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  1. I love it. Loved the original Yakball, love this thought. I'm interested for Wales. Hopefully a dragon will be involved.
  2. BlackBolt3

    BB3's NHL

    I tried that, but it was too bright. I'll update and post new team tomorrow.
  3. The 1 cuts off short, but other than that, good work.
  4. BlackBolt3

    BB3's NHL

    2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks Heavily inspired by 90's set.
  5. Lookin for a 1994-1999 Houston Astros jersey. No leads so far.
  6. Nice touch with the citrus. I like it.
  7. UNC's banned from the postseason this season. Oh yeah! I forgot about that!
  8. I'm gonna try to guess the ACC's Bowls. 1.Florida State- Orange Bowl 2.Virginia Tech- Chick-Fil-A Bowl 3. Clemson- Sun Bowl 4.Wake Forest- Champs Sports Bowl 5.Georgia Tech- Belk Bowl 6.NC State- Music City Bowl 7.Virginia- Independence Bowl 8.UNC- Military Bowl
  9. BlackBolt3

    BB3's NHL

    Update 3. New uniforms, eliminated gray, but minimized black. Also, any suggestions for a new alt?
  10. There are somethings I like about these new unis, like the road kit and also the use of the C logo, but there are things to fix. I'd wish it used more orange. Maybe a orange alt. Oh yeah, before I forget, CATS!? Just use Bobcats and move on.
  11. BlackBolt3

    BB3's NHL

    Starting a new NHL series, beginning with.... 1. Detroit Red Wings
  12. Warriors bought the wizards before last season and let it be known right away they were interested in bringing them closer to the warriors. Last season they changed the Dakota wizards logo from purple/green to blue/yellow. But kept the old jerseys. Ok.
  13. New Bird with wing accent.
  14. New bird. Okay? Also, I bring you options! 1. Triad Phoenix FC 2. Carolina Phoenix FC 3. Triad Firebird FC 4. Carolina Firebird FC
  15. Thanks man. I'll update it tommorow.
  16. New alternate. Yea? Nay? ( Also, I could re-name to Firebird.)
  17. Thanks Andrew. I'll add to the previous post.
  18. Triad Phoenix FC is an MLS expansion team that plays in Winston-Salem, N.C. This design features a triangle-esque pattern, a homage to the Triad cities of Greensboro, High Point, And Winston-Salem. The colors are commonly seen around the Triad. Feedback is appreciated.