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  1. Nebraska has a AAA club in Omaha. Manitoba, Minnesota, and North/South Dakota all have teams in the American Association and/or Northwoods League. So really the only one of these states/territories without a club is Wyoming.
  2. Great start! The shape of the logo looks miles better than the original. I do think the eyes/nose outline could use some work, though
  3. That gator would look so much more amazing without the neck. I think a little artistic decapitation would do it some good
  4. Seems like a pretty interesting concept. I feel like certain states would be far more dominant than others. Groups B, I, and J especially look like Groups of Death.
  5. roldy54

    Iowa Football

    It bears a strong resemblance to Missouri's uniforms. Too similar, in my opinion
  6. How about the Portland Prowlers? You could use a mountain lion/cougar for the logo You could locate the team in Springfield, Massachusetts. It's in the northeast region of the US and it actually has a decently-sized arena
  7. roldy54

    NFL Expansion

    If you're going with a cattle theme for Montana, do the Bulls
  8. roldy54

    Cincinnati Royals

    Excellent concept! I think if this were a modern NBA team they likely would have done away with the basketball head logo at some point and gone for something bland and generic. That being said, the mustachioed basketball head man pulls off the fauxback angle really well. The text also looks amazing, and should get more emphasis in the overall concept. I think it could possibly hold its own as a midcourt logo. Makes me long for what could have been...Go Royals!
  9. I've always loved the Reds with the block font. Their best, most classic look. Good job!
  10. It reminded me of Mcdonalds too much hahah Their flag is Yellow and Red so i made a yellow one, but yellow and red were too much like Mcdonalds. Of course, McDonald's is an official Olympic sponsor!
  11. Well, since the Big 4 sports leagues are TV-centric, much of the division alignment has to do with, in addition to other factors including history and tradition, time zones, to allow for logistical broadcasting of games in respective markets. Having a North or South division spanning from Eastern to Pacific time zones, in a basketball league no less, makes absolutely no sense. Unless of course your fictional league's games aren't being hypothetically broadcasted on TV, in which case your fictional teams would still have to travel crazy distances on a daily basis to their hypothetical games. In all honesty it's almost as if (I'm guessing it isn't) you're playing a basketball sim and using the random generated cities/nicknames. I'm more of a realist with fictional leagues, especially with team placement and markets and all that, so I'm just offering some helpful suggestions. I'll let someone else criticize your designs.
  12. Those divisions make no geographic sense. I would put Calgary, Vancouver, and Seattle in the same division, move Maine to the East, Houston and Carolina to the South, and Vegas and South Texas to the West
  13. Looking back at the original EBA, I thought the Manhattan Mobsters was a pretty creative concept, but the Empires is a 100% upgrade. I like the Conquistadors update. The ax looked fine to me, but I like the look of the updated wordmark, and the sword makes for a cleaner shape of the overall logo. I would say that it's a little difficult to make out the shape of the sword; the way it blends in with the rest of the blue background makes it look more like he's holding a large toothpick. For some reason the Conquistadors logo screams NCAA to me. I could see the San Francisco Dons adopting that as an updated logo design
  14. Love the Seahawks update! I like the 49ers gold on the helmet/pants, but the gold/white wordmark seems like a miss to me. Not a big fan of the gold stripes on the home jersey, it bears too much of a resemblance to the Redskins in my opinion
  15. I would darken the grey/silver a little, and maybe do a version on a helmet. I get what you're trying to do, but it's a little hard to fully visualize at the moment