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  1. What’s up with the silver swooshes that I see a lot of Nike schools sporting? I’m guessing it’s tied to CWS appearances as I’ve noticed Arkansas, LSU, Vandy and Florida all have them on their uniforms this year in the SEC but wasn’t 100% sure.
  2. We have a new red uniform too that throws back to our 2009 CWS team but removes the panels from that version.
  3. That’s the meaning behind it? Man I thought it was supposed to be crashing waves in a bad storm when I saw it. That made sense to me with it being Navy and I thought it was a really unique idea. Guess not.
  4. Some uniforms choices just baffle me. First, Indiana’s uniform looks terrible in general but, second, why would you ever wear that busy uniform against the one team in the B1G that always has a busy uniform. There’s so much going on between the uniforms and Maryland’s helmets that it almost hurts your eyes. This game choice drives me as nuts as the schools that pick to wear alternate white helmets against the one school on their schedule that always has a white helmet. I’m looking at you 2018 Iowa State versus Texas. You could choose any other game on the schedule but you still voluntarily picked that one.
  5. I knew something felt different with today’s look but I couldn’t figure it out. They looked fantastic out there and the whole game I kept thinking that it seems like we never see them in that combo anymore.
  6. Agreed. I do think it looks better in this pic though than the one above. The helmet definitely looks good with the matching facemask.
  7. Oregon and Colorado are both going to look perfect this weekend. Love it.
  8. They didn’t wear their best look a single time last year? Someone really dropped the ball there.
  9. I’d love to see them put some striping on the green helmet to tie it all together.
  10. I imagine we’ll ditch the custom font, for football at least, pretty soon. The university actually just rolled out their own designed clothing this past week that all uses the font on the current jersey. I’d bet a majority of the fan base prefers it over the Nike font.
  11. Not only did we finally get a win this weekend, we also looked damn good doing it.
  12. Can we just be done with numbers on one side of the helmet? It looks bad no matter how you dress it up.
  13. Did it bother anyone else besides me that the numbers on Virginia’s helmets are blue outlined in orange while the logo is orange outlined in blue? I guess maybe their thought process was playing off the orange and blue stripes on the helmet but it just looks off to me. The number side feels heavy because it’s blue when compared to all the orange on the other side.
  14. Duke’s helmet looks terrible. Charlotte’s helmets are a huge upgrade but their numbers looked metallic silver at my house unless the camera was up close. Kansas State-Arkansas State might be my favorite looking game of the day. The R/W/R was a great pairing against the purple.
  15. We might not win a game this year but we’ll finally be back in all-time classic uniforms again to look perfect losing. Best day of our season right here.
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