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  1. Pretty much all home runs here! A couple of nitpicks: Really don't love blue pants for the Lions, it just ain't look right I've always preferred white pants on the Vikings roads
  2. Astros look dope! A couple suggestions that I've wanted to see on Astros concepts for a while: Have you ever tried inverting the star and H colors on the hat? Stars aren't blue, dangit! Also, I really like the shooting star logo, so including that on the hats would help the unique identity.
  3. Per Barcelona newspaper Sport, FC Barcelona will bring back the Senyera kit for select matches next year.
  4. YES, somone finally does the correct black/black/white home combo for Atlanta
  5. I like it, pretty much how I've always imagined them. Maybe try to incorporate copper elsewhere in the uniform?
  6. I don't hate it, but I wish they would do more with the gradient they've been using. Maybe on the aways or alts.
  7. Any rumors on the Dynamo 2019 kit?
  8. Before you get to UConn, please take under consideration this beautiful set from 2011
  9. It's just how things go down there tbh
  10. The Royals are dope, but maybe consider a double outline with dark royal to make the letters pop more?
  11. I like the uniforms, not so much the hat logos. Either keep the current ones they have or maybe recolor the old open-ended star?