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  1. I'm wondering that since the Astros now have a new owner that the uniforms will be getting a do-over.
  2. Here's hoping they go back to that retro 70's look with the pullover rainbow jersey...
  3. I agree. Vast improvement over the crap they were wearing.
  4. Cool site for who wore what when. Gridiron Uniforms
  5. I've begun playing around with this template and have done about 13 of these now in a short span (kind of addicting). I centered on the some of the fantasy teams that were a part of the CFA during my participation there. Here is my team from that era.
  6. Shizznick

    Houston Astros

    The train has become a part of their identity because Minute Maid was built on the site of the old Union Station depot and incorporated part of it in the design. That being said, I love this concept.
  7. Great stuff as always.
  8. I agree. Nice update, great looking concept.
  9. That is a great logo but it does not really seem to fit the name. I really like the classic styling of the uniforms.
  10. If you build it, they will come...
  11. The full horse on a silver helmet would look even better. It looks like it wants to stomp somebody.
  12. Hey, a small suggestion for your Bombers wordmark. Put crosshairs in the center of the "O". Use the orange color.
  13. Here is a quick mock up of what I was thinking.
  14. Yeah I tried several different things on the wordmark but just could not get it to match the logo. Maybe I will take another crack at it before I put the uniforms up which I think you all will like. It's not so much I am simple but my skills are!! LOL. Thanks for the comments Might I suggest having your current logo come out of the "B" and over the first few letters.
  15. I love the traditional look of the Americans.
  16. I'm loving the concepts, but a few things stick out to me. There seems to be a lot of teams with black helmets (11 out of 19) and 15 of the teams have black pants for their road uniforms. On most of the uniforms, the logos on the sleeves match what is on the helmet although there are secondary and tertiary logos available. It's your league so it can look the way you want it to, all I'm suggesting is to mix it up a bit.
  17. I like the Grizzlies logo except for the eyes. Have you considered making the dark part white and doing away with the lighter part.
  18. I could try. My intentions on the secondary were to make it more of a crest. I'll see what I could do. EDIT: 700th post Yeah, maybe with the wordmark it would look too much like a baseball logo. Maybe just make the huskie head larger and centered, but just lower than the mountains.
  19. This entire project displays very solid, thought out concepts. Have you thought of the wordmark in place of the huskie on the secondary for Portland?
  20. So David Garrard is the only QB left starting from the 2002 draft...
  21. At least according to the Bengals. Scroll down to where you see the Texans-Bengals game.