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  1. love the Hawaiians color scheme better than origin color scheme that the HawaiianS used in 70's
  2. love your concept of Atlantic Schooners primary logo is better than one CFL is using it's so 2020
  3. like series could you do concept of Nashville Stars they're proposed mlb team
  4. this concept needs to be redone
  5. was hoping the raiders would take identity when they move to Las Vegas
  6. finally team in this series that should be in it always wonder what indanipolis arrows would have look like if Mlb had given indianiplois team
  7. I like see team in Nashville Tennessee don’t care which team u chose but Braves would be nice
  8. titans retired oilers name after moving to Nashville
  9. was hoping this would be concept for Kentucky Colonels
  10. you should have gone with psychedelic colors for this concept
  11. don't mess with my Tennessee Titans but is good concept
  12. cool look but you should have used original colors of spirits of st.louis
  13. think the Houston Aeros would have been better
  14. cool look for CFL team that hasn't change their look in while
  15. just didn't like concept because of primary logo
  16. there's no way that united kingdom will in imbrace gridiron football as sport
  17. love Kentucky Colonels prime logo
  18. you updated classic look of steel curtain
  19. what if Atlanta Flames never moved to Calgary
  20. don't miss with my teams logo it's perfectly fine as is right now
  21. what if Memphis Southmen and Birmingham Americans had enter NFL with Tampa Bay and Seattle
  22. what if Minnesota North Stars had moved to Houston instead of Dallas
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