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  1. Spectacular. It’s going to be tough for anyone to top this this offseason. The only thing I would have gone with too is the grey face mask but still a fantastic upgrade.
  2. “The notches represent the notches that a beaver makes as it chews through wood.” - Nike
  3. Yeah that is not a good look at all.
  4. I love the black uniform with purple helmet. The purple on the shoulders blends nicely up in to the helmet in the photos at least.
  5. Correct. I’m hoping that Morris doesn’t fall in to that trap with this new set that we’ll be switching to next year. Based off him keeping SMU in a traditional template, I’m hoping he’ll go back to something similar to what we wore in the McFadden era. That was a nice modernization of what we wore from the 60’s to the early 90’s. Obviously he’s also going to feature an absurd number of combos because he and the staff are in to that but as long as the template is traditional then I’ll be happy.
  6. No ours were also an homage to Huskie stadium because of the academic research that our two institutions share back and forth. Pure coincidence that they could also be passed off as the tusks of a Razorback.
  7. Arkansas will be getting new uniforms this year. I expect Morris will transition to a more classic template with an obscene number of mix and match options like he did at SMU.
  8. Toledo going Y/B/B today for the Bahamas Bowl. This is probably my favorite look that they have. It pairs well against the all-white look by FIU.
  9. I preferred the way Bielema and Pinkel/Odom approached this game where we both wore our home uniforms against each other. Black vs red always looked much better than yesterday’s combo.
  10. The Oregon Ducks wearing Elephant print. Makes sense.
  11. Arkansas is going W/R/W against Ole Miss this weekend. The only other time we’ve worn this combo was in 2012 versus Rutgers. It looked awful then and will probably still look awful now.
  12. Exactly. It would be so brutal on the eyes but yet perfect at the same time.
  13. Agreed. Cincinnati looks sharp in the R/B/R combo today.
  14. I would give anything for them to wear this against us in the last game of the season where we traditionally wear all red. That would be glorious.
  15. Arkansas is going R/W/R this weekend. That should pair nicely with a 40+ point loss.