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    Montreal Canadiens and Montreal Expos
  1. Montreal; Canadiens, Expos and Alouettes all use(d) red white and blue, but the Impact ruin it
  2. AWESOME! Just needs some powder blue...
  3. the gap is there, but very thinI'd just like to comment on your username. How were the Expos robbed exactly? By a player's strike that their players were a part of? Also how do you know they would have one ANYTHING? The Red Sox last year (and they were only tied for it) were merely the 4th team with the best record since 1989 to win the World Series. Also the National League team with the best record has never won it all since the Wild Card began. The odds the inexperienced Expos would have been that team? Quite low, it must be admitted.Also the striping on the Rangers' units aren't that bad I guess. I dunno though, I guess the little gap between the stripes bothers me. Even though I know the red and blue would bleed together, I'd rather they just have one blue stripe and one red stripe. But I'm not a fan of the inconsistency (someone mentioned. Montreal's, theirs bugs me too) and the out of place red pants don't fit with a primarily blue team. Truth be told, I think the Rangers should just 74-40 that is all
  4. What Phantom is to Pullovers, I am to cookie cutters and domes I wish another team would use the cutout look and I wish there were more fixed domes well to be fair, the olympic stadium in montreal is more like a broken roof stadium
  5. I agree completly on this, just had to make a little change.
  6. What about the expos "home" games in puerto rico (how am i the first to mention it)
  7. 20th anniversary Stadium Series Winnipeg: San Jose: Lastly, Colorado: That makes 28 total, holy
  8. White alt with purple and green pants purple pants alternate black and white edgified alt
  9. Temmu selane has worn every jersey/uniform in ducks history: 1996 no shoulder patch with shoulder patch wild wing 1999 black pants 1999 alternates