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  1. That’s the meaning behind it? Man I thought it was supposed to be crashing waves in a bad storm when I saw it. That made sense to me with it being Navy and I thought it was a really unique idea. Guess not.
  2. Some uniforms choices just baffle me. First, Indiana’s uniform looks terrible in general but, second, why would you ever wear that busy uniform against the one team in the B1G that always has a busy uniform. There’s so much going on between the uniforms and Maryland’s helmets that it almost hurts your eyes. This game choice drives me as nuts as the schools that pick to wear alternate white helmets against the one school on their schedule that always has a white helmet. I’m looking at you 2018 Iowa State versus Texas. You could choose any other game on the schedule but you still voluntarily picked that one.
  3. I knew something felt different with today’s look but I couldn’t figure it out. They looked fantastic out there and the whole game I kept thinking that it seems like we never see them in that combo anymore.