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  1. Stanford looks awful with the white outline around their numbers now. That’s probably one of my votes for biggest downgrade of the year.
  2. I can’t get over what a spectacular look this is. Hopefully this one sticks for awhile with OSU.
  3. Rakeem Boyd looked like the ghost of Darren McFadden during his long TD run this weekend in our new old home uniforms.
  4. Well even if Les isn’t successful on the field at KU he will go down as a winner in my book for finally fixing their train wreck uniform situation.
  5. Abandon all hope which screams terror and dread to me so naturally they go with a white helmet. Makes sense.
  6. Hogs going all-white this week at Ole Miss.
  7. It’s definitely not just you. I’m watching it now and they look reddish to me too. Especially when looking at them pre-snap from afar.
  8. Are those red stripes on the shoulder above the Nebraska patch or are my eyes deceiving me?
  9. Yeah since they’ve been putting lettering in the end zone it’s mostly been red text on green over the years with a few seasons of white lettering sprinkled in. I think it’s going to look fantastic but we have the “traditionalists” that are losing it over the change.
  10. Arkansas is switching from turf to grass this year and is using the switch to add the new font to end zone and go with red end zones for the first ever in school history.
  11. That has to be Auburn. Malzahn and Horton offered him early and we thought they’d be our competition for him but it never materialized though like we expected.
  12. That would be a great look for Kansas.
  13. That is our traditional identity though which is why our fan base wants it back. We wore a variation of this uniform, minus the Arkansas script, from the late 50’s to ‘93. When Nutt was here and brought in the “McFadden” uniforms he was just really bringing our tradition back with a tweak. Petrino blew that up when he came in and wanted to go modern with them and we’ve been stuck in a ever revolving two year cycle of new uniform designs ever since.
  14. Chad Morris said at SEC Media days this week that he plans to wear this new “alternate” uniform as much as possible this year and then wants it to be the permanent look going forward which would lead one to believe they’ll just roll out the identical white version next year and scrap the current Bielema-era set for good.
  15. I wouldn’t mind seeing that Green Bay Jersey paired with green pants like North Dakota State wears.
  16. Paying tribute to the jaws of Nippert Stadium.
  17. Some would argue Oklahoma got their uniforms from us through one of our assistant coaches that left Arkansas to go to Oklahoma in the late 50’s. Could be a made up tale that’s changed over the years but I remember hearing it back when I was a kid and still hear it today. We basically wore a variation of this new uniform from the late 50’s until 1993 so it could be true but so many schools have worn this look over that timeframe that it may just be a complete coincidence. Oklahoma clearly owns owns the look now but it may have been a Wisconsin/Nebraska relationship instead if someone hadn’t got the bright idea to start jacking with the uniforms in ‘94.
  18. I’m seeing it from some of our media that they are contracted to wear last years uniforms for one more season and came up with this alternate to start the change process. While it’s an alternate by name they’ll wear this uniform predominantly at home and the old version on the road and then get a new white set next year to match. No clue if that is accurate or not but sounds plausible.
  19. Pretty sure the vast majority of our fans never wanted us to change from those uniforms.
  20. Love it!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better option. This is going to play very well with our fan base.
  21. Looks like this was indeed a troll by our equipment department as some suggested. Our AD spoke about new uniforms coming soon on a local radio show today and one of our equipment managers tweeted out the message below and confirmed to someone else that they’re just waiting on marketing to roll them out. And now the Razorback FB account just dropped this.
  22. There’s a debate raging on Arkansas social media on if it takes one or two years to redesign a new uniform through Nike. I’ve always been under the impression that it’s usually a one year cycle. Anyone have a more accurate answer the process?
  23. A lot of confusion out there on this one. The folks that intially reported new uniforms coming are sticking to their story today and saying this is just a sleight of hand by the staff. I’m not sure I believe that as the rest of Arkansas media is now on the new uniforms in 2020 bandwagon. Seems like an awful lot to go through just to debut new uniforms, if that picture is a trick. All i I know is our fans are not going to be happy if the don’t switch. There is a ton of very negative memories attached to the current set and people want them gone today.
  24. Are the actually wearing Expos throwbacks or debuting the new Ray’s uniforms?
  25. First new uniform tease from Arkansas. We’ve got a big recruiting weekend in July so I’m starting to think will see the uniform reveal then.