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  1. Going out on a limb here but I imagine they’ll give them the nickname of Redskins.
  2. Have they previously worn a jersey that had “Carolina” in the sleeve stripes like that?
  3. Hopefully they work that in to an alternate helmet because their current one is awful.
  4. I don’t even remotely understand how 52 is ahead of 53. That one should have been 1.0 across the board.
  5. You’d have to truly be an idiot to screw up some of the layup names suggested to go with the Renegades instead. That would be an absolutely awful name for Seattle’s team.
  6. Stanford looks awful with the white outline around their numbers now. That’s probably one of my votes for biggest downgrade of the year.
  7. I can’t get over what a spectacular look this is. Hopefully this one sticks for awhile with OSU.
  8. Rakeem Boyd looked like the ghost of Darren McFadden during his long TD run this weekend in our new old home uniforms.
  9. Well even if Les isn’t successful on the field at KU he will go down as a winner in my book for finally fixing their train wreck uniform situation.
  10. Abandon all hope which screams terror and dread to me so naturally they go with a white helmet. Makes sense.
  11. It’s definitely not just you. I’m watching it now and they look reddish to me too. Especially when looking at them pre-snap from afar.
  12. Are those red stripes on the shoulder above the Nebraska patch or are my eyes deceiving me?
  13. Yeah since they’ve been putting lettering in the end zone it’s mostly been red text on green over the years with a few seasons of white lettering sprinkled in. I think it’s going to look fantastic but we have the “traditionalists” that are losing it over the change.