well” here. Pakistan was pretty fun team for me to work with. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but one of my friends is from Pakistan, who’s also a baseball fan, and he said himself that he loved the uniforms so I decided to leave as it is. Here's a quote from my friend when I showed him the uniforms on facebook. “hot damn!! Love this immediately! I saw and almost cried. we gotta send this to the Pakistani baseball team and I guarantee you guys one look at this and boom! on their backs now” For Indonesia, for some reason, I just felt that they should be one of the “most” modern team in the WBC and I felt like I achieved it with their simple, yet, sleek look with a font that fits the Southeast Asia style. I threw a little green in there to bring some similarities with their football (soccer) uniforms.
  17. Thanks everybody for the feedbacks! Right now I'm working on the next pool, just finishing up Thailand. The rest of the pool should be done by this weekend or so. And as for the modifications (possibly changing the shamrocks to green, etc) would be put on hold until a later date because I want to focus on the current pool that I'm working on. Again, thanks! Glad to see that some of you are enjoying the thread!
  18. In not the too distant future (okay, okay, it’s only two years, but whatever), the World Baseball Classic has expanded from 28 teams to 40 teams. For the 2013 WBC, they had a Qualifying Round. But…for the 2017 WBC, they will still have a Qualifying Round AND also Sub-Qualifiers. Whoever finished 0-2 in the 2013 Qualifying Round will get the right to host a Sub-Qualifier in their home country. There will be four pools hosted by France, Thailand, Nicaragua and Czech Republic. Although Czech Republic is the host country, they’ll be holding the games in the United States because there’s lack of suitable facilities. The Sub-Qualifiers, which will take place in November 2015, will be a round-robin style with a final game between the top two teams. The winner of the final game will advance to the Qualifying Round in November 2016, where the countries that were relegated in the 2013 WBC would be the hosts. There are four pools for the Sub-Qualifiers, A, B, C and D. The pools compositions are the following: Pool A France (host) Sweden Belgium Ireland Pool B Thailand (host) Sri Lanka Pakistan Indonesia Pool C Nicaragua (host) Argentina Ecuador Bahamas Pool D Czech Republic (host, but playing in U.S.) Croatia Greece Russia For this thread, I will be posting one pool at a time, getting feedbacks here and there, maybe make a few little changes here and there as well. Once I get all of the Sub-Qualifiers teams done, then I will be running a “simulation” of some kind and see which country will advance to the Qualifying Rounds. There, then, is when I will be posting the concepts for the teams that are already waiting in the Qualifying Rounds. I know that most, if not all, actual WBC teams usually have just two, maybe three jerseys for the entire tournament. But I will be posting the concepts as if they were an actual team playing in an actual season. That means that each team would be getting up to five sets; home whites, road grays, home alts, road alts and batting practice. I also tried to pick the countries that’s somewhat plausible and could participate in the World Baseball Classic. Basically I just looked at the top 40 teams from the IBAF (I think that’s right) rankings and put them in the tournament. Anyway, here’s the first pool, Pool A, which has France, Sweden, Belgium and Ireland.
  19. Utah Summit sounds better than Utah Peaks, IMO
  20. http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc431/islandofships/HIMYM/marshall.gif
  21. Ok guys, Some of you may have already seen my post regarding fantasy baseball and how to align them up. Well, since then, I've added 4 teams, which makes for a 20-team league. I've already named the divisions, but not the conferences/league, so that's where you come in. I will list out the league/teams/divisions so you can get an idea of the outlook: "Eastern League" Atlantic Coast Division Long Island D. Long Island Y. New Jersey New York Springfield (Massc.) Great Lakes Division Buffalo Chicago Dayton (Ohio) Pittsburgh Rochester "Western" League Gulf Coast Division Atlanta Arkansas Birmingham Florida Texas Pacific Coast Division California Iowa Portland Seattle St. Louis Here's a map to help you out. Just ignore the "colored" pins and focus on the shaded area and the red line. Now, I just don't want to name the "leagues/conferences" after the boring, old east-west thing. I've thought about Pioneer-Frontier, Sunrise-Sunset, Rocky-Appalachian, etc etc. Now, it's kinda hard to come up with something because Florida/Atlanta are in the "west" but the "majority" of the Great Lakes division is in the Eastern Time Zone (only one in CST) whilst only two teams in the "west" are in EST. The division names are pretty much set. I'm just looking for conference/league names. The overall league name is "Fantasy Mendoza League," or FML. Yes, I did that on purpose :-P Any insight/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  22. Haha That's a great find! I don't get it??
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