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  1. That logo, if the new primary, would be the second time it would be used. It was also their 'primary' for one season only when they had one-year jerseys for their 10th Anniversary season.
  2. New jerseys (home and away) for the Hitmen are being unveiled Wednesday at noon. Press release saying so was just sent out.
  3. The Regina Pats are going to wear Blue Jays themed jerseys January 6th vs. the Calgary Hitmen for "Blue Jays Night".
  4. It would be nice if the NHL could follow what the CHL does. In the CHL (so WHL, OHL and QMJHL) they wear either white at home up until the Christmas break, and then switch to dark at home after the Christmas break. However, I think each of the 3 leagues does it their own way...The WHL this year is the reverse of that (dark until Christmas, White after). The NHL could do whites until either Christmas break or All-Star break, and then go Colour at home for the rest of the season. That would mean that come playoffs, darks would be worn at home to create atmosphere like we do here with our "C of Red" in Calgary. (WInnipeg and/or Arizona might have something to say about that being the other way around tho).
  5. SI today put out an interesting read on the Rise in the Popularity of Sports Jerseys: The article focuses mainly on NFL and MLB in the United States, but I remember stories my dad told me about he and his brothers receiving/wearing Habs and Leafs jerseys as boys back in the late 50's/early 60's here in Canada.
  6. Horse on new Stamps helmets isn't the usual white...they've gone chrome.
  7. These jerseys are their thirds for their 25th Anniversary season. They're based on the jerseys the team wore in the late 80's and early 90's. Like Basically, they just take the new Washington Capitals 3rds (based on the Winter Classic jerseys from last year) and slap a Hurricanes and WHL logo on them. You can tell that difference from the configuration and number of stars on the front of the jerseys.
  8. I was always a huge fan of those jerseys, if they were to bring those back into the mix I would be happy.
  9. With the NHL Draft on at the same time, many people ignored this exhibition CFL game, but the Stamps came out in a set that I had always been curious about. They went with red from head to toe while on the road in Edmonton. LINK Not bad IMO. I bet the monochrome haters out there would say "white pants look much better". I can't remember the Stamps ever going all-red before.
  10. I've been wanting one of these for a while now.
  11. I heard some interesting news on the local sports station here in Calgary just before the Winter Classic when there was talk in the news about all the counterfeit material being seized in Pittsburgh. They put a bit of a local spin on it and talked about how this thing relates to the Flames. There are often times when a charity group comes to the Flames organization and asks them to have the players sign it so they can auction it off to raise money for their group. Often, the jersey they present to the Flames is a counterfeit and the Flames won't sign it as it is stolen intellectual property. The charities here that think they are getting something great to raise a lot of money just turn out to be a disappointment. And if the knock-off item isn't spotted right away and gets it's signatures and makes it to the auction table, what if someone there notices that it is a fake? Then the price goes down and that charity loses out on potential funds. Here is just another example of how someone supporting counterfeits ends up with another victim.
  12. The best place in Calgary is Great far. That's where I had recommended that guy looking for Conroy lettering to go to a little while back. They do great work yes for Jersey City and the FanAttic, but also for the teams themselves. I know the Canucks and the Flames have them do work for them. Check them out here: Great Plains Cresting
  13. Hey cconroy22; As far as cresting (nameplate, name and numbering) you should look into Great Plains Cresting based out of Calgary. They were the first official NHL Licensed Crestor in Canada and do a lot of work for the NHL teams themselves. Their website kinda sucks but it is I take my stuff there all the time. In fact, I used to have the exact jersey you are looking for and had them crest it up. Except mine had a flaming C captain C and was made during the brief time the Flames did that while Conroy was the co-captain.
  14. What?s in there: Hockey: 1. Calgary Flames Authentic Home (Current) w/ #12 Iginla 2. Calgary Flames Authentic Away (Current) w/ #22 Langkow 3. Calgary Flames Authentic Third (Current, Edge) 4. Calgary Flames Authentic Heritage Classic Jersey 5. Calgary Flames Authentic Third (2009-10, non-Edge) w/ #23 Nystrom and 30th Anniversary Patch 6. Calgary Flames Replica Home (Current) w/ #28 Regehr (Autographed) 7. Calgary Flames Authentic Home (2005-06) w/ #3 Phaneuf (Autographed) and 25th Anniversary Patch 8. Calgary Flames Replica Home (2003-04) w/ #34 Kiprusoff and Stanley Cup Finals Patch 9. Calgary Flames Replica Away (2003-04) w/ #12 Iginla and Stanley Cup Finals Patch 10. Calgary Flames Replica Third (2003-06) w/ #28 Regehr 11. Calgary Flames Authentic Home White (1995-2000) 12. Calgary Flames Replica Away Red (1995-2000) w/ #40 Brathwaite 13. Calgary Flames Vintage Red (1988-89) w/ #9 McDonald and Stanley Cup Finals Patch (Autographed) 14. 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Oakland Athletics Replica Grey (Current) 90. Minnesota Twins Replica Away Alternate (2000) w/ 40th Season Patch Soccer: 91. England National White 2010 World Cup 92. Greek National Blue (2009) 93. Olympiakos Red Third (2009) 94. Italy National 2009 Confederation Cup 95. Croatia National 2009 96. Everton Clash Black and Pink (2009) 97. Everton Special ?Liverpool Unites? Purple (2009) 98. Swiss National Red 2006 World Cup 99. Costa Rica National 2007 So, that means the next jersey I purchase will be the big 1-0-0! I hadn't even realized until I created this list. Now I'm excited for the next one!